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No need to hop on a plan and travel to Italy because these 10 Italian inspired meals will instantly transport you to all the deliciousness the country has to offer. ____________________________________________________________________Timestamps: Any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!Also check out our other channels:Craft Factory: www.youtube.com/CraftFactoryVT: www.youtube.com/JungleVT

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Ale Mel
Those dishes are not italian inspired!! Are American and enough!!!
Alice Cardone
Even Bruce Spingsteen is more Italian than this
Alifa Arafa Jannat Albitha
So yuammy
Essem Sween
The Italians don't use cheese like this, only in the US is it necessary to OD on cheese at every turn.
Fernando Yanmar
VERY loosely inspired
Finely Medicated
I’m sorry but it’s a HUGE travesty to throw a bunch of cheeses into an Italian dish yet not include ricotta. Are you people insane?! ALL of these recipes would really be better with the addition of ricotta. That said, I’m hungryyy 🤤👌🏼
Gianluca Cravacuore
this recipe are not italian you say ?
Giorgia Bradach
I hope I didn't many mistakes writing this though\nIf something's wrong, I accept the corrections :)\n\nI'm Italian and I want to say something\nI'm ashamed of being Italian, especially when I see what Italians wrote under this video\nAm I the only Italian who whatched this video thinking \
Isabelle Bartlett
there is raw egg in one of the recipes ewww
Janani Hansani
it's makes me hungry !!!!!!!
Joseph Hinton
Not bad at all love Italian
Lamyaa Os
I love you channel bye
Muhammad Bin Noman Mughal
1 comment
Narendar Kumar
So yummy 😑😶😣😮😯🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Ramy Boyz
On 3:03 u mixed up salt and pepper
Ranvir Turnaaa
Fuddi deya Koi Vadia g video bna lai saale Chutiye
Rosa Souza
Shazia Rahman
Looks lovely , need to give it a try !
Shy Girl ASMR
Great dishes!!! Will have to give them a try!!!💚💚💚
Sueli Venturin
Que delícia!!!
Sukonna S. Bristi
Who has time for all of the hate. This food looks delicious. I might make my own little substitutions. GREAT JOB !!!!
Tanisha Chowdhury
Love this video.
Way Of Cooking
Yummy .
asaad s Arshad
1:06the best idea is you can tost in cheeder slices
coco alvarez
iam Zerox
Porco dio
ida voltan
di italiano non c'è niente qui...Gli spaghetti spezzati e crudi...maronnnnn se mia madre vede Sto video vi denuncia
knowledge for the life after علم ينتفع به
I love your channel 😍
shhzaib shaikh
Nice video
Λιτσα Ιωαννου
Φανταστικοοο!!!😄 😄😘😘
Алина Эргашева
ну и как после такого сидеть на диетах😢😳?
Рамазан Газимагомедов
ريحان الجنه
🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 بصراحه هذي الاكلات نقطه ضعفي 🤤
نونه نونه
•L•E•X•X• _
I'm good on all that cheese boo💀🤷🏽\u200d♀️😵