You Know Youre Mexican if (Part 9)

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a... chicano cholo cholo adventures cholos try eric ochoa latinos mexicans be like mitu supereeego superego veronica rose you know you're mexican if

I noticed that Arab parents and mexican parents r the same.
Alejandra Lucio
3:34 \
Alejandra Mc Donough
You know your mexican if you have hielitos in your house
Alfonso Hernandez
1:25 what do you think happening?
Allstar Suarez
Who heard the moans at the beginning
Ally Merinø
you know you are mexican when you do sum at tias house and then your mom be like “vas a ver”
Analhi Argueta
You know your Mexican if your dad or another family member makes u get a beer for them😂😂
Andrea Barboza
6:51 is the entirety of my existence
Angelica Nicole
You know you're Mexican if...\nyour house has more pictures of Jesus & the Virgin Mary than of you & your siblings 😂😂
Angelique Valadez
*you know your mexican if whenever you complain to your parents about something they say just get the VaporRub mija* \n*por ejemplo: “my arm itches!” “ay! VaporRub!” 😂*
Armando Gomez
10:14 whispers: action. Lmao😂😂
You know u mexican if you no the llorona story, you know u Mexican if your dad has a bushy mustache above his lip n drinks beers then starts crying later, you no u Mexican if ur relatives bring u duvalinis, cheese, and bread when they come back from mex
BRUH 559
You know your Mexican when you use old rags as re usable tissues
Bloody wolf pack
You know your Mexican if you go to the La Michoacana almost everyday.
Brian Alaniz
Why there sex noises at the beginning
Brian Mendoza
Oh yea and Mexican parents never let you spend the night at a friends
Chassity Taylor
Am I the only one that noticed that every time the guy tries to ask them something the parents go and get you know freaky!?😂😂
Clarita G.
you know your Mexican if your mom expose u in front of other people ( like if she says that u have a messy room, or don't know how to flip a tortilla without using a fork) 😂😂
Claudia zamora
I'm Cuban and Mexican and this is funny🤣
Daisy Cera
you know you're Mexican if you make 10 people fit in one car by sitting on eachothers laps 😂
Delayne Cerda
So in the car, when my sister talks back to my mom she looks at me and says \
Ernie Lopez
Oye sobrino, prestame $500....😂😂😂 funny episode bro!!!
Esmeralda Garcia
You know your Mexican when you go to your mom's friend house and you are eating or doing something and they tell you \
Eve G2005
You know your Mexican if your parents scare you with el chupacabras😂
Fala Aldhohayan
Me:im going to the movies\nBrother:i wanna go\nMe:n-\nMom:TAKE HIM\nMe:but mo-\nMom:-suddenly has flipflop in hands-\nMe:grab your shoes were going in five minutes!!
Foxygirl Playz
0:48\n He has a pinche red bull on his hand and Mexicans don't drink red bull, they drink La Corona or the Modelo, que estupido\n=_=
Frank Is KOOL
When we are in public my mom pertends to hug but actually pinches me
You Know Your Mexican If...... \nyour mom says she's going to buy you something\nBut, \nNever does
Garbage art Official
When we go to family parties they would put all the kids in a room with nothing but kids in there and there out in the living room drinking
Giselle Estrada
You know you’re Mexican if your grandma puts sewing supplies in the Royal Dansk butter cookie tin
Green Apple
You know your mexican if your mom always makes trapos to clean la mesa out of your clothes without you knowing
HB plays
3:56 relatable
Harrison Perez
I just notice the moaning in the beginning
My parents insult me with the chancla xD
Isa10 rouix
mi mama usa la chancla mojada y esa madre duele mucho mas que una mentada belt
Israel Niebla
You know you're mexican when your parents are always telling you how hard their life was and that you have it easy now.
Ivan Gaona
You know your Mexican if your parents say they are going to one store but then go to more stores😂😂😂
I am full Mexican trying to still right in English and talk in English I got to right this down when I searched to spell this
Jennifer Mazariegos
7:18 yessssss!!!😭😭😭😂😂😂🤪🤦🏻\u200d♀️
Jennii cuhh
You know you’re Mexican when u say “mom I’m bored” n she b like “pos ay muchas cosas que aser en la casa”.😂😂💀🤪
Jerry Santi
you know your Mexican when it's only 9 and your mom says \
Jocelyn Medina
*What about La Chancla?*
Joel B.
You know your mexican when your mom makes caldo when it is 90 degrees
Johanna Bermudez
You know you're Mexican when you're parents tries to fit your whole family inside a small car😂😂
Jonny Garcia
You know you're Mexican if your mom makes frijoles con tortilla every day.
Jose 12 Otero
At 0:02 hear very closely
Juan Cibrian
i love these Mexicans be Like😂
I’m 24 live alone and to this day I still save my empty chobani and butter containers to use as my Tupperware because that’s what my beautiful Mexican mother did. Weekends are for cleaning and yes i blast my music while i do it. Anyone else just buy Fabuloso and refill their bottle of Clorox spray they bought that one time because they wanted to buy White people shit, but then realized the fabuloso your mom always bought was srsly the best stuff to clean and mop with. Don’t get me started on how often i save every extra napkin and reuse(and re-wash) every plastic fork i get from when i eat out.
Kaitlyn PlaysRoblox
you know your mexican if you clean the bathroom but your mom says its still dirtyy (like bruh)
Katie Mendoza
And the avoiding money one true for other people but my mom gives me money when I ask her and for good reasons only❤
I’m not even Mexican and I can still relate
Kewl Aidz
You know your mexican if your mom asks you how you got money, and somehow skips to drug dealing
Knot 566
You know you’re a Mexican if your uncles are drunk and they start fighting over something that happened in 1985
You know your Mexican when your parents say \
You know your a Mexican if your at a party and your mom/dad says \
MatarnixArts VA!
2:02 my mom XD
Melissa Rios
The first one is totally my mom oh yeah and my mom watches 12 Corazones and always makes me put on vapor rub if I fall or stuff same with la pomada de la campaña and with la chancla and belt every thing is me and the dress is my sisters
Mia Barriga
7:10 My mom😂😂😂
Michelle Casados
You know you're Mexican if you re-use the butter container for other food.
Mookaisabaddie Smith
I guess im Mexican then
MyLilLol World
2019 Anyone still a classic
Nakisha Jimenez
did anybody hear the moan in the start
Nicoboi2 Dark Astro
What’s the song in the beginning
Nikki Bella
Ok I'm Mexican
Noemi Villanueva
My mom and dad are Mexican😊😊😊😊😊
Octavio Vargas
if you are Mexican u use beans to play the lotteria
Renata Gutierrez
You know you're Mexican when you hear Spanish music at 8 a.m it's going to be a long day of cleaning 🙄
Ey...chit-chit. Te amo💋\nCome talk to me right now on my \nIG @SUPEReeeGO
Screen eye lash
My mom judges me all the time that i make dirty dishes when my brother and my sister are actually the ones.
You know you're Mexican when you can estimate how many tortillas you'll need to finish your food. 🇲🇽🇲🇽
Star Bright
I love watching all of your videos!👍💟🙏🌠
Ultra instinct Gaming
You now if your Mexican if you sharpen your pencils with knives
Valeria Andrade
I don’t relate to some of them but am Mexican !!!!
Valeria Covarrubias
7:10 😂😂 \nI can’t stop laughing 😂
Waffleswolf13 I like waffles:3
XD the part with the parents \
Wilson Caxaj
You know your Mexican when your mom thinks vaporub is the god of healing medicine
Xd Gucciice
I swear my mom could be in the NFL with the accuracy with the Chancla
Xiyanna Viera
*Am I the only one who heard moans in the beginning . - .*
Xx MelissaGacha xX
You know your Mexican if your mom tells you to wait in line in the store while shes still geting stuff 😂😁😂
XxDanettxX 0707
You know your Mexican if your mom tells you \nWhen I was little I helped around the house\nAnd I started cooking for my family when I was 5 \nAnd look at you \nYou're 13 and you can't even make a sandwich
Yasmin Hassan
You know you are Mexican if you parents yell at you for not wearing any shoes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yourstruly ives
You know you’re Mexican when all the pots and pans are in the oven. 💀
You know your Mexican if you start speaking in english and your parents yell at you to speak in spanish😂
iiachii _
You know you're mexican if you go to the pulga
My dad says go ask your mom and my mom says go ask your dad😂
it's Lily Ella
I'm not Mexican and I have all of these ticked. I also LOVE salsa 😂😂
julian valdiviezo
You know your mexican when your Parents \
karen sierra
you know your Mexican if you take left overs from a party and eat it the next day for breakfast or lunch 😂
president oof
You have a sense of comedy
princess ju
My parents do all of them
sheyenne_underhill underhill
My mom be like don't get pregnant are stolen in Espanol and I'm like ayy mommy I know and she be like huu OK then
You know your Mexican if you use grocery bags for the trash bags
victorino gastelum
My mom litteraly does ALL of that
you know you're Mexican when your uncles are drinking and start arguing about things that happened when they were younger
Ňęväĕh Å.
My parents do...\n⚪A. None of them\n⚪B. Some of them\n⚫C. All that you could possibly think of