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Hey loves in this vide I'll be trying Japanese snacks! Sooooo as you may have seen, last time Rox and I tried Japanese candy and this time we're doing a Japanese snacks taste test! This eating video went better than the last lol but I'll def be coming with her to the Japanese store to stock up on Japanese food. • Roxettes Trying Mexican Candy : Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own! Some products are sent to me for review & some links are affiliate links.

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88 Dominick
I would do anything to kiss you girls
Abi Beltran
Me está encantando este dúo... vengo directo del video de Roxette
Adriana Maldonado
Lmao omg \nand then me!
Adriana xo
girl where is your shirt from!!😍
Alani Hernandez
you guys should make \
Amber Howe
They do the ice cream cones in the UK 💕
Ana Salinas
can there be more videos of you guys together! ❤
Angie Garcia
Can y’all please do the spicy ramen noodle challenge 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Arielle Rogers
You guys said «And then me...» ALLOT!!!😂🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘Sorry the english I`m norwegian
Aury Franco
I just watched the other one I’ve been waiting for these forever 😊❤️
Babe Martinez
She said a nine on the icecream not a 8 ... uhmmm 😐😑
Britiana .R.
Actually in America we have ice cream like that but it’s vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and peanuts. It’s called Nestlē drumsticks.
Christina Portillo
drinking game: take a shot every time one of them says \
Daizy Quainton
Who ever was recording the video needs to zooming in and zooming out but I love the video
Daniela Ambriz
Honestly you guys are amazing together ! Your personalities bring out the best in each other it’s amazing! “And then me” 😂😂😂 I laughed out loud multiple times through out this video hahaha
Dariana Reyes
Ya think the “ and then me “ is annoying I thought it was funny & ya make cute besties
Dulce Saldaña
Camarón seco!! 😁😁 Luv Ya! 👌💕💕
I love the smell of camarón seco, I need to get those shrimp chipssss
Elizabeth C
Your face expressions🤣🤣😆
Emely Marie
y'all are still cute though
Emily Ramirez
Y’all should try the spicy noodles challenge!
Esmeralda Zavaleta
Love her outfit
Eva Cifuentes
I also love my spicy sweets! *VIVA MEXICO*
Evelia Torres
Yesssss love you girls!! beauties!! I was waiting for a new one!!🤗🤗😘😘😍
Felipe Rocha
Take a shot every time they say “and then me”
Fortnite And other
They get on my nerves when they be like “and me”
Irvine California
We actually do have something like the Caplico, it is astronaut ice cream
Its Izzy
I'm Mexican. I like spicy stuff better then sweet stuff. Like its March and I still have my Halloween candy and I still have my Christmas candy. But I would eat hot cheetos like everyday
Itzzz DULCEE.!
you guys should try Japanese desserts oh trying mochi of redbean
J C-EXO/MCUmunchkin
*They probably MF went to Daiso😂*
Jackie’s World
Janice Olmos
Jasmine Drake
I'm a Mexican living in Japan and I'm living for both of you!!! I could tell right off the bat which ones you were going to like bc half of that shit I've tried and I gravitated more to the salty stuff (typical Mexican). LMAO when you ate the \
Idk if I love or hate when they say “and then me like, & then you like” cause it’s so funny, but they say it too much😂💀 y’all keep doing y’all though! You guys are freaking bff goals❤️✨
Jocelyn R
You're definitely more picky then Roxx its annoying comes off as rude in the other taste videos too
Katherine Serrato
All i heard was \
Kayy's World
y do yall always say \
Keeping Up With Aralyn Aralyn Jamilet
do popular dishes next !
In Mexico there's some cones like the one's you ate but they have cajeta ( Dulce de leche)
Le CherrySoda
Im fangirling over my girl Yes so much lol we mexican Girls really love our savory snacks... like girl give me a michelada and those shrimp chips be disappearing
Leticia Perea
Lila Bright
Roxette is so exited talking about Japanese snacks lol
Linda Morales
And then me 😂
Liz Fundora
They keep on saying and then me and then her
Lizzie Anonales
I read the comments before watching the whole video and there was a bunch of comments of when they said “and then me” and I was like “what?😂” And then I was like “oh.😂😂😂🤣” u guys are amazing 😂😂
And me. And me . And me (GOES ON)🤣🤣🤣
M. O
I love all of them
Maddy Wilson
It’s freeze dried ice cream lol. I loveeeee freeze dried ice cream sm
Madison L
And then me! 😂😂😂
Madison Osborne
i cant count how many times they said “and then me” 😭😂😂
Manuela Alvarado
where did you purchase the chips with black, Chinese print ?
Mariah M
You remind me of adrianne bailon so much, anyways just watch both of your videos so much fun.
Marisol Galvan
But I enjoy watching you two together!
Marnely Rivera
15:24 is a big mood.!!!🤣 The way she was eating💀
Melisa Ballin
I just watched roxettes video so I heard “and then me” a good 100 times 😂😂 loving the duo! 💘
Melissa Brizuela
It all happened so fast 😂😂 14:32
Melody Alvarez
Yesss finally get to see this video!😭❤😂
Miguenjess Ramos
And then me... and then them.. and then Moisés.. and the her 🤯🤣🤣🤣
Miley DeDe
Meals in the next vid
Miriam-ann Brady
And then me ,,
Moonlight Slimey
Omg it's so funny because she is just like waiting tobsee how she likes it because that's what her cultural food is lol
Nicole Taylor
90% of the snacks u had China had and the candies from the other video we had the same snacks but different packaging
Pay Pay
We have the ice cream thing here
Queen Jelli
Robin van Vliet
What is rox her nationality?
Roxette Arisa
Rue Rue
And then me, enjoying this video
Ruva Shoko
Read the comments before I watched and all I saw was \
Sahar A
How many times are u gonna say “and then me”
Sandia K
I love these videos you girls are doing! You guys should do actual food next! Like ceviche, mole, pozole, all the good stuff! ❤️👍🏼🙌🏼
How do you not have more subscribers first time watching and you both are so hilarious 😭 and then me, subscribing lol #NewSubscriber
Viviana Padilla
I want to try the matcha cookies pleaseeee
Wendy m.g
Jeffry store! No faire
Why I Clutch
🍚 🎂 are an American food too
Yenifer Reyes
I'm new here and You so funny 😂 and cute
tha “ and then me “ needa stop rq , it’s anooyin 😂 ! but this video & the mexican video is bomb 😎😎😂
baby jiminie
chantal uvalle
I love you both!
jasmine jimenez
Yooo how much candy did her grandma👵🏽has in her purse 😭😂😂😂
jennyy xoxx
i liteally just discovered u guys's channels and IM IN LOVE WITH U BOTHHHHH U ADOARABLEE
karen solorzano
This video was too funny it made me cry 😂😂😂
kristine t.
growing up thai/filipino my parents always brought asian snacks like korean/japanese/thai/filipino candies and snacks so all those snack you troed i absolutely LOVE 🤩🤩🤩
m Jafrin
At 14:26 was it dora cake (doraemon's favourite😂😂) ????
rebecca c
and then me
ruby PF
Jaja her grandma had everything in her purse 😂 i loved that
s Germ
and then me *dislikes video*
sayra calderon
freeze dried ice cream cone
The “and then me” is really getting irritating...
ふか ふか
I'm Japanese.\nThey ate Japanese sweets.\nThank you.\nWas it delicious?\nSome of them might have been bad.\nPlease try again.