31 One-Pot Recipes

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Wow. Can’t believe I’m about to watch a half hour cooking video with no words
Aidan Aguilar
How many of these dishes contain pasta
Anson Hu
What of you don’t have a big enough pot :(
Question: who does the dishes? :)
Avery Lopez-Baines
Of course, every recipe has a small amount of pot. If not, it wouldn't be a pot recipe now would it?
I love how you guys can't even time stamp your own video, so people have to wait for a commenter to do so. But then again, you guys don't really read anything people say, do you?
Baggy Nag
Time stamp please. So that we cqn choose which one we want to watch.this vid is 30 mins :(
Bella Tam
I’m not going to pretend that I think that I’m the only one who watches these videos but doesnt make them
Can you guys do an episode of just instant pot recipes?
I never clicked this fast!! 😍
Bonnie Boon
You can’t boil chicken for 20minutes!! Madness! 😖
Brian Leveratto
We say we’ll make one of these dishes one day and we never do
C. B. MCMXCIX/Tailgate
They're runnin' out of ideas like Watchmojo...
Carla Sanders
This was a thing of beauty. Me, a glass of wine and a half hour of food porn.
Carlos Lazarini
If you listen closely you can hear the Italians crying
Christopher 1210
Soooo much cream, half and half, milk, and cheese in almost every dish. uhhhgggg.
Claudia Ivy
Looks like y'all burnt those Italian Sausages
Cookie Monster
1 pot 2 pot red pot blue pot
Cuisine Marocaine
Why tf does he cook the pasta with other stuff in the same pot, i know what the title says but in a few recipes he does it the way im talking about... Overcooked pasta is terrible.
Daniela Bowes
Ok, making any pasta ahead of the time is just not ok. You are ruining that pasta.
Divine Vegan Journeygurl
Donya Salami
David Seymour should do all of them 😂😂 like if you agree 😎
Protip: For ingredient list and directions, search for \
Dracula Tod
Eden Cassidy
You can’t just add cooked pasta to a pot and call it ‘one pot pasta’
Elliot Burns
Pretty sure the second one was a 2 pot recipe
31 one pot are u kidding me i think i must ornanate in the corner wait one moment tasty
FiRiNg AdI
Who watched till the end ?........if u watched hit like 😂😎😎😍😍
Galaxy Hoodie Guy
Soooooooooooooooooo many recipes! I honestly love one pot recipes (especially my one-pot jambalaya that I posted recently) because it makes cooking and cleaning so much faster and easier! There are a few recipes here that I haven't tried and I look forward to doing it! Nice job, whoever suffered making this.
Hanane Tajdinne
ألي مغربي يحط لايك👍
Jeanne Nilsson
love your low key music and great recipes! good vid folk´s, keep it up :D
Joe Entin
Lol second one is not 1 pot
Joey Mama
Thank you, Tasty, for finally using chicken thighs rather than those dried out breast pieces.
A lot of really great ideas, but I feel like most of these recipes are over seasoned with dry ingredients
Kayla Pearl CP Ninja
Why does every single recipe have to include some form of cheese and milk/heavy cream? This makes having these meals a lot harder for those who are lactose intolerant like me. Not every single recipe needs cheese or milk, please make more recipes without those ingredients. I'm not trying to be rude, but some fans of your channel are not able to eat dairy or are sensitive to dairy products. I understand that you all love cheese, but you should take consideration of those who aren't able to eat cheesy meals without having a lactose enzyme supplement which not everyone may have access to.
Eat pot erryday
La M
Fun fact ramen is a one pot meal \nYou boil water ,cook the noodles, add broth and seasoning ,the add your favorite toppings and eat
Louis Dallas
You are about to clean hell lot of dishes . ....
Hello tasty love o yu
Maggy Frog
why do people throw away the stem part of a broccoli? that's incredibly wasteful. it's edible, and broccoli is quite expensive.
Magic Potatoes
So much milk and cheese, I feel bad for the lactose intolerant people who wanted to use some of these recipes 😅
Marie kuehler
It might only use one pot, but some of these used 2-3 bowls. I’m gonna go ahead and call bowl shit on this one.
Mark Paul Alcala
Mayra DelaCruz
GTFO with the taco spaghetti and chicken fajita pasta.
Me Me
How many pounds or grams is 4 cups of penne in 3:46 help!!!!!!!!!
Meili Fleener
i was almost first lol...#earlysquad#notificationsquad i love your recipient so much i tried 14 of them and all of them were amazing!
Melody Starr
Nearly every dish has meat, dairy and pasta. I do like those things but it would be nice to see some variety.
Miracle Smith
Hey, Tasty\nI have a question for you so, who exactly eat's all this food after its been prepared?
Mirko Krizmanić
So much unnecessary use of milk
Miss Dor's daughter
you add cheese or cream to every damn thing!
one pot, ten million bowls
31 fantastiche ricette per riempire il cestino dell’umido! Ma ce l’hanno la differenziata all’estero?
N u t
Here before Justin Y.
Na?Ziya Lofters
How DARE they not put animal in 7 WHOLE recipes!!?!?!? It's a blessing it wan't more!!!!\n\n\n\n\n\n( *sarcasm* )
Pai The Tortoise
I watched this fell asleep, woke up and watched again 🤦🏽\u200d♀️
The title should be \
30 types of pasta
hit the mute button, turn the speed up to 2X and THAT is the only way I could make it through. I don't have half an hour to let 'Tasty' have, my time is much too precious.
Ria Paria
Please make something vegetarian which is not soup 🙁
Rose Moonlight
Tasty has a cheese addiction 😑😑
Roxy Aedo
We all knew this wasn’t going to be an actual “one pot” thing in all cases but I guess this qualifies as “minimal use of pots and a set of containers to save things meanwhile we use the same pot to cook again” situation... Still nice 👍
Pls make a video of recipes with only veg ingridientes
Why do they season almost everything with only salt and pepper lol?
Semone Robinson
The music reminds me of childhood cartoons. Little Bill, Charlie Brown. Love it\u003c3
'31 One-Pot PASTA Recipes'
Slime Station
who loves tasty ? 😉 guys welcome to my DIY channel ✋
Spacey Siege
WOW, there must be so much leftovers after making all this food in ONE video 😱
Suppamomoyolo Esso
To say you guys love cheese is an understatement. I'm not complaining tho, I'm with ya.
The Orange Tabby
The music gets REALLY repetitive after awhile
The Weird Youtuber
WhAt if we don’t have a pot
Thelma Cable
TY4S! I love one pot recipes! 🤗
Titi Meme
Carbs will kill me one day
Tony C.
Still waiting for the Pot recipes 🐴
A reasonable amount of pot
WindowsEffects 2018 HD is Back
Witch of the Night
Oh boy. The amount of oil, butter, garlic, cream and cheese... One week and my husband would instantly stop pounding me because he could smell me from a mile away and I wouldn't be able to fit through any door.
Woo Ho Jou
me & mom ♥ cooking
they just add a ridiculous amount of cheese to everything
Your Favorite Russian YouTuber
*Thanks guys🙏. You have inspired me to start my own channel and document my progress😊👊*
Zachary Prezotti
Immediately before this video, I searched for \
_Bob McCoy
*These are perfect for me cause I hate dishes*
a unicorn
I think most people watch Tasty videos because they're satisfying and oddly relaxing, not because they're actually trying to make any of this stuff
Turmeric in only 1 dish
kremit the frog
I love this channel
maddie albion
Here I am eating mac and cheese from a box while watching this. What a good life.
maru oliveira
god dammit i hate spinach
piano life
Roses are red \nViolets are blue\nI like my own comments \nCause none of you do
Too much goodness at one time. I was burned out before you got to ten dishes. How about sectioning them off into X# of Chicken or X# beef or X# vegetable or X# of three, four or five (or more) ingredient dishes. Nice music.
dont watch if your real hungry\ni would eat all of these.... im not fussy
All my recipes are one pot recipes!
Евгения Барсукова
31 recipes in one comment: \n\n- chicken breasts, bacon, shrimp \n- mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach \n- pasta \n- onion, garlic \n- olive oil \n- salt, pepper \n- heavy cream \n- parmesan \n\nmix and bake
Эдуард Пономаренко
но свімер, плиз тример
น่ารักมากมาย นะ
half an hour long tasty video???? *blessed*