Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Studio Version]

Album: Remember Yesterday (P)(C) Casablanca Records (1977) USAMezcla De Video Original Por: Sergio Productions, Cali Colombia."I Feel Love" (español: Siento el amor) es una canción de Donna Summer, tomada de su álbum conceptual de 1977 I Remember Yesterday. La grabación de fondo totalmente electrónico es considerada pionera del género Hi-NRG, que alcanzó su auge en la década de los 80.La canción representa al "futuro" en su álbum conceptual, el cual representa el avance de los estilos a través del tiempo. La canción "I Remember Yesterday" representa la década de los 40, "Love's Unkind" la década de los 50, "Back in Love Again" a los 60 y concluye con la futurista "I Feel Love". La canción alcanzó el #1 en el UK Singles Chart, el #6 en el Hot 100 de Billboard y el #9 en el Hot Soul Singles. Rápidamente se hizo popular en las discotecas gays y fue adoptado como himno gay.1 "I Feel Love" está posicionada en el lugar #418 de las 500 mejores canciones de todos los tiempos según la revista Rolling Stone.Antes de "I Feel Love", muchas grabaciones de música disco habían sido respaldadas por orquestas acústicas, aunque la música electrónica ya había sido empleada en décadas anteriores.2 La innovadora producción disco de esta canción por parte de Giorgio Moroder, grabada con una pista de acompañamiento a base de sintetizadores, fue influyente en el desarrollo de la música disco, electro, house y tecno, e incluso se dice que "I Feel Love" ha sido el origen de estos estilosAntes de ser lanzado como sencillo aparte, "I Feel Love" correspondía al lado B de la canción "Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)", el primero del álbum I Remember Yesterday. A pesar de que el sencillo no tuvo mucho éxito, "I Feel Love" tuvo un impacto enorme lo cual provocó que fuera lanzado como sencillo aparte en julio de 1977 a nivel internacional. La canción se convirtió en uno de los grandes éxitos de Summer, tanto en sus trabajos en la música disco como en toda su carrera.De acuerdo con David Bowie, durante la grabación de su Berlin Trilogy, su impacto en la dirección del género fue reconocido desde un principio:"Un día, en Berlín ... (Brian) Eno vino corriendo y dijo: "He escuchado el sonido del futuro." ... "Es 'I Feel Love', de Donna Summer" ... Él dijo, "Es esto, no busque más. Va a cambiar el sonido de la música de club para los próximos quince años"."La versión del álbum tiene una duración de casi seis minutos. Fue extendida para su lanzamiento como un maxi single de 12", la versión de ocho minutos fue incluida en el recopilatorio de 1989 The Dance Collection: A Compilation of Twelve Inch Singles. La canción fue editada ligeramente para ser lanzada en el formato de 7", con la apertura de la canción más corta. Una versión con una duración aproximada de minutos, que omite la tercera estrofa y el coro final, ha sido incluida en un gran número de álbumes de grandes éxitos y recopilaciones de otras discográficas como PolyGram, Mercury Records, Universal Music y otras, como la de 1994 Endless Summer: Greatest Hits y la del 2003, The Journey: The Very Best of Donna Summer.En 2004, la revista Rolling Stone situó a "I Feel Love" en el puesto 411 en su lista de las 500 mejores canciones de todos los tiempos.Tras el éxito de esta canción, Summer y Moroder produjeron la secuencia de 11 minutos titulada "Now I Need You"/"Working the Midnight Shift" (en su álbum Once Upon a Time de 1977), secuencia que se basa en las voces etéreas, los ritmos mecanizados, los arpegios secuenciados y las líneas de bajo ostinato de "I Feel Love".Sencillos

Beat Donna Summer (Musical Artist) I Feel Love (Composition) Music Video (Ontology Class) Musicia... discotheque giorgio moroder remember yesterday album

The BEST disco song ever made.
She was smoking hot.
Albe Beltrami
Moroder genius.
Alexandria Pagan
Beautiful queen!
Andrew Chatto
It's 3.00am in the morning and Im watching / listening to this remarkable lady with a scotch and a smile
Andrew Hart
Class 👊👄
Bahram Ardalan
No lyrics but a few simple sentences,\nNo melody except a 4 note backing track,\nNo catching construct before the 5th second,\nNo compression,\nNo autotune,\nNobody's running or jumping,\nSingers, dancers and players all wearing clothes...\n\nYet Fuckin' Awesome!
Barry Oneill
Respect from Glasgow Scotland uk this song could be on the score of my film 🎥 that hopefully take world 🌍 my storm . Over coming all the odds depression addiction prison system. Then feeling love and turning into good person. Have a good one folks . From Glasgow Scotland 🏴\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc73\udb40\udc63\udb40\udc74\udb40\udc7f uk
Why is there a band? Everything comes out of Moroder`s MOOG module. Not 1 musician played on this recording.
Bettyann Deforge
like that
Carl Maher
I heard this first on a cheap radio as i walked home from school in 1977, it was the most erotic song I'd ever heard.
Carl Mohan
why do i got blade runner & cyberpunk 2077 vibes in this song?
Dani Rocksaurier
2nd most erotic pop song ever.
Dani Sandoval
1977!!!! ???? !!!!!! Amazing.....sounds of the future
Dark Matter
The song, the industrial composition, the choreography, this person is a love bot.
Dave Howe
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh it so good it’s so good it’s so good it’s sooo good I forgot what it was? 🤔😆
David Hansen
2019!!! Happy New year!
David Parker
ALL these years later and this song remains incredible!
Edric Dayne
Only one way to describe Donna Summer's voice - otherworldly.
Felipe Bustamante
Anywhere in the universe you go, this song is a classic.
Fredo Joaquim
This song made the Rolling Stones list of best songs.
Horror Mike
usually i dont like disco, but this song is amazing. donnar summer is HOTTTTTTT
Ionut Nebiliac
Her movements are not artistic, preregistered, but only follow the inner energy that comes from total abandonment in the music that leads her to trance.
I can just picture the lucky Aliens dancing about somewhere in deep Space as they just received the radio waves to this most incredible example of recorded music from Earth :)
Jack Torrance
So far ahead of its time that it did not come and go with the ebbs and flows of fashion, all with a lead of an incredibly beautiful and sensual woman. It spins my mind to know it was made in 1977. arguably a pre-cursor to modern electronic music, and makes me happy that his masterpiece 30 years later can still be thoroughly enjoyed as intended, something i hope it does for many years to come.
Jaye Keith
She is a Diva. Love me some Donna Summer. I guess I'm not a great fan since I didn't know she passed in 2012. Very sad to know. I saw The Blue Man Group do this song and I had to go find Donna's version. They did it well but nothing like Ms. Summer. This is an era when music was real. I miss it.
Jeffrey Walker
What a vocal range, so sweet and perfect at the highest notes.
Jude Mallari
The 70's 💜💙💚💛♥️💛💚💙💜
Kevin Browne
The melodic sounds of her voice and this beat put you in a trance.
Kevin Fish
Something wrong with 3.8 k people.
Kevin Lomacks
R.I.P Donna Summer,Thanks for your contribution to the music world!
Keyona Montgomery
Never knew this song existed but im glad i found it!!!
Lee Hilton
One of the reasons why I love electronic music!\nGeorgio Moroder is a visionary!\nThe Chase (Midnight Express) is my personal fav' and was from my favorite film.\nCheck out Glen Underground GU 'I feel dub', where these two track's are mashed up together.\nBoth these tracks are timeless and as relivant today as they were 40 years ago! 😎
Lee Mezzulo
Amazing, I still get chills listening to Donna’s voice on this track.
Lou Lopez
I could watch this all day. RIP LaDonna, XOXOXOXO!
Manuel Garcia
.... Houston,... We have just landed on Mars!!
Martin Morales Bobadilla
Donna Summer\nLa autentica\nReina d las Discotecas todo lo demas es mentira!
Michael Miller
She's awesome.
nearly 40 years later and it still sound fucking awesome.
There's something special about this song, love it.
*excelente información.... por siempre la música disco y el HIGH ENERGY 👍👍👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹*
Neville Jones
Brilliant, actually made disco look and sound good, beautiful and sexy
Patrick Sullivan
Bless ,Her As the other 3 women .
Pavel Ratatoskov
At that time in the USSR she was a goddess. Disco Jesus :-)
Renato Camurça
1977 !
This song sounds awesome with headphones on.
Rick Miller
Probably the most beautiful woman to have ever lived.
Roberto FTS
The voice of the diva with the synthesizer by Giorgio Moroder it is amazing
Brilliant track, so sensual too, very sexy woman and track. x
Ruben Delgadillo
The One. Moroder rules
Scotty found it!
I remember my next door neighbors older sister saying that when this song came out in the clubs, people were in awe. They had never heard these sounds before. Many just stood and stared in their drug induced euphoria. This was really the first techno song to hit mainstream!
Sebastian salas olivares
el genio moroder.
Is anyone else here cuz of the 'Titans' starfire scene?
Sir William Wallace
This absolutely smashes it in clubs & fields worldwide since day one.
Skull Kid
I liked her more than Diana Ross
Spiridoula Leivada
Those body movements alone are amazing!!!
Stephen Murphy
I 1st heard this song in college kicking back on a lawn.Couldn't stand up for an hour.this was the most erotic sexually charge song ever....
Steve Bell
Was this track on the gold disc sent to outer space... come on you aliens enjoy it
Steve Eckstein
It still sounds like the future, 41 years later...
Tullipy Produções
Kory Anders music
Wendi Duff
Still a sexy song 2018.. Miss you Donna
Zoe TheCat
MORODER doesn't get enough credit for this. Yes, Donna is awesome, but that arrangement is very complex and rich. Pink Floyd with Richard Wright produced even more intricate themes. Wish REAL musicians would revisit this synth-style again. Unfortunately....there aren't any real musicians anymore ;-(....
This song STILL sounds new in 2018.
alexandre christen
Thank you Donna for this timeless song we miss you a lot because your talent and your voice will remain forever inimitable .
anne franzen
Love you Donne ❤️🧚\u200d♀️🌷🌺🇸🇪🇸🇪👍🏻🙏🏻From Sweden ❤️❤️❤️
blah deBlah
WAY ahead of her time with this.
dazed darla
I think because people, and young people especially, are so hypnotized by their phones, aren't out at clubs, and there is nowhere to really go out and dance as much... you don't have that feeling anymore when all of society was just entranced by a song. I mean, I wasn't around for this song, but my god, remember hearing Madonna and Thriller for the first time, and being like Holy F**K... that's what this song sounds like.
I feel like 12 again, having the sensation to lower the volume so my mom wont hear this ear porno on the radio. :)
Ahead of its time.
Not only is this an awesome song (and I'm not a disco fan) but Donna Summer moves like a dancer just standing in one spot. The graceful movement of her arms puts me in mind of a bird in flight.
fabeha malik
Listening this after Aquaman :D
Great Song Love from Germany
This music&voice does not age. Its immortal.
icelily8_kalabs lol
Last tune of the night at warehouse project Manchester on the night Chic played. Just melted. Such a tune ❤️❤️❤️
This was played everywhere in Rome in the late 70,s . I remember hot nights, bars and beautiful girls. This song made you want to do one thing more than anything else!
I didn't know disco could sound this cool and futuristic 😍
manuel fernandez
Esta canción predijo con exactitud lo que iba a ser la música del futuro en un álbum dedicado al paso del tiempo y la nostalgia. Una invitación a bailar y enamorarse al ritmo de las máquinas, con la carga de sensualidad característica de la voz de Donna. Ahora nos parece lo más normal del mundo pero con anterioridad a \
maria castro
December 2018 and still feel love for this song ❤
mk toohtwo
Can you imagine sitting in the audience with this going on in front of you? Transcendental.
mr awesome
man was music awesome back a HUGE disco fan and i havent found a song thats better yet.
oscar suazo
Excelente video es un grato recuerdo de la Reyna de la Discoteca
pablo flowers
this reminds me of quaaludes and cocaine, lsd and sex, if you have ever been to the oddysey in l.a. you know what i'm talking
panzer waffen
When music was listenable... Nowadays it's pure trash ...
person X
So good it is obscene. Moroder and Summer are like a hallucination. Did he really create those sounds back then? Did she really dance like that? Pure genius.
EDM in its infancy 🎶🎶😎🎶🎶
scott mann
Still an AWESOME track ! Love it
sheldon starkey
This will never age.
with a young Quentin Tarantino in the piano...
todd mccowen
I met her in Germany at the air port when I was in the army ,still dream about her.
vangelis papathanasiou
One of the very best ever.....
Donna Summer and her music are legendary.
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