Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

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Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy Pop Sony Music UK

Romy and Michele High School reunions, when Billy Christiansen hit the scene LOL LOL
A Smash Brother
VH1's #86 Song of the 1980s. The og \
AJJ_ Wolf
The song HOP
Akon media Sdn Bhd
Up to people need this music or not , but important need get lesen can sell or not .. my idea
Alejandro Estay
best viewed at 60i
Alex Leighton
this chick's style and look are great. she was way ahead of her time.
Amy Knorr
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August Rosenzweig
I dont know how but i saw this video in my dream when i was sleeping. And when i woke up i went to find it. \nI ve never saw this video before...\n(Sorry for mistakes, I use translator)
Hello Witches!
Marie Antoinette brought me here
Candy Jiménez
This song is awesome!
Casey Chong
The Samara Weaving and Bella Thorne kissing scene in \
Christian Cerritos
back when songs were family-friendly without cuss words
Christopher Fritz
Amazing how the pre video advertisement highlights the GULF between 'then' and now. \
Christopher Luxford
I had quite a crush on Annabella at the time. She was only 14, but so was I.
She's pretty friendly for a chick with a mohawk.
this clip needs more HUE adjust!
Delvin Walton
Edde Willis
Elizabeth Sosa
I Love You Bow Wow Wow 💖
Fernanda Moreira
im here for dodie
Fernando Contreras
Galia Chainik
Norman Reedus brought me here)
Gary Langley
Very good version. I remember this from 1965 by the Strangeloves.
George Sosinsky
Are you sure it not acid you want ot candy, or is it the code word for you and your dealer?
Goat House Productions
Just saw BowWowWow at The Canyon in Santa Clarita. Great show!
Gonzalo Labrin
Thanks to VH1 I'm still enjoying this great song after many years! 😍
Grandpa Dutch
Great MTV vid back in the good old days.
Greg Gallacci
What the hell kind of drum kit is that?
Guitar player died early. Drummer went on to play characters named Charlie on TV.
James Murray
Saw them play in Santa Barbara back in the '80's They opened for The Pretenders.
Jay Farley
Sup Witches
Jessica Griffith
blast from the past
Joe B
still one of the best 80's tunes
Juan Rodrigues
Critical Role Brought me here! Jester Playlist is awesome
Katta Lady
One of the best videos ever!
Kukka Markkanen
Aaron carter
Remember kids we did not have DSLR's, SMART PHONES or digital camera's we did not have graphic programs and editors we had a VHS camcorder that had a handful of effects like this on it and that's it.
Marcella Casey
Lots of🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫😋
Maria J. Arce
I came here by the Candy crush soda commercial wtf
Mathew Renner
The \
Knew this song before it was used in the end credits for The Happytime Murders
Mia Day_h
My favorite part 1:17 1:31 good music!
Mr. Mister
Kingpin with the hustling scene 😂😂😂😂
Mr. Shaper
hi i'm andy
Patrick Stenson
WTF is she wearing on her feet? They look like T shirt wraps LOL
Brazil loves you
Raul Mejia
I remember watching this music video on a VH1 commercial. Good times.
Ricky Parker
this song was very controversial! it's about giving a blow job and swallowing.
Robert Purdy
Cheesy song, but it rocks! The bass player is very very good! Playing rhythm and bass, nice. Love his technique.
Robin Brown
The guitarist with mudd
Robin Landwehr Johan
Who just came here because they like the song?
Ruben Delgadillo
I wonder if she shaved her bush back in the 80's too!
Salvador Nara
That guitar \u003c3
Slow Drown
Listen to Bo Diddley's Bo Diddley.
Stevie Babe
I want candy!!!!!!!
Syd Barrett
At the 1:08 mark, are those lips I'm seeing down below? I don't think she is wearing any shorts...
Taser Tag
Mmm. Steamed clams!
The Mancunian Candidate
Such a great tune
The Phantom Wolf
Anyone here from The Happytime Murders?
When this came out I was 16 and wanted to bone her. I make no apologies, that was almost 40 years ago and I thought she was older anyway. Excuuuuse me, princess.
Thomas Holmes
FEZ 's favorite song ( from That 70s show). I' ve got cavities!
Tom Mack
Annabella is so fuc... Hot! Without even trying. Rythym and beat mix and overlays are epic. Classic!
Tony Pillsbury
This is one of the best covers of a song
Jack and crack witch weekend!! Happy halloween 2018♥
Vithória Cristina
Quem veio por causa do filme \
For a gal with a Mohawk she was cute.
Woolen Ruka
Tuna candidi sister :o \nOh my bubba shrimp gump lemon drops
I wish they would have released the Happytime Murders video :) Because it features this song.
South park bruoght me here
antit sagun games
that gretsch boi!
1982.. Doesn't look like it was ...
david white
I want SANDY that's my ex GF she left me for another man
dawn Keyser
Never forget the 80s♡♡
garth iverson
She has it all.
i used to listen to this when is was really little and i just remembered it today...Its been years and i feel so lost? like wow this takes me back
[email protected]#$king Gen X'ers !!!!!
287,725 views , this should have over a million
joel trevino
Always kicked off spring break by playing this song!!  Great times, the 80's!
*Buddy Holly Not Fade Away...*
i want dat candy
like you
Boy gorge era uno de los integrantes pero otros fueron los planed
Blows the Strangeloves' version out of the water.
Ahhh,STILL a classic!!! :)
platt Platt
I want the candy that's between her legs. Icing glazed whisker biscuit
raine ken
i feel like a 90's teen comedy movie
serena sukino
Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 1 Brought Me Here..
simon richardson
kickin' bass track on this song! Love it!
Most of that band was Departed from Adam And the Ants Notice the sound similarity? The drums, Guitar?
sloppy ploppy porridge world
you buy those shoes marie
Who else came here from the happytime murders?
The ultimate jungle sound. Perfect sparse arrangement, you could hear any single second of it and recognise it instantly.
It's about a red shiny camaro that she inherited from her mother.
the1975ismyDaniel UGH
lol it's 2017 but k
tim kat
tom brunila
David Barbarossa is beating some serious drums!
v8cool 2
Marie antoinette bought me here....Not literally.....she's dead now, but the movie of the same name did.
wolfie puff
can I have some to?
yaron kharmatz
The witch pursuit thing brought me here