Kap G - A Day Without A Mexican [Music Video]

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I'm black but y'all my family the same an I respect y'all hustle an culture... I'm in Las Vegas...an we together out here
A A ventures
Did y'all catch that on 2.07 when the fly gets on him an he flew it off
Aaron Johnson
Much love to my Mexican brothers & sisters from the Philippines 🇵🇭🇲🇽❤
Adame Blogs
Arriba México Compa 🇲🇽☝🏾🔥! From El Chuco (El Paso Texas) Y Juaritos !
Sad that he gets less recognition than 69😒
Andromeda01 galaxy
Love the movement this young man is doing. Love that virgin Mary shirt tambien
Andy Jesus
Andamios al 100 perros viva la raza puro mexicano 🇲🇽
Anthony Mares
Latinos Unidos. Much love from Bay. Chicanos stand up! Mi gente bailando mi gente gritando. ⛽🔥
I respect his hustle💪🏾💯
Broklyn CardelMusic
Lo mejor que un mexicano puede ver
Chris Camille
🇭🇹 All Love Papi
Cristian Arriaga
I can relate...i grew up with two mexican parrents...a mom whos never worked a real job...but has been a house wife...and whenever small jobs popped up she would take it just to have a little bit of money on her....my dad is a construction worker....both of my parrenrs came here at a young age....where homless for the first two years when they came here... and went from having nothing...to my dad renting gurages from people...to living in his own apartment...to buying a house...and. a car... and a truck...has really good credit... and live in a ghetto area but the place is nice...long beach Ca EastSide... its been kind of tuff growing up...yet my dad pays taxes...has never been to jail or convicted of any crime...still hasnt got his pappers...moms has though... and its sad because people like my parrents get put down... who haved worked so hard and done everything for me and 2 other brothers and one sister to make sure were ok... ive been to work with my dad in palos verdes ...where its mainly white people...who are republicans and voted for donald trump... i had times where they think i dont speak english and come up to me like if im dumb and cant speak english...and seen them treat my dad and dads coworkers be treated or talked to like shit and put down... im now in college and its my first year...in another year ill be ready to tansfer as an engineering major...and hope to get into a masters program where i can get my BA in mechanical engineering and my MA in aerospace engineering...i want to minor im business...and become an officer of the airforce... like kap G said you can become anything you want... to whats a day without a mexican...to how he talked on insta about this and how whats day without a mexican in construction work and etc... i can relate... GOOD FUCKING SONG!! @KAPG🔥🔥🔥☝️🙌🙏💯
That chorus Was Crazy I feel the pride Kap “I Got a Question For The President we been working where the hell you been hold up you better think again what’s a day without a Mexican!!! 🙏🏻🇵🇷 🇲🇽 🔥💯 😎🎤🎼🎬
Daniel Cooper
I'm black(actually I'm mixed), I got nothing but love for the spanish speaking people and their culture❤I see y'all doing the jobs most people don't wanna do(y'all work hard as hell), y'all make some bomb ass food, spanish music really make us wanna dance(spanish dance culture is lit), y'all open family businesses and make money together. Y'all also have some of the most attractive women in the world😍 and everybody know it. Much love to the spanish speaking people and I want y'all to know I'm tired of seeing ignorant non spanish speaking people celebrate Cinco De Mayo without knowing the history. The Mexicans won a war that day, that's what it's about, not beer and clubbing. Texas and California wouldn't be the same without spanish speaking people. Black and browns set the trends💎and go get it by any means💰👌
Daniel Ortiz
#adaywithoutamexican let me tell you I was born in Cali an I'm a Mexican. We work hard to have a better life to prove other wrong to show that we aren't really bad like people really like like Trump saying there are only coming here to sell drugs cause trouble but we are out here taking jobs that some Americans don't even want to work we are out here working like a Mexican I'm lil smoke no smoke an I would love to make a song to show y'all that we are proud of our race. #MEXICANPRIDE live it up Kap \nSnapchat: pjeremy18 you know Kap g is telling the truth where had the president been probably not giving to crap about us at least we know what hard labor is.
David Rios
La jaula de oro if your really Mexican you'll know what it means☝
Dominican Me
Echt_ Vuitton _jc
Guatemateco is my blood, I love my Latinos , from mexicans to ecuadorians to dominicans and puerto ricans....\nmi gente bailando mi gente gritando!!!!!!!!!! ayyoooooooooo! Lets get it!!!
El vato loco
Viva México cabrones!🇲🇽😎💯🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Emanuel Tlapechco
This the Kap G we missed. Talking about la familia not just rapping bout money
Exceed One
Looks like this guy has fully embraced his roots musically and it’s had a dramatic impact on his sound and style. Excellent stuff, first time I see a Mexican rapper combine the sound, the meaningful lyrics that resonates with the people... que viva Mexico cabrones!!!
Not even Mexican and I feel this 😂 but Gotta appreciate the Mexicans 🇲🇽
Fernando Barajas
Get it kap ! This love🇲🇽
Firus YT
I bet them dislikes are coming from trumps supporters 🙄
Fmf Tv
Im a mexican german but always mexicooo
For ever Dead inside
Dang KapG! This is so not your typical, but I gotta admit it's cool to see you love your culture. This is 💯% 🔥!
Thank you for voicing us bro 🙏🙏🔥🔥🇲🇽🇲🇽
Gem State of Mind
Oralé! Im Chicano and this song makes me proud to Mexican. Keep doing your thing Kap G El Jefe!! Viva Mexico cabrones!
Glori Barrera
Love it, so true they wouldn’t last without Mexicans here doing all the hard work in the heat and cold! Doing jobs they will never do, they just don’t realize how much the US runs the way it does because of us! Arriba Mexico!! 💕🇲🇽🇭🇳
Grey Knowledge
Born in the USA...\nWith Mexican roots 🇲🇽❤️
HUnchoo JCYT
This is it chief🇲🇽🇲🇽🍇🇲🇽💯
Heven Morales
Honduras apollando 🇭🇳🔥🇲🇽
IFechi Music
from the Caribbean here, love to all Mexican's . hard working race on the universe . blessings to all. amazing song
Israel Mauricio
My will dad wakes up at 3 comes home at 6 to to support my family 🇲🇽🇲🇽
Itss Luna
Respect \nShoulda record the music video in mexico 😭😭\nShoutout to all the mexicans
JB Cruz
Dammmmm thats a nice Camisa Carnal!
Jackie Almaguer
I love this song and how so many people from different cultures are being so supportive and understanding because we're all in the same boat much love to everyone 😘
Jaime Lopez
Soy boricua 🇵🇷 to da motherfuking core but I got this in my playlist as one of my favorites to me as long as u speak Spanish we in da same gang mad love to all the Mexicans
James Moore
I'm blaxican and this shit hard even tho I dont know much but my Mexican half
Janitzza Cázares
For the CULTURE 🔥🇲🇽
Jb Baker
I'm not Mexican, but y'all the most hard working people I ever seen much love an respect 🔥💯
Jesus Lopez
Viva Mexico para siempre cabrones 💪
Johnny Mejia
Deserves way more views . Like and it will get more (:
Jordan Jefferson
not even Mexican but agree 100% love humans
Jose Gallardo
Love from PaChuco Texas 🇲🇽
Juan Carlos
Great song!! Our people are hard workers and humble. This song is not just for Mexico its for all latin America!! Coming from a Mexican
Junior Lugo
Most of the people hating on here be other Latinos.
my heart goes to the Mexicans
King Hype Official
This slaps, i like it bro
Legit Vlogs
Lenka Utsugi
What he saying is true with out mexican and other race US is nothing and most mexican and asian are the work force they are the one out there doing fieldwork if it was not for mexican and asian there will be no or little work force and most ppl look down on the work force field worker if it was not for them ppl with high school diploma bachelor degree will be working out on the field
Li'a Talaga
Certified slapper...joints lit! Frm Seattle.
Lone Star Posse
Whole bunch of Paisas bumping this in their Silverados rn
LETS GO KAP 💪🏽🇲🇽🇺🇸🌎
Matthew Miller
Mercedes Duarte
I am Puerto Rican and Mexican I am proud of my culture all we do is work and yet people say we steal their jobs.and yet they don't want to work us Hispanics have to come together and fight for our rights our rights to get paid equally to stand up for our country 🇵🇷🇲🇽
*This deserves more views and if you featured 6ix9ine I feel like this would be a hit!!* 🇲🇽🇲🇽🌈🌈🔥🔥
Mrs. Trejo
Yasssss VIVA LA RAZA!!!!! 💯❤
Nate Lara
DRINKIN HORCHATA, MY DIAMONDS BACHATA \nu feel meeeeee- Kap G has been SNAPPIN'\nTime for the Hispanic race to take over!! Every demographic in the world is talented and its getting very close for our time to completely shine.
Nicole Richards
Latinos Arriba en la casa !! Saludos desde Wisconsin!
Oscar Martinez - Stock Market Hustler
That boy Kap G putting on for our people 💯🔥🇲🇽 you got our full support bro keep it up 💪🏼
Phillip Brooks
I may not look Mexican but both my grandparents came from Mexico as teens and didn't had nothing now my grandmother own a successful Mexican restaurant and mnd grandfather own stocks and a pallet company brown love is where i come from
PraiseGrace Clayborn
Im black but i got maddd respect for yall ❗❗
You know it’s real af and you can relate when it gives you goosebumps
Ralph Montano
Viva La Raza 🙌🇲🇽🙏
Really repping us Latinos🇲🇽🇵🇷 Latinos unite!!
Reyes Films
Much love Kap keep doing yo thing bro 💯
This is gold🙌🏻💯🇲🇽
Robert Sanchez
And that right there is the truth!!! What is a day without a Mexican? #KapG
Robyn H
🙌🏽🤞🏽👌🏾I’m not Hispanic but I support you hombre!!! Big ups to you Kap G!!! Much love from Texas, HTown to be exact 🤘🏾 💯💋
Santiago Gutierrez
We all brothers \nNo MLK no Kap G PERIOD.
Skillzz_ Emman
Kap g dont get the recognition he deserves like no kap this fire 🔥🔥
Steven Vieyra
Arriba mexico cabrones 🇲🇽🇲🇽\nSoy nacido en California pero viví 18 años en Durango dgo ... ahora estoy en California y la verdad no entiendo por que mucha gente no nos quiere si somos los únicos cabrones que le hacemos el trabajo pesado a toda la bola de huevones mantenidos..... \nLa mejor canción❤️❤️
Taco Chapo
Everyone who loves and supports the culture share this video!🤟🏽 🇲🇽
Taniya Bond
I'm not even Mexican but I got mad love for y'all 🇲🇽
Tekashi 6ix9ine
The Boy
Yow! Much love from Africa💯
The Meme King
BROWN PRIDE 💪🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🤘
Vanessa Romero
songs like these make me proud to be a Mexican and overall a Latina 🇲🇽
I’m puertorican and Uruguayan but we all Hispanics so my support for mi gente is always here
All Hispanics come together 🤝
Yung Lee
I’m Dominican but the man who raised me is from Puebla Mexico and I consider myself Mexican got my full support
FACTS! Being from Texas I grew up and had the most fun with black people and Mexican people. Love my brown brothers and sisters PERIOD! ❤️🥰 Todo amor
need tekashi on the remix
emiliano and Jordan channel
keep that work up kap g
flamaz entertainment
Us Catrachos are behind our Mexican brothers🇭🇳🇲🇽✊🏽
Puerto rican and dominican here! Love yall mexicans! Dios los bendiga a todos!!
6ix9ine in da remix! 🇲🇽🇲🇽
jose linares
I’m Guatemalan 🇬🇹 Que viva mexico 🇲🇽🤞🏼 desde 🇨🇦
I’m Asian but I grew up with a lot of Mexicans. Some of the nicest and hardworking people I know. I’ve been over to my friends’ houses & had some bomb homemade churros, flan, mole, carne asada, etc! Much love and respect to you all.
Funniest thing is that no matter which Latin American country we come from we are all Mexican in the United States.
Us Mexicans gotta keep going forward for our people and become professionals like doctors, lawyers, etc. Our people’s did not come in this country busting their ass just for us to be gang bangers, unemployed, and anything negative to society.
Brown Pride✊🏽
I'm Jamaican but shout out to all Mexicans🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Like if Kap G better than Lil Pump