F1 Paddock Pass: Pre-Race At The 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

All the pre-race weekend talk from behind the scenes as the drivers and teams prepare to go into battle in BrazilFor more F1® videos, visit

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- Xaniss -
I hope that williams end up faster than force India so that ocon can just laugh at stroll for STEALING his seat\n\nEDIT: if he gets the seat I mean
20:49 stop making excuses for him, he had the same machinery as Alonso and he couldn't beat him even if his career depended on it...
AOR SamGamerOfficiel
🏷️ BWOAH...! This paddock pass HAAS been great this year...! Thank you Liberty Media for the hard work! 👏
What we thinking of Vettel's beard: HIT OR MISS?
Alex Santos
You guys should broadcast the free practices live here in Youtube
Alex Wiggin
F1 can you please enable captions on your videos! Please!
Alexandre cross
Y Love f1 brasilian gran prix max vestapem eu sou brasileiro
Anonymous Unrelated
If it rains in race day, I'm putting my money on:\n1. Verstappen\n2. Hamilton\n3. Bottas\nAlthough I want to see Ferrari to put pressure to Mercs, Vettel losing the championship might affect his mentality towards the race, he needs to find motivation to win the race.\nJust my two cents...
Anyone else skipping Hamilton sections in video's?
Armando Sturzenegger
11:45 i am starting to feel something for Stroll's media lady. My god she was glowing there, and those blue glasses give her some naughty attitude. Bless her she is growing on me. 😍
Artur Perzyna
Don't know other sport with so much political correctness. Those interviews are booooooring and predictable. They say words but no content in them.
Paddock pHAAS was is fav thing to watch. \nEdit: holy moly a lotta likes.
Benyamin Pinto
Stroll & Marcus have the most annoying voices
Bruce W.
I’ve defended lance stroll since his appearance in F1, but I am done protecting my optimism about him. I wish him gone
Cmdr Benkai
Good luck Hartley with Spec 3 and Upgraded Aero show them you deserve your seat for 2019.
Do the drivers do no nut November?
Hopefully we have a fun race this weekend. I would love to see a rain race to shake things up nonetheless, could bring some good action!
Dean Leckie
Lance every race for you is a positive cos you shouldn't be in F!
liberty media better make a compilation of Will making those Haas puns throughout every pre-race paddock pass of this year
Emily Mast
Ocon confirmed as Buxton's teammate for F1 2019.
Erwin de Roo
Rain plz
Pretty sure Marcus consistently hit 11,000Hz with his voice. Still feeling dizzy.
Does anybody know what Strolh was talking about? Ahh ahh ahhI just skipped 😒
Fletcher Christian
Looking forward to Indy Car next year. F1 not on free tv and I'm bored of watching same team win every year...another sport ruined by big corp money.
Frank Tha Tank
Stroll is not professional at all.
GabrielMelo P.L.
B R A Z I L 😎
Gee Zee
4 minute interview with Lance Stroll.\n\n3:30 minutes of ahhs and umms...\n\n30 secs of actual interview.\n\n\
George Jacob
Ocon is such a positive guy! How can anyone hate him 😂
Gerson Moraes
Lewis is reading so much Harry Potter
F1 needs a Sorting Hat. \n\n\
H4MM3R_H34D 23
YEY! Ricciardo and Leclerc! 🤘🏻
Hydro Power Equipments
The old lady next to Stroll looks as confused as Williams F1 Car.
Jack Jewell
Lance \
Jailson Jansen
Salve comunidade✌😎✌
Jairo Ribeiro
BR 2018 👦
James Gaze
I hope Lance has a bad year every year. Karma
James Page
Can someone please make a montage of the bromance between Ocon and Will
John Smith
Leclerc! a noob - will be fun to see him flunk in a ferrari next year
José Dias
Lance $troll: aaaah, eeeeh, yeeaaaah, and aaaah, so aaaaaaah, it's Impossible to see that guy giving a interview
Jugraj Singh Chandoke
Please do a compilation of Ocon vs Will at the end of the season!
Karma Draghon
The Haas jokes are so forced, got old pretty quick and now it's just lame.
Ken Roh
hamilton is a joke. talking about skill lol buddy, your car...your competition was vettel and bottas. thats it. you won a competition between 3 people
Kevin Dulude-Maher
I really hope Ocon can get a seat but at the same time I don't want Sirotkin to lose his. I think he has shown this year that he has a great attitude and that he's a real fighter, I would love to see him in a more competitive car to see what he can do.
Kimi #JB17 #TeamKick
19:00 Is it me or he made a double Haas pun again? (You're welcome)
Lewis Hamilton
Lucas Lennon
One of my favourite parts of the weekend... PADDOCK PASS!
Luke Wallis
Worst on the grid !! LANcE STROLL
Marcel Polman
ocon should be commentating next year if he doesn't get the seat...
Maz Fernandes
I love me a wet race. Bring on the 🌧 ☔️!
Michael-Dwyer Dorrington
Paddock pass seems to be slowly but surely becoming just one big drivers interview!!!! I liked his one-on-one in Monaco with LeClerc. But that seems to be a thing of the past :(.
Mickaël Dorvidal
Now I'm conflicted between having Ocon hosting Paddock Pass with Will and having Ocon on track...
Moritz Fuchs
Sebs rocking the no shave november
I don't want Ocon at Williams, it'll be bad for his career and I like him too much. Better to go to DTM etc for now and push Mercedes to find him a better drive in a couple of years.\n\nStroll is awful and the sooner him and his daddy are out of F1, the better. 'Pointless Farce Canada' can do one.
Mussun Mussun
I always listen Carlos Sainz he is a very good spoken driver and drives awesome also
Honestly I don't think we appreciate the Haas pun as much as we should it's some great stuff!
Nikhil Mistry
Am I the only one that think Max’s assistant looks like zac efron
I feel like lance stroll is having multiple conversations in his head when he is talking.
OdySey PyRo
ima say it, Brendon Hartley can't drive single seaters
Oliver S
Lol. Will talking about $troll and there he is behind him. 9:33
I actually like Lance Stroll but boy he can't talk to save his life
Richard Anderson
Not sure why but every time Lance Stroll speaks i have an overwhelming desire to stick a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger until it goes click.\n\nWonderful young man though.
River Plate
wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil buxtooooooooooooooooooooon
Roberto Arkenburg
Lance Stroll's interviews are unwatchable, I hope his wealthy father uses some of his money to pay for some media and pr lessons
Shane Walker
Say what you want about him, but Max has been here for only two years and he’s already achieved more than his father has (no disrespect). But he’s still young, so there’s still room/time for maturity. He’s a good driver when you take away his mistakes. Better than Kvyat in my opinion. And I’m not even a fan of his exactly.
Soban Faiz
Esteban and WILL sitting in a tree talking about next year
Studio GamersTV
This race gonna be exciting 😊😎
I either want Kubica or Ocon in that Williams seat.
#dontblamerenault redbull had 2 gearbox (clutch ) dnf. the gearbox the teams make them themselfs, not renault.
Tony Carroll
Thank You Will\
Valéria Almeida
Welcome to Brazil! Don't forget to eat a coxinha.
Vishal Arun
Nooooooooo, this season bout to end
Warren M
I really liked Sainz’s interview. Really looks like he’s in a good place at the moment.
Yes, they took the advice on letting Ocon work with Will. Time for some real Pink Panther antics.
you don’t want me to sleep do you
William Gilson
Let's hope for mercedes 1 and 2 and beat those Ferraris
Your Average Pete
Lance \
Zan Macarol Vrabec
I would feel so bad for ocon if he doesn't get a seat... He is actually decent. Far from the worst on the grid
Aqui é Brasil !!
Renault roasting Max Verstappen was the highlight of F1 Social Media Banter.
Can a PR person please work with Lance Stroll on the \
I speak Stroll lemme translate those ums. Look man my Dad bought a team weeks ago I’ve not been paying attention to anything at Williams I walk in drive go home I’ve already forgotten what a Smedley is.
Did anyone else find it slightly interesting at 9:14 when Will started talking about Lance and then Lance appears seconds after from the very same door Will came out of? xD Lance was ever staring! ;D
james elder
Will daddy Buxton
jody Mc piss flaps
Ted's not happy since he robbed his job miss the ole notebook
Hopefully Estaban Ocon will drive for Williams next year and outperforms both Racing Point cars.
If I never saw and interview with lance stroll all season I’d be 100% ok with that
lala mal
Incoming Daniel Ricciardo Sabotage DNF again.
I hope Hartley stays for another year. He facing the same situation like Jolyon Palmer in 2016, improving race after race on the 2nd half of the season but still have their future unknown. Luckily Palmer secured for another season, let's hope Hartley can repeat the same.
Ocon really needs a seat. He's not only quick but also an all around nice guy.
mk private
2:58 spot on Lewis! It takes a true champ to recognize that the new generation is about to start nibble at your throne - and be motivated by it! you are going to give these youngsters a solid run for heir money, no doubt. Myself, I am a massive Max fan (also very interested in LeClerc although he is a little bit behind still in experience) and can only HOPE that the Honda engine gives my guy a chance to make your life as difficult as can possibly be:) Something tells me that Max is going to be a whooooole different headache for you compared to Nico, Seb, and Kimi.....
nothing isnt As it seem
Renault engine? were never an issue this year .from the winter testing to today! i know i heard the engine in a Renault sing during winter testing
palmboom on the beach
7:00 good explanation👍🏼
Go Danny Ric!
silverado punked
Where is the honey badger??
Lance Stroll is easily the least likable driver on the grid for mine.