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Try Not to Eat Challenge taken on by Teens & College Kids.Watch all People Vs Food Eps: )© FBE, Inc.People vs. Food #147 - Try Not To Eat Challenge - Anime Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge - Anime Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food anime anime movies people vs food react reaction studio ghibli thefineb... vs food

i do a try not to eat challenge every day of my life
Bro I would quit the challenge just so I could eat everything my dudes.
Aayusha Nepali
You guys should really make this with the foods shown in F.R.I.E.N.D.S\nIt'd be amazing!
Adel Bo
Why am I watching it in the middle of the night??
Studio *Jibli* \nExcuse me, but what.
Alejandria Canilang
Diante is me. Sorry not sorry.
Anna Patete
Eww her pronouncing Studio Ghibli at the start *shivvers*
Ariel Brakes The Internet
Art Jewel
8:28 She's talking to him like he's not asian LMAOOO
Dionte just came to eat😂😂😶
Banjo Potato
Dionte is probably my favourite
Bayan Kayyali
What’s the name of the Japanese anime?
Bo Ku
has 3 ghibli tattoos but pronounces it wrong;;
Born Cancer
Why there’s no food from Howl's moving castle ? 😔
Brett Howard
I have waited 16 years to find out what Chihiro's dad was eating in Spirited Away. And it turned out to be just a big dumpling....
Dionte is my favourite dude
Bridget Afriyie
*comes to show just to eat anything*
CadMan Cryzta
spirited aways eating scene made me hungry ASFFFFFF as a kid
Carien Kotzé
Who cares about winning\n\n\nIn the words of No Face: \
Carla may aglipay
Dont get the point of not eating every single one, when u already ate 1, cause u already lost anyways
Ceedyn Jackcummings
The losers are the true winner
Chiara Luraschi
I was expecting eggs with bacon from Howl’s moving castle,but still that ramen looks so good😻
Cláudia Mota
I think Dionte and I were separated at birth
But like I feel Dionte is the real winner here
When you are a viewer and can't eat the food at all
Cold Polar Bear
David Duan
Debanhi C
Movies In Order :\n1) Kiki’s Delivery Service\n2) My Neighbor Totoro\n3)Castle In The Sky\n4) Spirited Away\n5)Ponyo
Screw the challenge I'm eating all of this
Druvis Zvejnieks
Dionte is me
Why cant i be on this show
Eileen Budiyono
8:50 the boy's face though. I love it its like straight up mood :33
Gavin Larsen
The torture us by making us watch this
Gracie Karafili
*Omg I loveee Dionte’s personalityyy* 😭 *lemme be your friend **_please_*
Hatsune Winter Miku
9:04 you bet you’re sorry eating ramen with a spoon wth!
I friggin love Dionte I relate with him on a spiritual level 😭
Hoàng Lan
If i were Chihiro it will be 3 pigs in the movie
Jeon Jungkook
I want the ramen from naruto 🍥
Jessie Dahl
what the hell do they get if they refuse all of them? id be failing with flying colors
Jojie Tiangha
These people doesn't know how to appreciate anime, coz they watched it with english dub.
Julio Lopez
You can see the sadness in his soul at 8:49 lol
KNilla R
I suggest a new method. \nThey are only allowed to choose ONE to eat, they can't lose on all of them. \n\nThose thay win get to eat ALL of them.
Kane Peace
who tf eats noodles with spoons
Kira necc rope
Kitty Katja
Let’s be honest, there is no way to properly win these challenges. You eat before the final round, you get punished. You don’t eat, you get the final dish while still missing out on the other meals.
Kristine Skjerve
I would spectacularly fail....on purpose. Smiling all the way!
Kylie K.
Who has watched ponyo?
Laura A. Amador
Yo y’all need to do this but with Korean Dramas especially with Lets Eat Kdrama 😂🙈🙌🏻🍲🍜🍱
Laurent C
The guy in a green tshirt is literally me when i see food
Where are the bacon and eggs from howl's moving castle? 😢
Leanna Moore
The way to win this is by eating all the food, then you really have won
Little Lee
this is diante eating every single food:\n\n🙄🤯🙄😵🙄👏👏👌👌🥓🍚🍖🍱🍣🍜🍲🍝🥞🥪
Lujain S.A
Movies list :-\n\n1 : Kiki's Delivery Service\n2 : My Neighbor Totoro\n3 : Castle in the Sky\n4 : Spirited Away\n5 : ponyo
Mariah Wood
You should do another episode but do food from Christmas movies and the punishment could be eating the spaghetti with all the sweet stuff on it from ELF
Marki Mahalimuyak
Diante Loses Everything should be a legit series
Maya Potato
Either eat them all, or don't eat anything. If you even eat one you lose, so may as well make it worth it.
Minhdy Pham
The real winners are the eaters let's be real
Mr. Frosty
I'm the type of person to lose on purpose.
Nana x Hachi
A nice challenge for \
They think they're having a hard time but WE are because we don't get to eat anything \u003e:(
Nica Bartolome
Who tf watches in dubbed??
Official Leotique.
Diante did it right, at least he had the opportunity to try all of them.
Owl Gaming
Ponyo was literally my favorite movie of all time
Patrick Star
I just ate exactly a minute ago...\n\n\n\n\nIm hungry again
Polina Estrada
8:50 he looks so upset, lmao.
Prince Orphee
The ones who didn't eat are the real losers
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Most Anime food are really tasty😏
Rainbow Snowflake
I relate to Diante on a spiritual level he’s wonderful
I would literally eat every single dish at a blink of an eye
Sal the human[Undertale OC]
Someone:hey,make sure you don't eat before you come to (literally anywhere)!\nMe:sure! Okay!\n\nAlso me: *eats two meal deals before arriving*
Sami’s TattooRemovalChannel
I always get so hungry watching anime foods 😍
Summer s
I wanna see Nickelodeon food, ( Kabby patties, icarly tacos) Cartoon Network food ...
The Ghost of Christmas Past
I have seen that nobody can portray food as beautifully as Miyazaki does in his movies.
The Mind Of B
Never watch that Spirited Away feast scene if you're hungry. Either eat before it, or have food ready when you do.
Where are the Pokémon jelly donuts at?
VAC Efron
you guys think you're being tortured\n\nTRY WATCHING THE VIDEO AND NOT EVEN HAVING THE CHOICE
Verx Erxandale
its harder for the viewers because for the viewers who are also hungry have to watch both the anime and the reactors eat WITHOUT EATING
Bruh the real winner is the one who got to try all of them
Yichu and • Lichu•
i didnt like people calling anime as a cartoon 😢
The winners actually lost
aspirine périmée
bo laynwe
Jordan is really cute omgg
I was waiting for the thick slices of bacon and fried eggs from Howl's Moving Castle lol..
justin leo
My all time ghibli food is bacon and eggs breakfast in Howl's moving casttle
This challenge has no meaning at all... just dig in yo
mega faggit
I have a new method... Starve them for 2 weeks.. put food in front of them. Last one to eat wins $10k
im such a picky eater that id ace these challenges easily 😂
i immediately watched spirited away after this
nomi lozano
The winners should be able to taste all of the food in the end without them knowing
nononati hey
I would just eat it and not care about the challenge!
not clara
It's _free food._ Like wtf. Who cares who's gonna win and who's gonna lose :/\nAnd the food is from a *professional chef.*
o h
\u003ehas a ghibli tattoo\n\u003ecan't say \
Love how excited Dionte was for this; I feel the same. I'd eat it all.
Don’t eat this video while your hungry \n\n\n\n\n\n\nWhoops
valeria moralez
6:25 tbh they make a cute cupple💗\nLike if you agree
xXAnime Dragon101Xx
Its more torture for the viewer...
yara damerji
I think my tooth is stuck in the Ipad
ابو الليثين _
The winners are the losers
Dointe is literally me lololol