Europe Will Become a Battlefield: Putin Bluntly Explains What Discarding INF Treaty Means

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Subscribe to Vesti News President Putin: "Of course, there are certain issues concerning the development of missile technology in the world and the restrictions which only the US and the USSR, then the Russian Federation undertook. But what are we concerned about? We are concerned that the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was terminated. Now we are talking about the treaty on intermediate-range and short-range missiles."

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We want peace around the world .only rich elites who rule the world economies want war.its we the people from every nation need to take a stand against the evil leaders in every country who only have their interest at hand
APS Chauhan
Europe is being used again by Jewish bankers to perpetuate WW 2 a d fight US wars for military industrial established on others soil. Russians into want wars they and Germans have been n biggest sufferers . There can be no peace on earth untill Americans are isolated and their unipolar hegemony is destroyed . Germany should assert its identity , become sovereign and not exist as a vassal state to serve American agenda . Merkel is an existential liability . If she is not pulled down Germany would have an African Chancellor within a decade .
Alex b
people here have no education, or no clue about geopolitics, or even the internal politics of russia. it really shows with their naive and ignorant comments..
Alexander Amundsen
NATO is soon going to be scrapped in Europe for a true EU defence organisation. The US are constantly putting it's allies in danger with it's catastrophic foreign policy.
Boy George
Putin loves to brag around
Bruce Burns
Its a shame that Russia continues to be ruled by the mafia and one man dictatorships just like their Czars , what a different country if they just would drop the militaristic dogma which dominates their country just like prewar Japan and Germany ,
Carl Hopkinson
Google/YouTube will probably start removing all Putin videos from their sites....he is too even-temepered, rational, convincing, honest, diplomatic and itelligent to let his \
Cenk Uygur
Eh Russia talks a good game but chokes every time. Im more concerned about north korea doing something stupid or Chinas rapid development. Russia is worse off then Brazil at the moment.
Classical Bets
Russia was breaking the treaty for years now, and Putin is playing his classic propaganda notes, there's no bigger threat for Europe than vodka driven russian mongols.
Czech Republic best Republic
*Russian Politics*\nWhere Russian and American trolls fight their Virtual World War 3 \n\nFor those who want to get involved use these as your weapons\n\nKosovo is Serbia\nAmerican Military more Advanced \nRussian Military sucks\nKosovo is Independent \nCatalonia(No correlation to the topic)\nRussian Military better \nEuropean Union sucks(I agree)\nSoviet Union \nGulag\nInvasions of\nCrimea\nGeorgia \nUkraine\nVietnam\nAfghanistan\nIraq\nRussia has Stalinium\nTrump corrupt\nPutin corrupt \nI'm a military expert(More like a 12 year with no life)\nCommunist\nCapitalist\nFascist\nGDP\nCzech Republic best Republic.
Darrell May
Putin has made a whole new class of Nuclear Weapons because of His Paranoia of the West!,,,
Daryl Foster
All his questions are staged .. its quite obvious !!
David MacD
Europe has been a battlefield for the last 5 years with constant intrusions by Russian naval and and air assets.\nMaybe Putin thinks it's time to destroy Germany again.
Deni Katsman
Everybody saying that Russia is such an invader: people did you just forget how many countries the US have invaded? How many countries were left in ruins with thousands of innocent “collateral damage”? Stop the hypocrisy
Denis Sulovic
Battlefield 5 😎
Dirty Duck
Russia needs nuking
Don Spartan
America and Russia directly teaming up to try and destroy Europe. There the only 2 nations who keep talking about it.\nWake up Europeans we have a fight on our hands
Donald J
Lord Putin just doesn't know where to aim his crazy war.. It didn't work with America.. America didn't take the baiting.. Now he's targeting Europe with his silly war.. You need some strong laxatives sir, to get the shidt out sir.. We don't want your insane wars.. You should drink an ounce of common paint-thinner.. That'll fix you up real good.. It even removes the toxic 'chain of pearls' anomaly from the intestine.. It totally empties the intestines safely.. You need that.. We need you to do that before your insanity kills humanity.. Poop it all out sir... PUSH!..
Donald stupid
Russia seized \
Dwayne King
USA we can turn Russia in to dust
Edward Harley
Putin is an idiot to be constantly bringing up nuclear weapons threats. Is he stuck in the 80's? Still grinding the ax so his citizens will not concentrate on what an absolute failure Russia is, with its immense resources and intellectual talent could be the richest country in the world instead it is just another poorly run one...what a shame for Russians! They deserve so much better !!!
Enter Valhala
Fight George Soros and the Rothschilds and the rest of the Zionits they are the real enemies.
Fortnite Bushcamper
I need V-Bucks.
Galaxy Trooper
One has to wonder if Hitler was wrong after all.
Gary Huckleberry
Europe needs to befriend Russia. Location makes that imperative. Side with Russia against USA and Israel if necessary.
George Makuca
Russian shit bag!!!!!!!
Holger Muller
Trump has been doing an excellent job! Congrats to Donald Trump.
I Laser
I feel like Churchill warning about the Nazi threat, and then warning about the Soviet threat... *AND NO ONE LISTENED* ....\n\n\nPutin is the absolute threat to mankind, his desire for prestige and to restore Russia's place as a superpower will be cataclysmic.
It's all ogre now This is my swamp
Yall have no idea how corrupt russian government is I'm laughing my ass off seeing yall praising him LMAO xD
J P Subscribe Talking to the dead
what a wanker lol, putin is all talk
United States, Russia, and all of Europe should be allies not enemies.
Jungle Ninja
Caucus scum
Kedric Pitman
It would be nice if Putin was able to speak English I can just hear him saying Fake news no you're Fake news and lock her up! Lmao😀
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Ruble is worthless and yet still good for the loo!!!
Dealing with Russians is like dealing with a criminal gang. \nLesson no. 1 - Expect nothing but lies. Everything they say is a lie. It's a cultural thing.
USA should not announce leaving iNF. USA should do it unofficially.
Marcel Hankins
I was born and raised here in america. I felt patriotic after 9/11 and through highschool. But now as an adult I realize that the leaders that I have witnessed in my up bringing, spewed nothing but some type of b.s. agenda and propaganda. I would still feel a sense of nationalism and dignity if our leaders where conducting themselves in the manner that Putin has over the years. He is no angel but seems to be a genuine leader.
Mark Loria
Russia is already surrounded and they barley have any allies or money if a war was started, give them a break lmao
Name Familyname
Never Unprepared
Evil Little Man You Can See Satan In His Face.
Nirako :3
USA is the mother country of Europeans.....
Pablo Moore
I will ask an average poor person what he thinks of this! They spend money on useless weapons. The truth is Russia will never be the major world power the Anglo American world power will not allow it. Best is to make friends and play nice an keep stealing the publics money to buy weapons.
Paladin 06
Putin is just another Russian despot who dreams of the failed Soviet empire and is cast in the mold of Stalin. Of course he believes that Europe will become a battlefield. That was the Soviet plan in the cold war. Nothing has changed. Putin broke the INF treaty with the \ndeployment of the Novator 9M729 without notifying the US. The US has no choice. Regarding Putin: watch what he does, NOT what he says.
Pam Mckellar
Europes enemy is its own leaders the Russians will save europe from the muslim take over oneday !
Pels Llido
What does \
Peter Lemmon
*Does the Neoliberal-Neoconservative USA system desire to work with Russia at any point in some elusive partnership? Or does the USA desire to string Russia along in a false and deceptive hope of nonexistent, never materializing partnership that Russia, like the slowly boiling frog, finally realizing, but to late that the USA means Russia's absolute inslavement in tyrannical hegemonic obedience to the New USA Empire? Consider That Carefully Or Russia Will Loose On The Grand Chessboard Being Played Out, Whether Russia Wants To Play Or Not.*
Pro Bro
Meanwhile.. Russia itself keeps developing those missiles and doesn't denuclearize.\nPutin is a hypocrite by himself, I get it that people like the figure of Putin but truth is, this is all one BS.\nWe the normal people won't know for sure what the hell is really going on politically.
RKKH Hansen
Radix Malorum
PLEASE let Europe be a battlefield. It's about time the center of globalist elite douchebags get destroyed.
Renato Camurça
Nuke Europe is nuke speculative and artificial virtual finance capitalism. The day after, North Korea nuke Japan and South Korea, China emerges as unique world power for next 5,000 years.
Richard ricsko
Russkies go home!!!
Robert Cubinelli
We need to take to the air, land and seas again to liberate countries from Salvini, Orban and the Visegrad group.
No doubt, American Liberals want to restore Communism in Russia, at the cost of millions to die in the process. The plan is in their International song: \r\n„This is the final struggle\nLet us group together, and tomorrow\nThe Internationale\nWill be the human race.”
Sachlang Jamatia
Europe has already become a battlefield, middle Eastern refugees & immigrants everywhere, and Europeans are helpless
Who has been buzzing US Military Planes in US Airspace??? Russia! Who had a Sub in the Gulf of Mexico for several months before it was detected? Russia!
Europeans love US, so they´ll be glad to die for them
Shelly Donaldson
Putin loves nothing more..nothing more then being the mucho man he truley believes he is to the ppl of Russia...shirtless horse riding...and all that other media shit he uses to pump up his image...problem is now the ppl are seeing Putin for what he really is...his net worth is over 200 billion dollars making him the richest man in the world easily although youll never see those numbers published..he kills all who say a bad word against him, he wants to take Russia back to its formal days.and the ppl are saying no way. him and his closest pals have their goverment party things so wrapped up tight...but the ppl are starting to come to..starting to form a government party whom want to topple this little man and his future ideas...I hope he goes...either the easy or the hard way..but he ll be going...his first major fuck up was blowing that plane out of the sky...ppl are starting to pull their heads out of the sand.
should I know what any of this means?
Slime Beats
! We have no problem with Russia 🇷🇺! Putin is a instigator. 15 million Russians live here in the us and are happy.
What's the point in the INF treaty when Russia doesn't care about it and the Chinese are getting away with their own missile development on all scales because they have literally 0 military restrictions? The US Isn't gonna cripple its self over other major nations in a treaty that isn't being honoured by the only other signatory.
Steve Hanlon
Putin looks so good, he doesn't age! Is he a vampire?
the only reasons the russians survived the german invasion was because of the winter so if you dont attack during winter you are fine. and more training in snowy climates is need if they manage to survive the first attacks.
Putin: Romania will nuke us. Really... really... He is as absurd as the US leftists that demonize Russia 24-7. Everybody has a right to anti ballistic missiles. It's not these that are the problem. It's the nukes. Ballistic and otherwise. Get your brain aligned with that of normal people Putin, maybe you would win more than the odd point.
Tadas Blindavicius
Russia is the evilest country the humanity has ever faced. Russia has inflicted more wars than all world nations combined. In 1905 Russians inflicted war on Japan, in 1939 war with Finland, soon after Russian \
Tec Effect
The Dollar is collapsing rapidly, no oil trade in dollars, no reserve currency, the swift payment is going to be replaced, no trading partners. Eventually no sanction possible. US in panic.
Todd Ryan Fitch
Just give over the research it will become, “covered in dust”, und ‘civilization will continue on’, Leave Russia 🇷🇺 Alone!!!
Tony Kennedy
Putin is stressed.
Why doesn't Putin put his millitary where it would do the most good in Mexico and Canada they can meet in six months in the middle of America .
We in the EU don´t want to fight their war, we don´t wish to die for the sake of nothing. These conflicts that are on a global scale is in the interest of 1% of the population maximum. Child mentality has a tight grip of the western countries, it's sad but life goes on and the leaders of the world will mature in time.
W.G. Lewis
Russia is not innocent.
William Schutter
This is the most serious disinfo from Putin in my lifetime. Russia repeatedly violated the INF Treaty on his watch but pretends it did not. I deeply respect Putin for many reasons, but this falsehood alarms me.
Yasin Tokat
The EU has to learn how to serve to her own interests rather than the interests of the the USA, the UK, etc. Then nothing will happen to the EU.
Yogi on a Scooter
Peace to Russia from USA. Like me, there are millions of Americans that do not understand why we have such tension with Russia when we should be Allies. We have common interests in energy self dependency and we have common enemies in the world. 8 years of Obama globalism and meddling in the affairs of other countries, particularly in Ukraine mad tensions worse between us. We elected Trump, in part, to stop all of this. Hopefully he has a plan to completely change the dynamic with Russia for the better for us all. Many Americans agree that we should play a smaller role in NATO, and or that Russia should join NATO.
Yoshi Todo
abdirhman ali
Yess WW3 yess
once again the US throws Europe under the bus
carmen vargas
Clear and precise explanation of who is really violating the INF treaty
9/11 was a inside job
collins sugar
Putin is no puppet
Does Putin even considers the likely possibility that Russia will just be sanctioned (By US and Europe) into starvation (again) and become super poor as it happened to the USSR during the cold war?. Does he even care about ordinary Russians or is he just a buffoon and a idiot?. Russia's economy is meaningless compared to the Western Alliance economies, and yet he wants to continue this nuclear nonsensical competition.
eric schindle
The Rothschilds are financing both sides dont worry.
fk putin
Fact's are the Russian's have broke the INF treaty, not to mention the Ukraine and Crimea, did not the Ukraine give up its Nuclear weapon's, for its sovereignty to be protected, which both NATO and Russia signed.
ian callard
Putin wants a walkover in Europe so doesn’t want them to be able to defend themselves so he wants the short and intermediate range nukes but no one else \nOnce a KGB colonel always a KGB colonel
ice man
the Italian Prime almost had a heart attack
jeremy beverly
He's full of shit . He's been boasting about his new missile developments for the last 5 years. He acts as if he following the rules.
k sten
When Russia has built something useful for the world or for the others ? They come fight and destroyed everything and leave after 50 years of oppression and thefts like they have done in the East of Europe , they are not even capable to build their own country with all the wealth that’s coming from their soil... How can you be able to help other nations when your not capable to guide your own people towards progress? . Russia is a shit hole with aspiration to be a decent toilet... but stil remains shit hole
It is gone past time for NATO to be scrapped and a new defence alliance to be formed in Europe to include Russia, and exclude the US and for the US to withdraw all military bases in Europe and for them to stop meddling in Europe. This would make far more sense. The Russian Federation is very keen to establish good relations with all countries and not be constantly placed under threat and demonised. Russia and Europe have a lot to gain economically by cooperation including peace, security and stability. Europe should unhitch itself from the US Neocon hegemony, which has created instability in Europe including in Ukraine more recently. The coup in Ukraine against the internationally recognised government was illegal and carried out with contrived violence and with the connivance of the US. With regard to Crimea it was not consulted and decided not to remain in this new illegal entity and declared independence, and subsequently by overwhelming majority (around 95%) to RETURN to Russia and join the Russian Federation. It is very disappointing that the EU/NATO are using Ukraine which is in the control of a facist regime to sanction Russia, again because of US influence within NATO and the 'projected' paranoia of NATO itself. It should be clear that the US doesn't care about Europe except insofar as it can be manipulated to further it's own agenda and that once again is shown by their stated intention to withdraw from yet again another treaty, the INF treaty, which affects Europe more than the US.
matthew haines
Put all the European and American paedophile politicians on the front line. Let the people live in peace. \nTime to clean Europe.
mel glotfelty
Ruck Fussia and Puck Futin!!
mickeymerc260 w124
The European USA- and NATO slaves are to dull to know who their friend (Russia) is and who their enemy (USA). Like the Deutsche Volk under Hitler, they willfully follow their U.S.-America Massa into the nuclear overkill. I am disgusted particularly by Merkel, the Polacks, Scandinavia, and the Baltic states, as the most belligerent, anti-Russian lackeys.
Idiotic propaganda of retarted leader, who is living in a dreamland not in reality. Russia is finished. It finished itself by starting the war in Ukraine. The West is not interested in ending that war, cause as long as it goes they can sustain sanctions against Russia and Russia with its retarted leader must spend billions on the conflict they already lost to prevent withdrawal and oficial accnowledgement of failure. Russia, once proud and strong country is tripple bankrupt. It has no money for anything right now, because of this pointless conflict. These statements are nothing more than teritorial threat display. West, specially Trump, are laughing at Putin and his speaches. This powerfull leader has no money for fuel to his rockest, so how is he going to use them? He will load them with coal and ignite, hope they will fly?!\nIf anyone still cares about what this guy is saying, must be complete, braindead moron. Americans already moved to the East (look at Poland) and what Putin was able to do about it? He is nothing more than words, cause words are the only thing that left in Russia these days.
After the: \nSalisbury Novichok poisoning\n I find it difficult to believe a word Putin says. He's a good liar.
sunny okoro
A man with common sense and wisdom. So straight to the point.
People who praise Putin fall for his propaganda he is a master of.\nYou have absolutely no idea how deceptive that man is. \nBut keep believeing media and youtube.\nJust dont cry once he take advantage of the moment.
Pinche voz bien amable la de Putin, siempre creí que hablaba tipo militar encabronado o.o
Putin needs to learn to speak in obscure sound bites or Americans might listen to what he is saying. We're not used to straight talk since Eisenhower left office.