Kap G - Rings

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Atlanta Hip Hop Atlanta Rap El Sout... George Ramirez Hip Hop Kap G Kap G Rapper Kap Lil G Mexican Hip Hop Mexican Rap Rap Rap Music Rings SupaJefe

Kap g got support from us black people too🤘🏽🤘🏽
Who here before 1 mil 👀
A GamersWorld
For real tho.... The \
AN Gamez
Who came from nba live 18?? Nba squadddd
Adrian Cardoso
Kap g has so much potential
Adrian Crespo
Kap G looks like FaZe Rain
Adura Mehlek
I’ve finally found this song after hearing it in the eagles locker room
Akiyus Alexis
Who hear before one million views?!!
Alex Mba
Kap G one of the best in this thrash generation 💪🏾
Alex Piragis
Him and Kyle need a song together
Andres Garcia
Antonio Lira
I just want the wings🔥
Antonio Wimbley
KAP G the best rapper on the XXL Cover 💯👍
Antwon Evans
yo said \
This guys is slept on, honestly one of the better rappers in this generations music
Ayek Geometry
Producer : What you want for'em special effects?\n\nKap G : Hotel? Trivago.
Bebeto Nday
1:10 \
Beer Drank Shawty
truthfully... this dude is the BEST dude making this kinda music...
Bodak Klack
Kid got no moith
Brian Martinez
Kap g I have u in my phone wall paper I love u kap g was up homes
BustDown E
kap g fans wya
Charles Falls
Sorry...he was the hardest on XXL... Now he hit on NBA LIVE 18... SCREW 2K
Chris Breezy
Im mad he ain't got a milli views...alllll mumble rappers have 41mil views..like wtf
Cringe King
So dis dat song from NBA live 18
Dagmawi Theodros
Been with Kap G since Tatted like amigo, glad to see him grow to this big
Divineshot 314
Love your music! I'm an up and coming music video director, living in St.Louis, born in Guatemala. I would be honored to shoot your next video. 🎥🔥\nNot sure who will read this but whoever does have a great day!
Dounchy - CSGO & More
whos here before 10 million views and a hit??
Duane Howard
I just love this song
Dylan Cedillos
Who else heard him mention neymar 🔥
E Soriano
Esto es Rap
Who came from nba live 18
Faze Crack
Latinos where are you
Gabivii _
They sleepin' on you Kap ! I'll see you in Orlando 😙
I want some onion rings tho
Hm one
If Mexico wins in the World Cup or even now to motivate every Mexico fan make a World Cup banger about Mexico 🇲🇽. To get Mexico out there. Let's get some nice World Cup vibes. Like Kap G and people so he can see this❗️
Icy Oceanz
Producer - Yo kap what filter you want in this video ?\n\nKap G - Yes
JayRich Films
Here before Hits Million 🔥
Jaydan Billups
620 Haters suck
Jeremy Bonilla
Lebron be like
Jose Torres
wtf barely 1 mil??? people straight sleeping on this song, my opinion best one on super jefe.
Joshua Crow
Underrated af tbh
Kap G got support from us asians too !
King Gumbe
When you feel like you're the only non Latino that listens to Kap G.
King J
Who came from NBA live 18
King Nemo
What KD was listening to while deciding to join warriors 🐍
KingDiablo xxXX
Who here cause of nba live 18
KingKillaH 4LifeReacts
Nba live 18 brought me here it go so hard🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙌
Kordell Nxtdvvr
NBA Live 18 brought me here who else?
Lael Hansen love me please
Eagles played won they one the super bowl
Lil Trigga
Yo Kap G officially ma new favorite rapper for 2018 he earned mad respect ✊ from me for making this song keep making more music Kap G u made some fire 🔥💯💯✊✊👌🏾
Lɨʟ Bɛastʏ
who here before 1million 👍
M Stroup
I wanna ring like I’m cousins
Mack Alexis
Seeing this kid tonight
Mainor Contreras
A boogie was in the video 🔥 2:14 Song is 🔥 as always
This song was played in the eagles locker room champ celebration by an official player
Miguel Hernandez
My boy Kap came back with a nice lil banger
Minh Anh
Great song
Banger 🔥
Mexican Squad where u at??? 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🔥🔥🔥
People too shy to talk their crush but the homie with no jaw walk around and do music video like a G
My name is CZAR
The G stands for GOAT 🐐
Mystic Glory
Just had to Report this my laptop caught on fire....
Noel Flores
whose watching while breathing\n\n\n\n\n\n\nwow a lot of likes eyy finally i got some I dont have to kms anymore
OA Friendly
I think he wants the rings
Came here from NBA Live 18
dude mexican asf
I know Allen Iverson wants rings.
RamonWitThe Vlogs
This song gonna be on 2k18
Rich Essay
Kap G opened the doors #Me 😎💯 KAP G X RICHESSAY COMIN SOON
Rolando Gonzalez
Kap g Is better than very rapper that is coming up.
Wait isn't this on KD's soundtrack
Sal K
From eagles?😳
Sgt. Hollow Point
Philadelphia Eagles brought me here.
ShAnKs BoY
We here before it get a million
Sledger Don
Kap G deserves way more credit than these mumble ass rappers.
Small Nuts
His music ain't the best but he way realer than these other artist
T Beats
This guy needs to have more recognition ! Love his music
The Legacy
Carmelo be like...
Tony Rose
Growing out my hair like kap g
Ty Garrick
Go Eagles 🦅
Vintage Soul Music
Calmado https://soundcloud.com/vin-sou-mus/dee-soul-calmado-prod-ivann
We got puertoricans supporting kap g🇵🇷🙏🔥
it would be crazy if KAP G gets the furthest out of everyone on XXLthis year, considering he was the underdog
they sleeping on you bro keep it up this hard af
Young All star
Im still waiting for that lil uzi vert collab
Yung Supr3mE
Anyone Still Listening 2018?? This Fire I’m still listening Kap G🙏🏼🗣
Kap G the best of the XXL list
Who's watching this while converting oxygen into carbon dioxide
Kap G ❤️🇲🇽
j j #2
Best non-black rapper Post Malone or Kap Q?
kap g 4 life Southside
lucky1 xoxoxo
Hes soooo handsome 👅👅👅❤❤❤❤
mac cheetos
i just want the wings
mctown texasz
SOME FIRE TRACK.}Were all My Mexicans\\Hispanic at .LIKE SHOUT OUT
Finally got a MEXICAN on mainstream music.
yeah tbh
Damn kap g lookin like snack, no homo tho
keep at it kap G! soon the powers that be will let you break though the wall with a billion view banger. all your hits are more than good enough.