Best Toast Egg Guacamole - EPIC FOOD!

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Dog eating food? Yackk... dislike
Angel Garvale
Aguacate 🥑 mmm El Oro verde 😋 de México 🇲🇽
Angelique Mosley
I absolutely love these videos and I must say..I loathe a runny egg but that looked so good if he cooked it for me I'd definitely try it.
Badr Moussa
nice it's the good coking ✌❤🇲🇦
Big Durk
You guys just keep getting better and better with each video
Bill Griffith
It's recipes/videos like this that made me subscribe to this channel in the first place. This looks so good I'm going to try it next weekend for breakfast. And nothing was deep fried. Two thumbs up!
Blobby Blob
Just wish your hands were clean 🤢
Bob Erikson
That looks soooooo tasty. I'm jealous!
Brian Lowe
Where's Mr Ramsay???
Brown Eyed Girl
I love how you guys can take something as simple as an egg sandwich and make it into something spectacular. This not only looks delicious but what a beautiful sandwich too. Thanks again for doing what you do and I send you love as always :* :*
Thank you so much for helping me not only losing weight but cure my high blood sugar, Low Thyroid depression, Anxiety, Psoriasis, Asthma all in 6 months through mindfulness eating habits and you inspired me to start my own channel Chef Ashi.
Catalin Bejan
Are you guys chefs?Can you meet with Gordon Ramsey and compete with him?
Décio Procópio
Primeiro . Brasil na área . faz alguma comida brasileira 😍
Eduardo Apaza
Eduardo Fonseca
Eduardo Oliveira
Quando ele trás hambúrguer e doces o canal só aumenta top o vídeo.
Ember McCabe
Just started watching this channel and I absolutely love everything you make! I'm a wiccan and I LOVE the nature aspect of it all too, it just reminds me of how ppl used to cook in the old days and really being in touch with nature, so relaxing and yummy, great job!
Enver Coric
A sad kahvu jednu?!
Esma Azeri
Evil Chris
Very nice\nGood video\nBut never animals or bird's in kitchen to you make food in any kitchen for your health\nAnd I love cats
Fan DBZ bt3
افضل قناة على الاطلاق
Game Farm
Uvijek predivni video zapisi fantasticne hrane! Impresivno!
Gerald Barnes
You turn rustic cooking into culinary art... Love your food & the cinematography... You deliver an experience that evokes such good feeling to the viewer. Great job.
Gipsy Avenger
Looks delish.  Beautifully shot.  Looks more like Pita and guacamole.
Absolutely disgusting that you let the cat walk on the same cutting board you use! Nothing like adding a little cat feces to the recipe... sigh...
Harris Pilton
I orgasmed at 13:56
Healthy Recipe Channel
Amazing as usual. :D
Ian Guerra
4:47 most important step of this recipe.
Ivan Knežević
Svaka cast momci,samo napred,e da je mene da sam degustator...🖐🖐❤
Jake Nite
How you going to pet the cat and not wash your hands before touching the dough
Jho Ran
best for todays breakfast \nL❤ve from asia
Jodie Boggs
Bring back more dragon fruit!
Joe Micciche
Json Muntz
Waiting for Brown eyed Girl + TH B 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Katana Pate
trying way to hard to make it look artsy. when it already is.
Kitara Kaori
looks amazing! I never eat before punica in a dish, always like a dessert, I have to try :)
Tries to follow along...falls asleep.
Kupenda Love
your food looks good but its soooo nasty to be cooking with pets around and playing with them while your cooking. why are people to open to this??
Leandro Baruffi
I DO love your videos, but 10-15min is TOO much time...LOL... Need to watch @ 2x.... :) Anyway... Thank you!!
Linda Love
I just lol when he rub the cat n never wash his hands and start back 🍳
Logical 101
Captain's log, 07:48 January 12 2019; after analysing the latest addition from the mysterious Almazan quadrant, I feel it necessary to seek out the elusive kumquat. I fear the expedition may end without result but nevertheless I must try for the ultimate victory.
Mahbubur Rahaman
Make something easy to eat. Something different. Can’t see you struggling to eat at the end of the video every time. Try to work with lamb, goat, duck, turkey etc. Specially something without flour. Get bored to see everytime you make something with flour. Forget this flour thing for sometimes. Yes try to work with different kind of fish as well. Make grill and bbq style food
Midnight Cravings
*Sounds like a winner* 😋
Mona Misra
Love the way you cook but while cooking no cats it not hygiene and unclean
N. D.
I think your forgot to remove the audio from the camera instead of just using your shotgun microphone.
Nissan GT-R
Food looks super delicious but there’s no way I’m eating anything of this guy FOR CRYING OUT LOUD GET THE STUPID CAT AWAY FROM THE FOOD 🤮🤮🤮
Norwegain 35
Olive ❤️✂️✂️❤️
Omar Faura
Cats walking on top of utensils, dirty hands... ...not appetizing!!
Every time I see an egg recipe, I think of Anthony Bourdain saying...\
Phillip Fiorentino
Not gonna lie, everything looks spectacular, and I know it was for visual pleasure, but I would've put a final tortilla on top with some guac, just so I didn't have to get my hands all egg covered.
Rafisqa 1982
Автор,ты откуда сам?)
Richmond Daque
There should have an awards night for films like this
Rodrigo Attenezi
Como pode ter gente negativando o vídeo?
Ruchira Munjal
Simple and Yummy Recipe !! 😋
Rus Moskva
Все хорошо, но как есть?
Shala *
Ugh oh- Did you scratch your pet Cat's fur, then did I watch you use the same hand/fingers to roll out that dough amongst multiple other food prep throughout this video?! Yikes!
Shaltay Baltay
желательно без кошачьих и собачьих волос...и чистыми руками...
Spiros Blackhead
Love you guys from Athens Greece 🇬🇷
Subhasis Goswami
he just rubbed his fingers on that cat
Tasty Foods
Your videos are just incredible...more like fairy 🧚🏻\u200d♀️ world to me ..everything in it is just so beautiful and soothing..especially your Foods look so appealing to me ♥️
Th B
Hooooch lebe AlmazanKitchen!!!\nI love your YT-channel very much, your wonderful meals, your excellent videos, your outdoor kitchen... I can't get enough! Sorry for being late ;-) Looking forward to your next episode❣️\n\n🍅🔥🤠🥂🍅🔥🤠🥂🍅🔥🤠🥂
That Badass Indian soldier
I can just feel it with my eyes...😩😩😩
The Patriarchy
You have any idea how filthy cat feet are?
Valerija Skrivanj
Obozavam vase klipove sa hranom. Kao da gledam relax zen video a ne pravljenje hrane. Pogotovo jer sam i ja kuvar, i volim da pripremam hranu. Nasmejala sam se na ovom video-u kada ste uzumirali na macku dok je mazite, i odmah posle se cuo zvuk noza,hahahaha, pomislila sam na sekund da cete nju jadnicu pripremiti ;) :D :D
Walid Soufan
Great chef but very long videos
Toast Egg and Guacamole is not a menu item I've ever seen, but I am going to try my hardest to make this a daily staple breakfast item. That is an awesome mixture of awesome. The perfect mixture of healthy proteins and fats to tackle the day. Thank you for enlightening the creativity of my taste buds, Almazan. Keep on producing the highest quality food porn on YT.
William Gates
поздравляю!!! абсссолютттно несъедобная хуйня!!!!
Napravite burek jednom
Zakia Hassim
Your unique breakfast ideas are just perfectly mouthwatering. I also really enjoyed the sounds of the fire cracking and the rain dripping. Your videos and editing are tops! Keep up the great work guys. Much respect and greetings from South Africa
Please try and work out the camera/camera operator sounds! So distracting and annoying! Didn’t used to hear it in past videos.
(Spanish). Me encanta el canal. Un descubrimiento. Me relaja solo ver los videos y... salivo mucho también ;-). Una cuidada edición. Me gusta más con el sonido ambiente que con música. Muchas gracias por compartir.
eflatoon rengi
hepsi birbirinden güzel tarifler benzeri olmayan bir programla beraber sunuluyor....sessiz kaba bir sunum, ama ışığı doğru ayarlanmış bir çekim, zarif ve lezzetli tarifler... alışkanlık yaptığı için devam etmeniz lazım... tebrikler
fein, fein schmeckt's
Again and aigain🙏🏼🌲so taste food videos and the sound of nature an prepare food💞👌🏻together ist like freedom⭐️
haris fajar sidiq
Mic is so sensitive.\n\nGood video, would give 10/10 if the lens sounds is not there.
helen sharifi
Amazing videos, super natural cookings, sounds, video are amazing. Thank you
The background noise is a bit annoying .. it's like someone is writing on a blackboard with chalk
patrick muchacho
Looks like a weird recipe, but still a good video!
piotrek piotrek
Best ASMR channel on YT \u003c3
That looks so good. I wanted to go to sleep and dream about it.
I would’ve never ever considered using pomegranate seeds... how intriguing.
thanh sung
hi.. what do you use camera movie ?. please
tianfu feng
Hello, I love your videos very much! But recently, I found the audio has some thing different form the past. That is like some thing touching the microphone, or the voice of the camera's focusing? I hope you can check it. Thanks!
Кошку погладил и полез тесто месить
'Ovo torrada' com tempero de pelo e bactéria de gato! Higiene 0!
Александр Курбатов
много рецептов смотрел, но яйцо с гранатом👍 это что-то с чем-то, такого набора продуктов ещё не встречал😁
Елена Анато
похоже на рыгачи ,как это кушать? кучи не держится
Иван Пономарев
Кот был на гране очередного нападка дизов на видео)
Михаил Зверев
так замарачиваться чтоб потом как свинья съесть все выпадает и течет смотреть в конце аж неприятно стало...чёрти чо
Полезная Еда
Роскошный бутер! Лепешки шикарные и все в бутере прям мне по вкусу.
Приключения Лёлика и Болика
Сергей Казаков
Србија ВУК
У позадини вам се често чује као да неко гребе по микрофону. То вам се пре није дешавало. Средите то.
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