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A referee at a Rhinos game refuses to give Hingle McCringleberry a break when it comes to ruling his latest touchdown celebration excessive.

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AZ Viking
Lol the jags just got penalized for this
Aaron Brown
The Cougars' D looks awfully similar to the Saints defense.
I lost it when they drew the penis xD
Arham Razzaq
Anyone here from the saints recreation of this?
0:30 Guy takes the yellow flag to the balls
Berton Stewart
lil bro just called this 5 minutes ago. Antonio Brown you wrong. Im trying to watch football.
Blitz Kaiser
i was eating some ice cream and i thought i was gonna die from choking XD
Bob Redford
Pete Carroll sent me here! Because of Michael Bennett sack dance
Branddun Casara
CBS commentators just referenced the mccringleberry... had to come watch it again haha
I can't stop laughing at this!
Casey Ryan
Von Miller, McCringleberry would be proud.
Charles Taylor
I heard McCringleberry was interviewed after the game about his on field shenanigans. He didn't want to actually comment, though, saying he was just here so he didn't get fined.
Chris Sennello
Thank you Antonio Brown and the NFL for making me rewatch this!
Cliff Harlow
From Peele: Michael Bennett broke that #threepumprule tonight. Nothing in football makes me happier than when a player pulls a McCringleberry.
Freaking insane production quality
I'm a huge Rhinos fan but I have to agree that McCringleberry had to be flagged every one of those times
I believe that was 2.5 pumps REF
Danny Yu
break the internet #antoniobrown
Darius Batista
Antonio Brown. What a madman!
Derek Steinke
I really hope the Vikings draft Hardunkachud this year.
Rhinos should have taken Backslashinsforth instead of this clown!
Draude P.
2:59 imao I just noticed that
Small Reference...\nMcCringleberry = Penn State\nCelebration = thrusting\nEast/West Rap = in a shower naked\n\nHmm... coincidence? I think not.
Fylix Aerou
Why is there even a dislike button.
German Bratwurst
American Football is just safe rugby\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPlease don't hate me ;(
Gideon Abimbola
3:00\nI say no more
I do things out of spite
McCringleberry is getting too much credit, What about Hardunkachud with the block to clear the way for the 3rd touchdown.
LEAVE MCCRINGLEBERRY ALONE!!! HE CAUGHT THREE TD PASSES AND WON THE GAME *BY HIMSELF*!! HE *DESERVES* HIS THREE PUMPS!!!\n\nThis is why I hate f*cking refs. they just can't leave players alone!
J.T. Schellenberg
Bruh Yannick clearly didn't know this rule shoulda watched these highlights 😤
Jason Cavitt
Michael Bennett. Again.
Jason Woelfel
Ill take a double grande iced skinny no whip vanilla late supreme with 3 pumps. Hold the penalties.
Jeremiah Jimenez
Seattle did this last night lol
Jerry Hardy
here cause of Antonio Brown😂😂
Jim Nooney
Somewhere Roger Goodell is NOT laughing at this! ;-)
Joel Apodaca
My favorite part is when he puts up 2 fingers on one hand and one finger on the other, and the ref shuffles his hands together to make them go to three 😂
Johnny Boiii
where the hell is javaris jamar javarison Lamar?
Josiah Rivera
This show is carrying ComedyCentral on it's back.
I never understood the rules of baseball but I think I get it now. Thanks K&P.
Kel Raphiel
eeeeee eeeeeee i think will have a good season this year 1 yard run 1 touch down he is definitely looking to be the new start of the NCL national convict league.
Kyle Andrews
Von Miller is the GOAT for doing this on national television 😂😂😂
Anyone else here because of Antonio Brown's TD celebration?
Liam J
I don't see why the didn't put Osmitaz Buckshank on tight end, everyone knows he only pumps twice!!!!
Marvens Lapointe
Key and Peele is hands down the funniest show on comedy central
Mitchell Rossman
Amusing how this has become real lol. Wonder if it's where Antonio Brown got his inspiration from
Moze rod
That was definetly 2 pumps and then 1 not 3 gawd....
Antonio Brown and Von Miller sent me here.
where can i order my McCringleberry home/away/alt jersey
Nick Jasper
Von Miller from, \
Nimbus Yosh
Dammit Lance moore.... #saints
Emmanuel sanders with two pumps!
Odie Esty
The three pumps rule is bullshit. Any worthwhile celebration has AT LEAST three pumps. One pump is nothing, two pumps is awkward, but three pumps is the perfect balance of rhythm and showmanship. Gimping the celebration completely destroys the purpose of scoring in the first place and throws the entire game off kilter. This bullshit nanny state is ruining the game.
Hingle McCringleberry inspired Von Miller
Paul Riley
the choreographed dance by the cardinals tonight brought me here xD
Michael Bennett sent me here.
Phil Goyette
Damn Rhinos picked up McCringleberry and Hardunkinchud in the draft? Great draft class.
the underlying message is that all refs are cocksuckers.
Russell Vanacore
Antonio Brown flagged for an insane 4 pumps on monday night @ redskins.
Ryan Klimaszewski
Bennett from the Seahawks?
Salty Box Gaming
Von Miller did a tribute lmao
Seyto Lichtbringer
I don't even know Baseball but its funny anyway xD
Sigma SD
Is that a real thing in American football, that you can't thrust three times during a celebration?
That defense looks like the Brown's
Stephen B. Smith
Antonio Brown only pumped twice the rule is 3 pumps
Suraj Tomar
when that drawing reaches his mouth roflmaolmaolmaolmaoro
Talha K
Man the Rhinos are STACKED. They got a great veteran QB in Ransom and their rookies Hingle McCringleberry and D'Glester Hardunkichud are off to great starts to their rookie years!
The 4th Horseman
how do they come up with this stuff,too funny
The Diabetic Drummer
Greatest tight end of all time...Hingle McCringleberry!! I'd like to know why Ibrahim Moisoos didn't get any ball time?!?!
You have 2 things on a table, Miley Cyrus and a sniper rifle.\n\nOne of these does not have a butt.
Von Miller's magical hip gyrations brought me here.
Tommy Henriksen
Antonio Brown what a Fu king legend
Val Ritz
Personally I think D'Glester Hardunkichud doesn't get enough credit. He goes to all the effort of opening up the defensive line for shitheads like McCringleberry, and for what? McCringleberry doesn't care about the game. We need more guys like Hardunkichud on the field.
This is basically what Antonio Brown just got called for!
Wayland LaMarca
Wis Dom
It's the Rhino organization's fault. They knew he was a three-pump player when they drafted him.
who would ever do only two pumps!!?\nthat's not even satisfying. \ni'm with McCringleberry, he deserves those three pumps.
Zack Kiiffner
Shame that McCringleberry keeps pulling this act. So much talent, but not a team player. The Rhinos would have been better off picking Backslashinsfourth V, Mousecop, or Dan Smith.
bryan adkins
The Rhinos really need to work their defense. They can't count on McCringleberry to be their to pull their asses out of the fire with the way that he's been racking up infractions.
cheetah Squad
When he banged his fingers to make 3 🤣😂😂
The commentators in this skit really did a great job.
this shit is legendary
Still better than the dallas cowboy refs last night vs the lions
2:26 \
dugsy 10
3 TDs? I want Hingle McCringleberry on my fantasy team #GOAT
C'mon McCringleberry. Act like you've been there before.
All I could notice during the whole video was how bad the Rhino's defense was!
I love when he pulled a magic trick and pushed his numbers together lmao 1:29
Unacceptable. McCringleberry needs to get his act together if he wants the Rhinos to have any kind of shot at the play-offs this year. He's a detriment to that entire team as he is now, and if he doesn't start adhering to the two-pump rule, he'll find himself out of a job!
Some slap ass in this video would have been great!
o BLaRowe10
Antonio brown. Only 2 pumps allowed!
Once again, the Refs are bias against the Rhinos.
pete bathurst
i cant believe NFL players did a parody of this in a real
An article in playboy claims that McCringleberry isn't not only a 3 pump chump on the field but also in the bedroom.
sirmighty loov
I'm putting McCringleberry on my fantasy football team.LOL
I don't know about you guys but I'm starting mcringleberry on my fantasy team 😉 3 TDs don't lie
Watching Steelers Redskins, almost this exact thing happened just now...
Antonio Brown sent me here!!!
McCringleberry: I'm from the Dominican Republic, and all I know since I was a little kid, is to get touchdowns and pump.
Love that bit at 1:29. Comical geniuses.