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The official Sledgehammer video in HD. Directed by Stephen R. Johnson, produced by Adam Whittaker. Claymation, pixilation, and stop motion animation provided by Aardman Animations and the Brothers Quay.Sledgehammer was the first single from the multi-platinum selling album So, the first of Peter’s studio albums to have a proper title and a watershed release in his career. Its marriage of the artistic and the commercial made for an indisputable success, with the album quickly sitting atop the album charts on both sides of the Atlantic.You could have a steam trainIf you'd just lay down your tracksYou could have an aeroplane flyingIf you bring your blue sky backAll you do is call meI'll be anything you needYou could have a big dipperGoing up and down, all around the bendsYou could have a bumper car, bumpingThis amusement never endsI want to be - your sledgehammerWhy don't you call my nameOh let me be your sledgehammerThis will be my testimonyShow me round your fruitcage'Cos I will be your honey beeOpen up your fruitcageWhere the fruit is as sweet as can beI want to be - your sledgehammerWhy don't you call my nameYou'd better call the sledgehammerPut your mind at restI'm going to be - the sledgehammerThis can be my testimonyI'm your sledgehammerLet there be no doubt about itSledge Sledge SledgehammerI've kicked the habit, shed my skinThis is the new stuff, I go dancing in, we go dancing inOh won't you show for me and I will show for youShow for me, I will show for youYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I do mean you, only youYou've been coming throughGoing to build that powerBuild, build up that power, heyI've been feeding the rhythmI've been feeding the rhythmGoing to feel that power build in youCome on, come on, help me doCome on, come on, help me doYeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh , yeh, yeh, youI've been feeding the rhythmI've been feeding the rhythmIt's what we're doing, doingAll day and nightSoRed RainSledgehammerDon't Give UpThat Voice AgainIn Your EyesMercy StreetBig TimeWe Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds)# Like Peter Gabriel on Facebook:

1987 Aardman Animation Live In Athens Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel So Sledgehammer music video re-issue so

1chi TheKilr
Yeah this video is really some incredible work and extreme talent from the stop motion team. Also looking at the credits, I didn't know the Quay brothers worked on this video. That would explain quite a bit why the stop motion in this is so fantastic. Yeah we can do computer effects, but showing something so immensely detailed that was clearly made by hand, just makes it so much more incredible.
Adrian Street
I thought it was John Cusack for a second...
Ainsley Nicholle
I hold proud the fact I was introduced to the talents of Peter Gabriel way before Phil Collins. Peter Gabriel is so much more talented. ❤️❤️❤️
Alexander Pessa
Gabriel's tribute to Dali.
Ally C
Every time this song comes up people say they hate it. I do not understand them. It's amazing.
Andreas Posteiner
Des Video wird immer das beste bleiben voll auf Zuckerl L.S\nD das waren Zeiten
Baja do Jaja
Love when singer have a creative video for his music, these days only Coldplay had the same.
Brent Roos
Remember back in the day, when music was good?
Brian Powers
No.1 music video in the year 1987..I'm sure I'm correct..:).
Cappa Parr
Carlos Arias
That’s how I remember MTV was. Awesome music, awesome videos . RIP MTV, wherever you are...
Chronic Spirit
I'll be anything you need.
That's what you get for undercooking the chicken. Dancing and salmonella.
Darrell Cook
Man I still love this song and video. Excellent, I am a psychedelic video addict and this scratches my itch.
David Fauvelle
I remember when this first came out, blew my mind!!!
Dean Franz
Animations by the same studio as Wallace and Gromit! Ha!
Dirk Diggler
god this makes me miss my childhood
Dylan McCool
Still better than Rihanna.
Back in the days at the skating rink and arcade rooms, miss the 80s
Eazy E
I remember when this was on MTV every day
Erica Bernardo
my girlfriend never gives me her fruitcake anymore. :(
Feynstein 100
I only clicked because I thought it was Ben Stiller in the thumbnail. But now I'm really glad I did. :)
First Lady
Still one of my favorites. Loved this in the club & today (2019!)
practical FX rules! 32 years passed and yet it is still amazingly looking artwork!
Gil Refael
This is the best! Peter Gabriel music and lyrics, Tony Levin on the Bass and of course this masterpiece video clip. It can't get better than this 😎
Glaucio Laffitte
We need a lot more Peter Gabriel in the world ...
Damn awesome, both music and clip !
Grey Area
Do you know what the best part of this video is?\n\n\n\n\nIt isn't owned by Vevo.
Gábor Geiger
I still like watching and listening to this video in 2018.
Hawkeye gamerguy
back when mtv actually played music and you had to wait and hope for your favorite song to come on
Henry Horstmann
KIND OF Sounds like \
The '80s were once in a lifetime.  A very good lifetime.
Jae Courvoisier
January 2019?🤔
Jay Sean
Generic comments about how music from this time makes today's music look pathetic...and they're all true. \n\nCan someone tell me why it is the way it is? Don't give me that \
Jennifer Bode
let's all take a minute to thank this man for putting dancing, fatherless chickens in his videos!
Jill Blaske
Loving this in 2019!! Happy New Year!!🎉🎉🎉🎉
Joe Breckel
Peter Gabriel was so damn creative, you just don't see that anymore.
Joe Pospishil
I think there was some LSD involved in this video.
This style of production takes me back to my childhood soooooo much!
Julie Jo
Julie Tanner
Ooo i love dancegroove peter gabriel!!
Keith Barnes
Nobody was like him so creative and smart
Kermit de Fwog
The creators of Wallace and gromit helped make this
Khaled Ahmed
Who is still listening in 2018
Leonardo Barreto
Foi tema da novela Roda de Fogo de 1988....novela das 20:00 da Globo....
Logan K.
my favorite song :)
Lorena Silvana Pasquetti
Peter Gabriel grande nei Genesis grande gruppo progressivo
Lurking Trashbag
a song that isn't obvious about its message of sex. you don't see that these days. usually it's just ''ey gurl we bone now!'' this is clever about it.
M0lecular Ep1phany
Holy shit this guy is a genius... 1986? These effects are spectacular.
Marcus Reeves
Matt Johnson
Why can't bands produce music like this anymore?
Melody Sanger
TODAY IN MUSIC HISTORY: July 26, 1986 - 32 Years Ago Today: Peter Gabriel went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with his single, \
Michael Farrar
Don't forget about Robert Plant and his Girl Bands. He was good too. Miss them both.
Mikey_Suze Four
*I'd like to sledgehammer the 5,485 people who hate this song/video!* @Peter Gabriel , help support me on this okay??
Generally artists don't put this much work into videos anymore.
When Peter Gabriel didn't win best music video in '86, that was the year I stopped watching the Grammys.
Nathan Teagan
Fun Fact: There's no stop-motion or special effects in this video, Peter Gabriel is just like that.
Wow, how long did it take to make this one? :O\n\
Niccole Evans
A time where videos were regarded as ART - Love my 80s!!
Rihanna: \
Particular Individual
One of the greatest music videos of all time.
Paul Williams
1986\n\nAny questions ;)
RC99 Productions
So this is where Home Improvement got the inspiration for their intro...
RedDeadOutlaw 357
Holy shizzballs, what a trip down memory lane. I remember when this was new and on Mtv everyday!
Reginald Andrews
This was one of the most unique music videos of the 80's! I always loved watching this video back in the day! Miss the 80's, I really do!!😔
Ruth Marsland
Always loved this song and the video
Samuel Davis
This was the first Peter Gabriel song I fell in love with. Led me to his other masterpieces. Truly a great artist.
Shelly Rae
OMG after all these years I just now noticed the chickens toenails are painted red!!! Ha ha ha!!
Steven DiBernardo
Peter Gabriel and Carl Sagan. Twin Sons of Different Mothers? Oh, man, now I've done it!
T w
Peter Gabriel is a brilliant musician and this song and video are stunning!
T. Daniel
Remember when MTV played music videos?
TJ Jones
Brilliant... One Of The Greatest If Not THE GREATEST Videos
The visual effects have me coming back to watch this.
Trine Langohr
I often wondered \
When I think of Sledgehammer, I think of Peter Gabriel, not Fifth Harmony, not Rihanna and not any other artist who makes a song called Sledgehammer.
Vertigo Studios
Peter's friend: I bet you cant write a song about something stupid like a hammer and make it hit the top of the charts.\nPeter: Hold my drink
Warren Schimizzi
Remember when \
William Poole
Hands down, this guy had some of the most creative videos of the 80s.
I love that the creator of Wallace and grommit made this
I'm questioning how I got to a point in my life where I'm watching Peter Gabriel at 1:30 AM
Zola J
Peter was an attractive fellow in his day.. I'm sure many a lady laid down their \
ashley ball
So, I can't get enough of this song--one of my all time favorites😍. I was 4 years old when this song came out and am now heading into middle aged adulthood but still listening in 2019!
ashtamz ash
Who's listening to this in 2019!
This is how you win awards for best animation video in art.
So much funk and soul
blossem_ x
this is THE BEST or 1 of the best music vids and songs i ever heard ;)
break boytee
I still love this video i remember seeing it in the mid 80s and i still love it
emmet donnelly
Man oh man how does one even get ideas for a video like this?! This is honestly something that could only have been created in the wonderful window frame of the 1980s! Even in our advanced, digital modern smart world a look and image like this could not be recreated! It simply wouldn't have that 80s look and spirit to it. Love it!😉.
Around the time this was released,it was reported on Much Music (Canadas MTV)That Peter Gabriel & \
michael nixson
Just stumbled on this one. Takes me right back...great song bringing back great memories !
I’m a 57 year old married man from Columbus, Ohio, been listening to Peter since his Genesis days and I can tell you as an American, we have some good music, but goddamn the English have better!\n\nPeter Gabriel was on a calculated mission to bring well-informed pop music to the world, and by god he done it. \n\nGreat artist. Great man \n\nBut most importantly...a great father. \n\nLong live peter!!!
One of the coolest videos from the 90's. I remember watching it on MTV (back when MTV played Music).
rahn ezell
Been loving this song all my life....but wasnt til today 10/10/18 that i realized what he was talking
phil collins and peter gabriel sound creepily alike.
subscribe to die instantly
You take ecstasy once...
Handsome sexy nasty muthafukker doing this awesome song! Love him!
Fun fact: most 'videos' of the 80s and 90s were actually shot on film.