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how to do a break mix grand master flash 1983

1983 HipHop flash grand master mix

My era....miss the good ole days of hip-hop. No mumble rap please. Bring true hip-hop back.
Such a shame it's kind of a lost art ,so much more talent than just programming a drum machine
Daaaamn grandmaster flash should be a billionaire.
A Quintana
That's mixin' and that is a skill, not everyone can do it and using a cd mixer and a computer don't count. 12\
Adam Szajman
Alex Martin
OK! that is the first white rapper
Alfred C
MY PEOPLE: MAKING ART FROM NOTHING and creating cool since the beginning of time!
Aslak Vind
Great upload! This piece should have been on a museum!!
He's so deep
Babylon Bwoy
Love for the Culture brought me here, not The Get Down ;)
Yo they sampled this in the get down
Big John Stud
man, myth, legend!! salute!!
Branden Reacts
the best dj of all time
Bumper $nipper
The Most Danceable Tune In The History Of The World Is \
Chef Yeeticles
dj rule 17 grasshopper
Chris Buck
I wished I could do this , it looks like so much fun
Cosmic Nomad
Where can I get that jacket?
CyberPixl Music
*_A lesson by the grandmaster, this is some inspiring stuff !_*
DJ KaNeck
Y’all see what happens when you teach white people your culture? 25yrs later they cover up your culture with their images and act like you never existed. Grandmaster Flash should be on every music producing equipment that’s involved with Hip-Hop. It’s NOT a damn genre, it’s a CULTURE!
DJ Neumatic
The best 6:51 I've ever had lol
Daniel Momcilovic
Makes a mockery of those thousands of so called DJs today with their loops and laptops playing pre made sets, no talent or art today
Darnell Tucker
How the fugg could you give this thumbs down.?
Def Rocker
not taking anything away from virtual dj or serato, a real dj would know how to master the art of using vinyl as well as the new\ntech. some of these modern or new-school djs have no knowledge of vinyl. He's also right about so-called djs playing a song almost to the end then bringing in a new one. anybody can do that.
Dina Hammitt
Who here can say they were actually on the Disco Fever dance floor while Flash was mixing? Me!!!!!!! This dude could rock shock the house like no other. Those were some really — GOOD TIMES!!
Edward John Bowden
Grandmaster Flash slicing Micheal Jackson. This is history. RESPECT.
Astounding 1983 !! 2018 and the Octatrack MKll pays homage to this Sound Innovator. Such a fitting name Grand Master Flash.Thanks for this eerdherrie I've listened to the music but had no idea about the science .
Forehand Anhyzer
what ever happened to DJs?   he basically describes iPod dj's at the end, which is ironic.  the more things change...\n\n\
Frank doss
Remember guys.. THIS IS 1983 ! ...The man was so far ahead of his Time.!
Saw Flash live in .... '07 ... best turntablist EVER!
Gregory Burton
Saw Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five in concert back in the early 80s. Like most 60s children, I didn't really like hip hop at the time, but after that show, I became a fan for life. Never saw anything like it before. They were such an underrated group!
H&L Minds
that crossover mix at the end would take so much practice. there is nothing counting BPM and syncing the tempos. Grand master had to be his name.
Holo Graphic
For a modern hip hop dj watching gmf on the turntables is like watching god create the world.even the use of a slip matt which didn't even exist at the time so he used felt or paper..genius.
ILL Sean
The Get Down brought me here.
Ian-Devon Lewis
I can watch Grand Master Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mix Master Mike talk DJing all day. MMM's peice on tweak scratching is amazing. If youre into it.
he was truly the master of the turn tables...
Jason Windsor
Jay B
In the words of Egyptian Lover: \
Jonathan Sanchez
Julio Pedroza Yera
Muy brn ni que DMC ni que mamafad de tichnics 1200 MK3 eso es ser dije mis respetos la vieja escuela patinadores de papel el secreto estado de mil
Kenneth Bonney
The Greatest and the Original Pioneer💣💥💥💥 flash
Gdamn! So crazy that he had no inspiration to build off. He created his own lane that people still drive off today!! People are supporting their families off of what he did. That's hip hop.
LesManga Musique
I am learning so much from this guy...
Long Nguyễn Ngọc
0:00 history was born
this is probably the best video on youtube.
Me Ean
I went to an all white school when I first heard him. I didn't feel alone after as I could relate to his beats
Miguel Marquez
Although he was and is a diva, he is still one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop!
Man is a ICON not JUST a Hip Hop Legend
Osprey Flyer
Musical genius...
Pedro Velasco
He makes it look easy. Damn.
Pg TrAxX
Philly Phil
in 1983 an 18 year old Jazzy Jeff sat and watched this spellbound and the rest is History.
Flash basically changed the game by showing the older DJ’s that they were not doing their homework. After him you couldn’t be lazy. You had to not only know the tempos of the records but the key also. This is why you only had a few people during this time that could really touch him. With all the technology DJ’s have now, the applications do all the work.
copyright claim, Billy Jean - Michael Jackson.\n\nI got a copyright claim on a fart in one of my video's that only is 2 seconds long.... Also got claims on silences in my video. Dunno who came up with those idiotic idea's.
Rafi Makaro
That MJ routine at the end is insane !
RagEyes NJ
Black Art. People don't understand how these early hip hop DJ's changed the game as far as how to cut and mix records. Without them you wouldn't have these big ass festivals and raves with DJ's perfecting their mixes.
No DJ is better or can hold a candle to the mighty FLASH
Rizer X
Robin Vekety
I brought myself here because I know Hip-Hop. Unlike The Get Down and Straight Outta Compton guys commenting on every Flash and NWA video
grand master. cut faster.
Shawn Williams
bow down to the Grand Master!
Fire! The architect of DJing
Tact Boogie
this is history. this is hip hop's artifacts. this is hip hop. if you dont think so, you are not from this universe.
Pure art before every mix was a bunch of mp3's chopped together.
The M.G.C. Network
Okay, why does he look like Brother Polight? Lmao!!!
Thomas Godar
Makes it look so easy.
Tyhler Novac
Watching Grandmaster Flash and Grandmaster Caz is like watching '' God'' create Life....
Walter Jones
The original! GMF!
White Noise
What I always admired about Flash vs any modern DJ is, this all came natural to him. It's not like there was a handbook for this, he made up a lot of his own techniques.
Wicked Mouse
I have to say, he did break that down pretty well!
If you gonna do work, do work.
Zawadi Holliday
I didn't learn shiiii... where's the cdjs lol jk jk #GOAt
Zello King
The dj’s Are still there where they belong the pillars of hip hop underground search and you should find.
bobby cowper
He speaks perfect English, what a grandmaster role model. I love this man.
bryant farrell
I remember when this aired.
Conoci a este canijo por la serie de get down de netflix..estos si eran dj y no las pendejos de ahora.
Wildstyle brought me here!
Don't mind me, just erecting the pillars of a new genre of music
Anyone know what mixer he's using in this video? I can't get a good angle
klf klf
Now thats a real DJ his hands are on the turn table not in the AIR all the time
I love that it's all analog, we're not worthy.. (Doing the prayer bow thing to the King. No computer involved! Love it!
Some ppl don’t know this but...Flash was the FIRST to take break beats from songs and create a dance groove without stopping the music. The FIRST DJ TO MIX WITH 3 turntables. He use to play in city parks in NYC . WHERE WE WOULD USE THE ELECTRIC FROM THE LIGHT POLE, LOL, he would have ppl come from all 5 boroughs to hear him do what he does. Some DJ’s technic is due to G.M.F. and his creative thinking In the 70’s . Flash really took it up a notch when he hooked up with the Furious Five , started recording records, playing clubs all over NY. They played at a club in the Bronx called Disco Fever, Flash took hip hop music to a new level. PLEASE NOTE: For those DJ’s who can’t mix with vinyl and call yourself a DJ because you have a computer and a couple of CD players (Denon) until you lifted crates of 12” records, used U-HAUL’s dollies to move speakers to clubs to play, know how to operate a mixer, and count record beats...YOUR NOT A DJ. If you don’t put time in with vinyl ,a mixer, Columns and a headphones, YOUR NOT A DJ. Shout out to Spindarella, Flash, Kid Capri, Theodore, Busy Bee, Eric B, , Jazzy Jeff, ( and any of the legendary DJ’s who put work in and used vinyl that I didn’t mention), your the KINGS and QUEENS of the vinyl DJ game.
Thats a real DJ!
makrouda cherif
Rien a dire il était trop en avance déjà a l'époque pour moi c'est le taulier de tt les temps
my dread journey
He didn't mention the purple crayon
These pioneers in rap will be looked upon like Duke Ellington,Eubie Blake and Miles Davis has been noted for jazz.
So many mothers record players in the 1980s bit the dust due to their sons not knowing step #1 and starting at step#2
red one
Wow one of the best mix \n Respect From Morocco\n 🎶🎶🎶🎶💿🎶🎶🎶🎶
ryan zidarich
What's the song at the very start and the very end?
It's a shame that DJ's don't get any awards for this kind of work that they do,e specially for Grandmaster Flash. Cause without him and DJ Kool Herc, none of these local DJ's would have careers.
the eye in the sky
What a shame,we have a such a piece of music history here,Netflix does a series on the beginning of hip hop and this piece is no where to be found at least in the start of the series,what a shame!!!
These guys from this Era should be considered musicians like a guitar player, drummer, singer. This is a craft
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