Key Mama Has Health Problems

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A doctor unintentionally talks smack about a man's mama during a medical consultation.

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It's true. If you beat a doctor in a \
Definitely too far this time
OH SNAP!!!!!!
Alex Costen
Coordinates, son! Coordinates!
Almo Alq
You will immediately lose your medical liscence if you say something like that at the end and it sticks
Key : Sorry, I'm late.\nPeele's mom : OK, I'm patient.
Amaninder Sandhu
I am an Indian and I can confirm, he looked and sounded so damm Indian.... awesome acting 🤘
I have to be honest, I did not see that coming.
Andromedan Walk In
Yo momma so old, when God said let there be light, she flipped a switch
Anton Canlapan
yo momma so fat thanos had to snap twice
Anuj KC
low 5 to skeleton,,give me some😂😂😂😂 1:43
Arman Kunju
That indian accent 💪🏾💪🏾
2:44 Too far doctor, too far
Berserk___ _
lmao wtf!!! They even got the dark circles around the eyes down for the doctor. Being Indian and also a med student, with the same dark circles it just seems too real yo!
Bradley S.
Skeleton low five lolol the best
Cachet.uncanny PANNACE
Yo dada has a big as tattoo above his butex says come -on
Carlos Vazquez
2:41 I was like: okay it has rebecome serious and suddenly: BOOM, headshot!
Carolyn Marie Romer
Yo mamma is so fat when she sat down at walmart she lowered the prices
_He is not a rapper tho_
Cheick Ahmed Touré
Damn that Indian accent was convincing.
Chi Cris
Yo momma so fat she got baptized in SeaWorld
Christian Joel Cabrera
The high five to the skeleton always gets me.😂
Christine Alkema
Snap, mr Lewis. Ohhh, snap. Now let's talk about the procedure.
Yo mama is so fat, when she jumped for joy she got stuck.
Dan O
Gosh I didn’t get that last part!
Daniel Yahudah Israel
Dat Nigga
half of my body stopped working after what he said at the end😂
Davis Nicholas
That Indian accent
Devansh gupta
*Dr Rajeev Gupta*
Dharmang Solanki
this was the best Indian accent impression ever by any American ....
Another good \
Ethaniel Clyne
Keegan can pass for any race
Fire Penguin Disco Panda
yoooo that ending got me shook
Gerald Wiseman
Harshal Vaidya
damn. keygen does a great but stereotypic impression of an indian doctor
Isaiah Christopher
His laugh tho
Itzz DeDe
Yo mama so old in history class they just write down what they doin
Jesus 666
Snap Mr. Louis
Jim H.
Hand slap to the skeleton 😂😂😂
John Doe
Oooh , snap.\nAt the end, they wasnt laughing. They had to cut the scene cuz he got beat down after that. For reals
Justin Zou
Yo mama so fat, when she walked in front of the router, you get blocked from all internet access.
Karan Chaphekar
As indian, i dont know what did they in makeup to make key indian, but that was impressive.
I was so confused for a second about what he said, then when I realized I had the same face as then XDDD
these guys have such a wide range of versatility in being different ethnic personas.
Krazii Beanz GAMING
yo momma so fat, thanos had to snap twice
Mark Stites
Yo momma is so old when she farts dust comes out
This is one of my favorites.\n\nI wish I could unwatch all of these Key & Peele clips just so I can experience them for the first time again.
Yo mama is so old she has the bible with a Jesus autograph on it
Minoo Juul
This is genius
Mohit Sharma
I as an Indian love love love Key n Peele. These guys are amazing amazing amazing. Whenever you watch a skit you think this is the best till autoplay plays the next one 😂😂😂. OMG Key can easily easily easily pass off as one of us. You guys are the beeeeest 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏
Monika Choudhary
as an Indian I would say he got that Indian accent on point! brilliant!
I love key and peele but.....i dont know this is the only one that made me silent....that was fucked up I couldn't laugh
Mr. N Dre
LOL that ending. So unexpected.... (no sarcasm)
I died when he high fived that Skelton
Night stalk3r
That indian accent was on point !
Nirman Jackman
The guy even has the dark circles around his eyes like a true Indian doctor! Spot on! #OscarWorthy
Planet Unto Her Own
The Indian accent and look are so spot-on, its scary. American actors usually do an exaggeratedly bad version of the Indian accent/mannerisms. But in this case, if I didn't know Key any better, I'd have thought he was an actual Indian guy. Hats off to these guys!!
Raven Lockwood
Omg his accent is spot on
Red T
Yo mama is so fat, people on the other side of the earth get her on tinder
Reginald Irish jr
your mama so old in her history class they just wrote down what they were doing 💀😭
Rob Gaming
I'm the doctor now!
Sean Liu
Yo mama so dirty she lost 50 pounds standing in the rain.
Sehrea N'dayu
peele sound like Tyler the creator
Sergio Osorno
that ending tho😂😂😂
Shaurya Sharma
Damn!! I am an Indian and that accent is legit
Sid Iyer
Mexican, South African, Indian, doesn't matter, key kills it
“Rajeev Gupta”
Subhra Roy
Key's accent is soo spot on..
Yo' mama so old she babysitter for jesus
Yo Mama so old she babysits Jesus
Thomas Shelby
yo momma so fat, she broke the branch in her family tree
Geez these guys can pass for almost any race can they?
Tom Joy
Coordinates 😭😭
Tranquil Estrela
2:45 is where it all changes 😂😂😂
Travis K.
Snap, Mr. Lewis. Oooh snap.
Ugith Dahanayaka
Indian accent on point
Yo mama so fat, everytime her pager go off people think she backing up!
They can portray any race
Vikas Rathaur
He actually caught the Indian accent.. So good
Vino sitas
dude his accent is on point... its not like every other american show where they act like indians have the thickest accents ever, but this looks like he put effort into making the accent on point.. these guys are amazing
Võ Thành Lâm
of course the doctor is Indian !!
Warrek Djinn
After he said \
William Cross
1:36 thank you for the bleep, I am not subscribed to this channel to hear filth like hole
XtremeSpeedX - The Thinking Charizard
Yo mama so yo mama she yo mama
YAYarea 510
when he slapped the skeleton's hand...hella funny
Yawovi E.
“Thank you for coming in” in Indian voice made laugh so hard.\nBy the way, the end is so on point. I was about to watch another video , then that happened.
an unpopular cryptid
Your momma is so old, she remembers when Burger King was a prince.
itsjustlolo haha
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ive Given
when he smacked the skeleton hand i was dead get it dead the skeleton dead and im dead nvm
kanda sami
Wonderful indian accent
kyle hux
That snap was as devastating as thanos’s
nichole stanley
Oh my God 😂😂😂😂😂
paagal aadmi
Damn that Indian accent is better than mine ... And I am an Indian
shahbaz faiz
I love how they put those harsh eyes bags under that middle easterners eye, Im Pakistani American and that shit for some reason is true AF
how the heck did they make him look so indian
trinity gordon
the indian accent was spot on! didnt over do it like apu from simpson. was perfectly natural. he even looks asian lol
• •
Yo mama is so old , she have seen young Larry king