Weezer - Beverly Hills

Best of Weezer: Music video by Weezer performing Beverly Hills. (C) 2005 Geffen Records

Geffen Rock Weezer

Rip hugh. He raised a lot of guys. Just like a good parent should just a little different context
Anybody listening in November 2018
Angel Aguilar
Animated Me
RIP to the most unlikely cameo on a weezer music video
Annie Honeybee
RIP Hugh! You were truly a pop culture icon.
Anthony Minotti
I can’t be the only one that actually likes this song
Arturo Marin
Aww miss heff and the girls
Asher Brittain-Arnold
You lovely ladies are in my dreams
Benjamin Manu
SNL brought me here
Ceee Ceee
Ahh I am 8 years old again
Clumsy Gamer
Conor M.
RIP Hugh Hefner
Curtis Walker
I wanna Live at The Playboy Mansion.... Just Let Me Live There for A Million Years and Never Die..
Reminds my childhood day
Daniel N. Butler
It was like yesterday (not 13 years ago), we showed up to a parking structure in Beverly Hills just knowing \
Darth Maul Quasar
He brought too many friends, that gave hugh a heart attack rip
Daymon Rondino
Used to watch this on MTV while getting dressed in 7th grade lol
Playboy mansion is in Holmby Hills.
Elizabeth Anders
SNL brought me here.
Emmy N
R.I.P Hugh Hefner
Why do so many people hate this song
Fluox Trix Channel
nostalgia bom d+ !
Francisco Estrada
When this song came out I thought music was going to 💩 \nBut compared to today’s music this is like Mozart.
I grew up with this song as one of my firsts. Had no idea it was so hated.
Ghosty GC
in reality though, California is a shit place because of the inhabitants. I would know, i lived there for years.
SING ALONG. In a group; LOUD in a party or something like that. It's a good song(tune).\n\
Goddess of Wisdom
He brought way too many dudes.
Gordon Ramsey Your fellow mom
Who's listening in 2017!!!
Harambe Jr
Rip Hugh Hefner :( he's NOT in a better place..
Herbert Marshall
Here from SNL
People asking why there are no bands like Weezer. You know, Weezer is still a band, and still pretty good.
IAmA RomanDemigod
Isaac Howe
Lmao Hugh Hefner \
Jamie Love
I don't recognise the guitar chords those ladies are playing at around 2.30
Jason O'Phee
i feel like this is one of the most relatable songs
Jay Donagh
It took me a good 13 years to realize the chick in the background isn't saying \
Jennifer Eddy
Bridget is the smart one?
Joe Goliath
Starts at 0.45
John Torres
woody alans son
Jordannah Dennis
RIP Hugh Hefner!
Keith Martin
Good times and memories
Kitty Cat Sweetheart
R.I.P Hugh Hefner. \u003c/3
Kunt Destroyer
Oh man ol' Hugh, The last man on earth to fully live the american dream. Sure he was a pig but the dude basically reinvented porn. You think porn you think PlayBoy right away. What a legend. Always relaxing in luxury even drinking on set of this video.
Would say R.I.p. Hugh.but this man probably had the cure for cancer with all the money he had so Bye old man. The girls tho.... can I smash
Lando G
Anybody listening in September 2018
Lydia Flowers
The people in the music video look like they came from the insane asylum
I just wuv this song, still listening to it in 2018
Mank Deme
lil tay's theme song
Mark Batarina
They look like they have a degree in aerospace engineering
Minnesota SKOL
Who's here because of SNL
Mr. Hat
Nathalie Bajata
Légendaire, tout simplement
O Where Is My Hairbrush
Living in Waverly Hills! If you know what that's off, I love you! :)
OG Bass 9
Preppy girls never look at me, why should they I ain't nobody, got nothing in my pockets
Orlando Cruz
Much Music Subtitulado
Patrick Osborn
My automobile is a piece of crap
Personal Jesus
The early 2000$ such a shit time...but as I get older and look further down the road I guess this compared to the alternative ( getting older) ( every thing else getting Wacker) this is kind of OK now it's time to jump to uncle cracker and play some ps2 lol
I actually searched tweezers alternative then I saw this...
RainJack ShimmerApple
I love Kristina and karissa they are gorgeous goddesses and beautiful charming talented queens I love you ladies so much
Rock Videos
I came here because my fashion sense is a little whack
Ryan Shaw
Whos watching this on their phone while watching snl on the laptop and only looked up Weezer to get context of the sketch?
Safou Rgardpa
I seriously miss the 2000-2010
Sam Black
this song gets so much grief from Weezer's hardcore fan base. its obviously not one of their best songs but I still think its a great one. plus it reminds me of my childhood!
SandStorm XII
RIP to the Hefner 💀 💀
Santiago Romero
Remember when good music played on the radio?
Sean GIbbs The Scorpio
came here to feel 13 again lmao
Waverly Hills 9021D'Oh
Shikira Barrett
This was on Bring it On: All or Nothing. Lolz😂
Sonny White
the problem with society nowadays is celebrities dont show up in music videos anymore
Came right here after hearing the news,,,. RIP Hef a true legend.
The Guitarist
Dear Weeder, Please make songs like this again. This song was life and will be forever life. OK thanks bye. \n\nsincerely me and hopefully everyone else.
The Retro Geek
Who is here from,searching 90s bands?
They were so lame and so cool
I know this song gets hate but I love this song
Fun fact: The mansion in this video is not in Beverly Hills!
Wembley McWahoo
This isn't very good. It sounds generic AF.
Wolf Pack
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Favorite Weezer song !!!
chickie noodle soup
such a underrated song
R.I.P. Hugh Hefner - PLAYBOY ~ The Man behind the bunnies :(
diego bonilla
Rip Hugh
Arguably the worst Weezer song...
hustler shah
Hugh Hefner man who made Masterbation a ragular thing.....
iService Margarita
infanitjester lol
When u feel famous but your not really
I've heard this song so many times and never knew it was Weezer.
m450nH hutch
Rest in peace Hugh Hefner! we miss you..
In memory of the mighty Hugh Hefner - who built an Empire, liberated minds and impacted a billion people. RIP Hugh 1926 - Today (2017)
playboy=bunnies are men and hugh is female
RIP Hugh Hefner (1926-2017)
2:34, The \