Mexican Standoff (ft. Key Peele)

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Check out our new series, Anime Crimes Division! )Sound by Kevin SenzakiVFX by Arnold Aldridge and Tanner MerrillCamera by Ben M. WallerCast:Agent - Keegan-Michael KeyCortez - Jordan PeeleAsian - Freddie WongCop - Brian FirenziCop - Alec OwenPolice Photographer - Lauren HaroutunianHacker - Arnold AldridgeSniper - Jamie LukaszewskiWife - Ellary PorterfieldKidnapper: Jake AndrewsDead Body - Danny VinkWritten By: Matthew Arnold, Will Campos, Brian FirenziMore awesome videos at!For licensing and usage inquiries please email [email protected]

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17Rays Plays
4:01 Don't you mean, S0N 0F A GUN!!!!!!!!
69 or 420
Well looks like you got me\nBut you are inside a simulation\nOf a simulation inside another giant simulation
ACorp Productions
The sad story of a schizophrenic Asian man who wanted to enjoy his favorite desert one last time before ending his life...
Abdirahman maanka
Lol 😅😅😅 This got me I bet it will be hilarious forever 😂
Abdullah Ay
Abul Nazeer
The ending is hilarious. It looks like this asian gentleman had some blueberry pie, shot himself, and put the gun over there to make it look like he shot the blueberry pie. LOL.
Agu Renteria
Somebody PLEASE explain this unnatural phenomenon
Akif Yıldırım
Bu nasil bi paradoks
Alden Porter
Am I the only one who would totally watch \
Andrea Rovelli
Looks like this is the best video on YouTube, don’t @ me
Austin Tucker
who else comin from ig memes? -_-
Burning Ice
Has to be directed and written by Christopher Nolan.....
Caleb G.
I've watched this several times and put a lot of thought into it. People, there is no answer, there is no plot, and there is no logic whatsoever. Truly, nothing makes any sense at all. There is no point in trying.
Cathal Molloy
I thought he was Timothy
Christopher Mueller
The Law was part of Law enforcement, who knew 😅😅
The plot twist that never ends...
Well, I'm confused
I’ve never been so goddamn confused in my life omg
Daniel Jäger
I still freaking love this
Director: Give me a crazy plot twist.\n\nWriter: What kind of plot twist?\n\nDirector: Yes
Dustin Z.
wtf i literally just saw this on instagram
Eli Velez
Every Mission Impossible in a nutshell.
My intellect has increased by ten trillion by the end of this video.
Ethan Hudson
Where’s my ten season Netflix show
Falcon X
I guess you can say he’s a son of a gun. Just kill me already. If anyone still watching
Fused Zamasu
I counted and there are 56 plot twists in this
Fuzzball Gaming
Mission impossible in a nutshell...😂🤣
Gabe Jones
Ghosts Flame
Alright so:\nCortez was actually a sleeper agent Blueberries Johnson, who was investigating Freddie for corruption, but Blueberries was actually Freddie himself.\n\nFreddie was actually a Blueberries Johnson. Who is a blueberry pie.\n\nKegan-Michael Key was actually a rat for Cortez who was Freddie disguised as Blueberries. Kegan is a gun.\n\nSo to get this down, Blueberries Johnson and a gun chased down Freddie disguised as Blueberries Johnson but acting as Cortez.
Hilmihan Tamer
Kimin eli kimin cebinde amk belli değil fjjfjf
Iced Dork
2:08 My brain the whole time watching this
Ja'Sean Lyle
im confused lol
Jaisean Forever
I had to watch this twice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joey Faircloth
Wait what the hell happened to the snipers?
Joseph Nicholls
Happy anniversary to this masterpiece
Joshua Moore
I want to watch a movie like this with all the twists. D;
Joshua omorodion
Julian Juj
*_”well I knew that you knew that I knew all along, all along, all along.”_*
Justin Z.
When FBI Refuse From Being A God.
Who's here from ImJustBait?
At the end, Isn't that the Law from VGHS?
Kou Yang
What happen to the sniper?
Kyle H
The final scene of Solo: A Star Wars Story in a nutshell
5 years ago?? thats crazy
Loud Noises
If only they took the shot when his back was turned at the beginning
Luke McNamara
But...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWHAT ABOUT THE SNIPERS???
*God is questioning this video right now*
Bunu Müge Anlı bile çözemez.
Marty Mcmarty
This is the kinda movie I’d make. Just a plot twist inside a plot twist wrapped up inside another plot twist, with a filling of plot twists and a side of plot twists.
Navin Karthik
Noarsy Perle
*looks like another suicude*
Pelagius' Hipbone
Aliens: Are Humans Ready to initiate contact \n\n*sees this video*\n\naliens: Seems like they surpassed a long time ago
Potato Chip
Imagine being the sniper watching all of this go down
Potato Productions
Yo I heard you like plot twists so I took a plot twist and put in your plot twist so you can have a plot twist during the plot twist.
Provchanko TV
Or you could say son of a GUN 😂\nGet it.
So many twists the plot just got an Indian burn
4 years later and people are just finding out about this art piece...
Riko Cibro
Oh my good\nAmazing
New video with the incredible Key and Peele! Mexican Standoff!
Ron Arcius
The plot twist got twisted by the twisted plot
Someone : Its impossible to do an film with 100 plottwists in 5 Minutes.\nWriter : Hold my beer.
Santiago Costa
I knew you knew I knew you knew... Phoebe?
Serhat Yağmur
Türkler +1
Setiawan Setiawan
Still not as confusing as the whole Metal Gear Solid plot
Sleepy Egg
Stick-It Productions.
I swear these 3 are basically every sonic game ever\nThey keep trying to pull the rug from under each other, accept this video is so stupidly self aware of it’s stupidity it’s hilarious, and sonic games are cringe, forced, and aren’t hilarious
Tavian Wray
Dude: He had some blueberry pie and then killed himself.\n\nMe: ok\n\nDude: *AND THEN HE SET THE GUN OVER THERE*-\n\nMe: OWO
Terri rainwater-branch
The Anti-Parents Organization
HOI4: AI in a nutshell
The Metal Worm
This video is beyond human comprehension itself.
The snipers got confused, gave up and went home
At one point one of them was holding their finger as a gun
Hold on i need to draw up a chart
Xavier Slagel
The sniper dots disappeared, and I'm pretty sure it's because everyone else is so confused they just walked away, probably to eat some blueberry pie
HOI4 anyone?
Yellow Waffle
0:41 and there's where I completely lost it ,awesome video ,awesome channel.
Yukihira Soma
The plot twist that never ends...
Yusuf Hançer
Türkler nerdee TRTRTR
Zed Bey
Ne izledim lan ben
[GD] Andes12
Redwings suck- Black Hawks rule.
me: cool!!\nmind: *confused*
When i watch the video, i always say that “Vay amınakoyim”
christian solis
Mexican stand off whose mexican
When you have a plot twist, in a plot twist, mixed with another plot twist to go with THAT plot twist, you get this plot twist.
ithar ithmawi
I use all of my brain cell to understand this vid....btw 2018 bruhhhhh
jagveer gaming
i laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
keep calm and listen to kpop
Lol I'm still so confused 😁
utkarsh pant
Director: Write a story with aleast 100 plot twists.\nWriter:
woresh GamePlus
How to tell a gun 'put your gun down' ?
Who’s here from insta??
WTF is this!? Damn. I cant keep up!
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