New Order - Blue Monday (HD music video 1983)

This video combines the 1983 studio version of the song with images from the live performance at Top Of The Pops on 31st March 1983.

Alternative Rock Dance Alto Electronic Rock

A 5'49 le chanteur commence a prendre un petit fou rire
Ready Player One \u003c3
Andrea Costa
Eu tenho essa fita , até hoje. \nMuito bom!!\nNem Order!!
Anticlan Vax
Excelentes tiempos hasta la musica electrónica se tocaba en vivo ... Ahora se emocionan por que un wey pone sonidos y efectos con su Lap ... Que emos hecho...jajaja
Arandor Thinnorion
Dear Millennials: You know what you think the 80s felt like? It was way better. Glad I was there.
Arcadio saberon
Anyone else thinks this could be the best song by New Order?
Ash Waters
Back then when people did not need to be 'feminists' to have a woman an integral part of the band. It all used to boil down to talent. Hail Gillian Gilbert !
Como renegar de la música Tecno cuando aparecen piezas como esta en el mundo de lo sublime, Un verdadero clásico inoxidable de una época inolvidable, los 80. NEW ORDER - BLUE MONDAY.
I love when Gillian rolls her sleeve up just before they get going in the first few seconds haha!! She’s totally into it and it shows.\n\nAmazing sound arrangement and display of talent! 80s forever!!
imagine if ian curtis vocals is on this..
Brett Auten
It’s 1982 in my head.
Brian McClain
What an 80's clubbing classic! Blue Monday is the soundtrack for the dance club scene in the 2001 film, Buffalo Soldiers, with Joaquin Phoenix, Anna Paquin, Ned Harris and Scott Glenn.
Sounds like Ian Curtis is singing it..
Ciro Cueva
Como sonó Fuerte aquí en Lima, en todas las fiestas que se hacían, lo baile a mas no poder. Este techo electrónico es lo maximo. Saludos de Ciro del Perú, full 80'S..
Cristian Ahumada F.
La primera vez que oi un sonido electrónico fue en esta canción. Buenísima!!!
Love these guys. Miss the 80's so frigging much. I love the low end electric guitar tone in this song. Still play this in my car day after day, many other great 80's hits.
Dani Monk
We gen X'ers, got the 80's and the 2nd British Invasion,,, there will be no repeat,,, when alternative was not main stream and MtV actually played music videos,, never again...
Daniel C Ribeiro
David Jones
This has been overdubbed, not the original live version.
Debbie Rodriguez
I love this song it comes out on the recent movie atomic blonde.😀
Dirk Fischer
This song never never die
Dk M
Omg I miss these days
Elisabet Carruego
Fui a verlos en el LUNA PARK...ARGENTINA...LA ROMPIERON!!!...👏👏👏👏👍
Elsa Lyckman
When music was real music.... dang I miss the 80’s. So happy Generation X is my generation. Head bangers ball, alternative night uh what happened?
Francis Chaske
The movie Ready Player One made me love this song more and more and thanks for the 80's pop group New Order with this badass dance song keeping it real music right here who's with me!!
Franciscano Ruiz
Que buena rolita !! el puro ambiente.
Genaro Olivares
New Order:nos puso realmente..a mover,el esqueleto,sacudir,la polilla,Tecno..prendidisimo,al tema\
George O'Connell
Child of the 60's - influenced by the early 80s. Lost a brother and this will always be what I remenber him by ! RIP James - Born Woking, UK 1 Apr 1966 never forgotten
Hayden Wittig
Probably the most definitive 80s songs ever, Haunts you to this day.
Henry Yap
After more than 3 decades, im still listening.
VIVA 1980's
Hugh Jarce
1983.....😩 Take me back there
Israel Amaro
I like the no frills, unassuming, every day wardrobe. Like they just got together last minute right after work to do a gig.
Ivan Reynoso
Best song ever, and I was born in 82!
Jack Straw
Reminds me of my time in Chicago... first job after college living in Lincoln Park and going to the smart bar..... oh to be 25 again!
James Clarke
I used to go out with a girl who was the spitting image of Gillian Gilbert of New order it was a very long time ago but I have too say the 80s were the bes5 decade too grow up .
James Strachan
This song has the best build up and start to any song ever and will be created in any genre of music.
Jeff Moore
The art of different eras, decades, is not equal in value, in calibre. Some periods are simply better than others. It’s what we call golden ages. In music, the ’80s was one of them. And we’re not in one now.
Joel Esmit
Buena rola año 2018 presente peru
Jonathan Sanchezp
Jorge L De Jesus
True new wave ,(1980-84) classic
Jose Brown
Hermosa década de los 80. Me recuerda mis primeras salidas a bailar...
Joshua Wilkie
This would of had to just blown the Era of the 80s Heads right, left and upside-down. The bassi main Musical line is brilliant, just Brilliant!_!I-i!_! To be able to have carry through for what is most of this Piece, really backs-up what that which said. I found this Beat years ago, only revisiting now; but check the Film clip it's Live.(' I think the 80s music and culture is cool, The Key-Boardists attire; what a smarty Britches looking smooth as being HELL excited.) I just saw another Key-Boardist, my sentence last referred to the Lady back, their Right. Ohh so much Electro influence came about from this creation. \nPEACE. LOVE. RESPECT\nJOOSHKA\n_(:/)D
Ken David
The most iconic band of edm!!remember dancing with my sis at melody bar in new Brunswick NJ!!good times never to be replaced
Kevin Beatson
One of the most important records ever made
Kugel der Verwirrung
80s: People Dancing enjoying their time\nToday: People are not danceing all on their phone so sad
La bonne nouvelle
I'm french love song beautiful viva 80's !!! ;)
Lily Foley
mate i always say shit like i prefer songs with guitars and \
Lisa P
35 years ago today. I still can see us rushing out and packing the dance floor to this! #80sdance
Lynne Narez
Use to dance my arse off to this at the \
Maria Felixx
Atomic blonde 💥 bang
Siempre he imaginado que este temon no faltaba en ninguna fiesta de aquella epoca. En mis fiestas nunca falta, es especial bailar este tema para mi. Es un himno
Olivia Delgado Faudoa
Hermosa época ♥️♥️♥️
Os W
Wow the 80s
Oscar Fernandez
Que recuerdos inolvidables de colegio.
Pammy Badger
I’ve been at a rave at 9am when this came on, the whole place went insane, one of the most surreal, euphoric moments of my life.
Paul Williams
From a Liverpudlian 18 year old Lad\n\nThis song was the DoGS bollocks\n\nDid Any one else serve on Her Magestys Middleton Towers Pontins in (Heysham) 1983\n\nIf they did they will know what i mean ;)\n\nI started of as a KP , but then got promoted to the bakery , which meant early starts but finished at 12.00pm\n\n;)
Paulo Jose
Classic ✌✌✌😎😎😎
PlantmanDan Reimer
it must feel a bit ridiculous to have to pretend up on stage like that. ha, the cameras are like what do we show??? .... alas!! but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song any day any time. ahhh the sweet memories. :)
Ramon Mizzi
I was kid when this song was pumping through the radio. Today, I go mental when it’s dropped in a techno party. This song never ages!!!
Raul Fernandez
Epitome of 80's new wave, \
Retail girl
1983 I was 14. Best teenage years.
Rod Severson
I came of age in the 80's, i loved this new wave music...Another great tune from England, Hail Britannia...
Sam Mencia
A few things.\n\nWhen New Order toured the USA in 1983 it was very disappointing because the band didn't move on stage at all. This was the first time anyone had seen an electronic band live and we didn't know what to expect.\n\nBut as far as Blue Monday was concerned the song was an instant classic. 127 to 131 bpm, 7 minutes long, 2 breaks to mix, an intro to mix, a b-side to work a second copy.\n\nThis song was a goto until the mid 90s.\n\n\
Silvia Espinoza Montenegro
A mi me dá una tristeza grande, como el tiempo pasa. Ver a los vocalistas en otra etapa de su vida y vernos nosotros con ellos.\nGracias, al universo, por haber, y seguir disfrutando de ellos aún.
Sinesio Alves
O interessante é vc ouvir a musica uns trinta anos depois e sentir a mesma vibração. A geração de hj jamais saberá o que é isso.
even though this was made 21 years before i was, i still think its a bop
Tim Rice
Goddamn it! I miss the 80's. Today's music is total shit. WTF is a Cardi B besides the sound of 2 cats humping.
Tommy Higgins
I was 17 then, still great music
Tuna Grande
A 80's dance club masterpiece!!! Great times.. Great memories.. I would do it all again if I could.
Victor Gadner
Los inicios del high energy, fabulosa todo un himno saludos desde Mexico!!
Vivian Sampaio Lissek
Best period of music!
White Chocolate
This song never gets old
Yash Nangare
this came out 15 years before i was even born, holy cow
archibaldo luna
Literalmente viajas en el tiempo con ésta rola
bonamassa Maus
Охуенно! (Fucking great.)
bruno gallizzi
Long live those 80s partys
atomic blonde
Wow, just think, all those people are in their 50's now...
cristhian flores
que buena rola e inicios de efectos electronicos
Might be the most 80s song there ks
gerardo lopez
Capos totales de mi epoca de los 80
it's a bit frosty
Way ahead of its time
kevster wadsworth
Brings back found memories from that year 1983
luis alberto revelo
no vive esa grandiosa epoca, pero desde aca de 2017 se los escucha.....
malcolm campbell
when DISCOS had a reason to use the strobe lights
michele lomartire
the golden era of the 80s
miguel carreno
mokta abdul
Very catchy music and voice song\n\nListening still in 2018
Anthem of the 80s.
This isn't how it sounded on this live performance, lol
ronaldo ribeiro
Música boa não tem prazo de validade, funk seria ..vamos dizer um cocô que sai pela boca.
La época cuando las cámaras de estudio no te mareaban con tantas tomas cortas, movidas, rápidas y podías apreciar bien a los que tocaban o cantaban.
thierry leduc
Morceau musical d’anthologie...
How does it feel to treat me like you do?\nWhen you've laid your hands upon me and told me who you are\nI thought I was mistaken, I thought I heard your words\nTell me how do I feel\nTell me now, how do I feel\nThose who came before me lived through their vocations\nFrom the past until completion, they'll turn away no more\nAnd still I find it so hard to say what I need to say\nBut I'm quite sure that you'll tell me just how I should feel today\nI see a ship in the harbor\nI can and shall obey\nBut if it wasn't for your misfortune, I'd be a heavenly person today\nAnd I thought I was mistaken, and I thought I heard you speak\nTell me, how do I feel\nTell me now, how should I feel\nNow I stand here waiting\nI thought I told you to leave me when I walked down to the beach\nTell me how does it feel, when your heart grows cold, grows cold, cold
Σπυρος Παπαδοπουλος
2019 ?
Сергей Мельник
Москва, зима ,1984-85 школьная дискотека)
Яна Косорукова
The Best From The West 80th😀