Beyond Scared Straight Top 5 Toughest Kids EVER! PART 2

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- GreeN -
1:08 lmao her face
Abby Folmar
I mean their obviously going to fight back if you yell in their face and threaten them, I definitely would.
Addison Smith
So if someone said jump off a cliff and you wanted to, you gonna jump off a cliff\n\nYeah.
Ankhommon Supreme
“Hey let’s choke him and put chains on him, that’ll teach him”
Anon Emus
Hey pigs! You can't teach people to be civil, when YOU are being criminal. There are a lot of LEO's, CO'S, pigs, (whatever you want to call them), in this video who should be charged with assault possibly more.\n\nDon't get in ANYONE'S face or put your hands on someone, unless you're ready to fight.\n\nThe last \
Aryan Civilization
Ashlee Saenz
Omegga lol get wrecked
Audrey Theros
She said “ Hit me if you want to” AnD ThAT GiRl AttACKeD😂
Aurele Georges
Wait they can't hit them right? Its not that hard to not care about people screaming at u lol
B1GMon3y K4sH
Ben H
This will definitely be one of those things that people 20 years from now will look back at and be like “Wow, I can’t believe this used to be practiced.” The criminal justice system can’t be reformed quick enough...
Bi Han
1:07 she ain't never lost a staring contest in her life 👁👁
Big Papi
She wanted 2 be hit so what’s the problem
*First girl was not taking any lip!*
Cece Valid
Idk why but the guards annoy me😭 like u literally making them act this way🤦🏽\u200d♀️
Chase Jackson
Go to 1:08 her eyes nahhhhhhhhhh man I'm good by the way at least we always have a backup for Freddy Krueger
Hit me if you want to.\n*Swings*\n\n\n\n\nGets arrested.
Danini Danastor
6:50 I'm dead😂😂😂😂😭
Dario Freyre
Officer: \
Devour Uall
1:09 these eyes :D
Dicxon Caicedo
Wtf is wrong with this people actually defending these kids?
Different ¿
They had like 15 cops on her when she made a *attempted* punch
E.C.C Legend 777
1:07\n*Lord Have Mercy, She look like she's gonna unlock Mangekyou Sharingan*
Eddie Pablo
Why do they always use the “jump off the cliff” example?
Police: is your mother at home with you?\nDude: yeah\nPolice: excuse me?\nDude: yeah\nPolice: let's try yes\nIs your mother at home with you?\nDude: *Y E A S*
Everything cool
1:08 👀
F0rtn1t3 G4m3Plays
Toughest kid part 3 kid comes with a freaking RPG
Facts Over Feelings
1:08 her eyes are about to pop out of her head omg😂😂
Francheska Andreus
And that’s the future black men’s in society
She threw a P.U.B.G. punch 😂😂😂😂😂💀
Gabriel Gutierrez
Well she did tell her too hit her f she wanted too soooooo why is she in trouble f the officer gave consent n let her. These cops are wack😂
Gordon Lennon
The guards are abusing there power to some of them
5:54\nOfficer:You have friends in there \nTough kiddo:Yeahhh\nOfficer:Wanna join em\nTough kiddo:Nahh
Hai Nguyen
Well she gave her permission to hit her so she can’t be mad
Harry Potter Slytherin
How did I end up from Harry potter Satire parody's to this?\nAnyone?\nEnter your How did I end up from....\nComments here
Its xLilMikey
All my mans wanted to do is just put his pants up tho xD
Jasmine Hall
yo the guards got more anger problems then the kids LMFAO
Jaynee Freitas
Yeah.. because choking them out and yelling in their faces is gonna shape them up.. okayyy
Jonathan Beard
How is that not assault at 2:59? Minor in restraints, getting choked...
Joseph Bonhomme
That second lady looked scary af with those eyes. He said he not scared but would get screwed over in real jail situation.
Joshua Kabisa
This is a wrong way to do it...makes no sense...this is kinda like encouragement
Jr v Gaming
Main rule in prison is to obey and say what they tell you to do.. \npolice officer: hit me if you want too \nInmate: ( throws punch ) \nGets handcuffed for obeying the rules
Junior Salaula
Teachers: Police are your friends.\n2:27
Justin Y.
1:08 *when you eat you eat my MOMS spicy noodles*
Katuni Strasse
These are not tough kids....these are popped condoms ... from parents with no education or intellect... \nThese are the burdens of society. \n\nTough is mongolian boy taking a herd of sheep out on his own and defending the asset against wolves and bears....
KayVin McMath
This whole video just adults living their dreams of provoking kids in situations where they know they have the upper hand so that they can then abused the kids.
King O'Kings
so they can just assault that kid in the red shirt?? lol\n\n..good example there.
Kids, this is why you obey the laws and rules. Respect authority. You don’t want to end up like these kids. But i do have to agree, these officers are being a bit harsh. I know they need to do it and are trained to be harsh, but you cuss you dead. This is why i stay quite and obey the rules.
Liv Da Wolf
Police: when im in here I am your mama and your daddy\n\nMe: I don’t think that’s how it works...
Probably just me but the guy in 4:02 until 5:40 is cute asf
Major Peg
That cop at 0:52 acting like he smart \
Marshmellow Goddess
Does anyone else think these cops have anger issues? 😂
Matt Shz
Well apparently these police officers are animals
Maximilliano Ortiz
The cop told the first girl to hit her. Dont ask for something and not expect people to respond
Millie Keogh
Ugh cops annoy me sm!! They always abuse their power and think they are more special then they actually are. In the clip where the woman told the boy to say yes instead of yea it really annoyed me lol like so... chill out what are you going to do if I don’t say yes? Arrest me
*”Guess what when I’m in here I’m your momma and your daddy”*
Mr_Killer 82045
What if inmates are trying to riot?
Mucha Gnojówa
What is this?
Nadia Mohamed
Is this place supposed to help the kids or push them to the edge and make them angry even more😑
Niggatello boi
All Cops Are Bastards
0:06 \nOfficer: *Are those fist balled you wanna hit me*\n\nMe:That’s how you run\n \nEdit: Thanks for likes
00:18 honor taken
Pass DaController
They went into *SICKO MODE*
Precursor Lambea
2:52 forgets to keep shouting
If someone told you to jump of a cliff and you wanted to would you jump? No dip if I wanted to and I was given permission then I would, like I want to
Raquel Correa
I understand these kids made bad choices but these cops wrestling them to the ground.. damn chill.
Ruins OBrien -sub to pewds-
She gave consent to hit wtf
all those cops and sherrifs lame asf yelling at kids thinking they're tough
Sam Galloway
low key the first girl cute (i am 16)
Sea Doggo
1:08 \nCop: Your mother's at home with you?\nKid: Yeah\nCop: ExCuSe Me!?\nKid: Yeah\nCop: LeT's TrY \
Sneaky Gandolf
this is legitimately messed up... let’s take these kids who are seriously struggling and let’s degrade them even more for the purpose of entertainment...
Snich Trolliana
0:06 she said you want to fist me???\nSorry english is not my language
Officer: hit me if you want to\nKid: hits her\nOfficer: shocked pikachu meme
1:08\n\nCOP:your mother at home with you\n\nKid:yeah \n\n\nCop:excuse me\n\n\nKid:yeah \n\nive never laughed so hard
TM•Lul_baby•TM _
Takarah lopez
I am sorry I died at 1:07 😭😂😂😂 her eyes looked like they was about to pop out of her head 😂
Thomas Strohl
HIT ME IF YOU WANT TO\n\nwell i mean she would. it's not jumping off the cliff so i mean.
Tim Walsh
Real tough picking on a bunch of kids and assaulting them while in handcuffs. If you really assaulted an inmate in handcuffs you would be known as a joke. Let alone a 15 year old lol
Toby Parker
She did say \
Todd Mills
I mean she did say to hit her. 🤷🏻\u200d♀️🤷🏻\u200d♀️
Too Cool
Undiscplined, disrepectful, rude children these days, even the big tough guys didn't even scare them, lol.\n\nI was a bit of a smart ass kid growing up but I was never this disrepectful to anyone ever.
Trelawny Daniell
1:08 her eyes tho
I swore in a Minecraft server, why am I not in this?
Last dude was crazy 😂😂
Will Aubourg
How come every one said u ain’t tough
XXX Wife
Only if they knew how much your childhood mistakes can affect you as an adult..
You Ate All My Beans Niqqa
The guy cop in the beginning . ' Just cuff her ,thats all u can do' ? . what else were they thinking they can do lol .
Yousaf Shahzad
The first one just like *SIKE, THATS THE WRONG NUMBER.*
These pig's yelling at these kids the same way those kids yelling at their parents, only difference is the badge makes it \
firelordevan 1
Cops live in prison
jimmy Sanchez
These cops really be doin too much with these kids yo
lul des
officer: hit me if you want to\n\n*swings at her*\n\nofficer: 😮
skilled king
The secondone just said he is in the 10 grade and the cops got mad
Ä Përsøn
7:25 my guy in the background like “ye cuz you tell em who runs these streets”
รн¡яσ ʙʟᴀɴᴋ
The guards have more problems than the inmates.\nEdit: thanks y'all for the fight in the comments appreciate ya
I sympathize with these kids
For some reason i want to kill all these police idk why\n\n\n\nEDIT:oh yeah i wanna learn all martial arts all around the world and master it and smack the cops