Talking Heads - Burning Down the House LIVE Los Angeles 83

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Extrait de " Stop Making Sense " réalisé par Jonathan Demme ( sorti en 1984 ), à partir d'images de concerts des Talking Heads au Hollywood's Pantages Theater, LA, en décembre 1983.

1983 Burning Down The House LIVE HD Los Angeles (City/Town/Village) Stop Making Sense (Award-Winning Work) Talking Heads

Admin User
was a great live tour - the movie doesnt do it justice.
Allan Bishop
who got a match \u003e???? uhh huh !
Amanda Cruse
Mother did need be so high
Andrew Nelson
Thanks to the Talking Heads!
Andy Trullinger
Nice. Subscribed. Thanks.
Anthony Absaroke
Absolutely smokin'....brilliant! The very best of their day!
Absolutely incredibly fantastic!!!!!
Austin Cruz
This only has 765 likes which means humanity has failed the holy test
Cameron Nolan
david Byrne is my spirit animal
Caroline Rocha Alves
Is so fun listening to their song, one of my favorites bands ever.
Charlie Brown
Clive Hanks
Bloody oath that was good mate...
Coco Janeriat
Huge !!!!
Colby Allerton
Ok, daaaaaaaaaaam. that is energy like rock and roll will never die. Everybody up there is burnin' down the house up on this! oh my oh my oh my heavens!!!
Cuddle Muffin
I miss when music was so fun. It seems like so many performers are just doing their jobs, though they do have to live up to new stricter standards. Music was seemingly more free, weird and important in the 70s 80s and 90s.
Is it just me or is the live better than the recorded audio?
Dark Mango
A very energizing song. This is FOR REAL catchy. I don't know why today's soulless pop is regarded as the catchiest music out there.
Diet Guitar
They had fun.
0:30 \nYou can see the Keyboard player was anticipating a longer intro before the band kicks in and was gonna wave to the drummer before realising it’s too late and he quickly switches to game mode to keep up.
Dylan Wilson
Byrning Down The House 😏😏
Endre Schlotter
Wow this is fun
Like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart!
Best version of this song...hands down. The original is too slow.
Bill Nye the music guy
Gary Barlow
Best gig i have ever seen, same tour in early 80s Wembley Arena
@edfou5: I have LOTS of sex that was this good - actually is way better. But I'm not DB & the Talking Heads..Their perfomances in the late 70's/early '80's were FRICKING stunning.. I literally got goose bumps and had a spiritual experience when I saw them LIVE , on two different dates.In Houston in the late 70's and again, in the early 80's..A lifetime memory... They were amazing in concert..the energy in the venues was palpable and electric!!!
Hélio Weiss
Anos 80 e 90 são imbatíveis.
Information Superhighway
Preaching the gospels of burns and friends,if this don't lift ya spirits ya dead😬😂😵🖖
Ivan Spasojevic
that is the art of last decades of previous century. The most things were already happend. Carry on....
Millineals...take note: No light show, no fancy outfits with 8 costume changes, no hydraulic stages, no dancers, no flying the singer over the crowd on wires, no ....(dare I say) tunes! Just pure musicianship, fantastic song writing, and TALENT! Those were the days.
Jack Brims
The bolivian marching powder backstage that night must of been nek level
Jacky Lecarpentier
Trop fort ce groupe que de bons moments in memory
Best version of this song I've heard. David Byrne is the man.
Jared Haught
Watching their live videos is a lot more enjoyable than I expected
Jen Scott
This is the kinda thing the Replay button was invented for!!! Again, please!!!
Jerry Becker
I wish David Byrne was my spirit animal !! Such energy, these guys always deliver...
John Baldwin
John Leonard
I saw them in 79 at the Palace Theater in Albany NY. Crazy as all get out. Nothing like them. Saw them again around 82? at the Us Festival.
Jose Ontiveros
Holy shit! That was rad!!
Joshua Weatherly
The talking heads!
why are the back up singers always black women?  P.S.  I have zero talent.  and I suck.
Justin Hermann
Quality is amazingggggg!
Kenneth Gerberich
3:29 looks like me trying to dance with any any girl, ever.
Kevin Altieri
i was there, fifth row center....
Kevin Roberts
I lost 16 lbs. watching this video!
Kevinator _
Lena Duffy
just totally incredible wow
Leonel Leguizamon
what a piece of file.
Loren Day
They seem to really enjoy performing that song. They actually have fun playing that song, would love to see them live, I was too young though. Shit, I wasn't even born when this video was
Luis Donado
This is an excellent live version of this song. Listen through earphones, you will enjoy it.
Luis Exebio
I can,'t see to the singer David Burn!!!
Mackenzie Puetz-Bateman
This is such good song
This performance is sooo tight. Talking heads was ahead of their time.
Marky Mark
0:32 bottom right crowd = me wen this music unleashes
Math !
So much energy. It's hard not to stand up or move to this.
back in the days when pills gave you thrills and didnt kill \nlol
Mr. D.
This song was way overplayed when I was in college. I appreciate it more today!
This has to be the hymn for \
ladies and gentlemen the David Byrne home workout regimen.
Nyonyo Reservoir
Any biopic movie about this awesome band? \nthink Cillian Murphy would be nice to play Mr. Byrne.
Ove Stegane
The power and energy, a just one in a lifetime.
One of the greatest records ever recorded!!
Paul Arthur
the best performance ever
Paul Batchelor
Greatest show on earth. Shame it didn't carry on. Good things always come to an end, I cried when they split up. Miss them so much
Paul C
It's as if the camera operators had never heard the song before.
Peter Hughes
what a performance from beginning to end !!!
R.E.E.F i.e Rexperteez entreprise / formation
THIS house is mad .. still there after 35 years and burning LIKE hot lava ... i love you David Byrne & TH ...
Robert Dari's jr
and it shall not be moved, GOD bless, the Earth
Robert Hall
Excellent, of course, but the tempo a little fast?
Rockin Atheist
Only one thing would have made this better - Tina on bass up front.
Roldan Robles
It would have been AWESOME if Steven Spielberg had this song in his movie \
The Power of Music. you see how much positive energy is flowing on that stage? regardless of genre, or race or anything. They are having a blast of Unity. What a beautiful thing. Btw: i never used to like this song because my sister played it nonstop in the 80s
Scott Heffernan
Beyond fukn SICK.
Simeon o
Revenge of the nerds. Leads me to the greatest band of the 80s.
Tacit Observer
Back when the term 'Original Artist' meant they were original.
Teresa Peabody
They should have consulted Tina Turner on wardrobe though. The croak sack bags just are not cutting it.
it makes me a little sad to know Im probably never gonna have as much fun in my life as the dude on rhythm guitar is having
Thomas Jones
this Concert is one for the i wish list there live performance is superb and it was 30 yrs ago they piss most bands who ply live now 2017 & with all the tech now used ,
Tommy Jakob
One of my biggest regrets (although, I was on 14 at the time) was not being able to see Talking Heads, Peter Tosh and The Police(ALL at the same show that night!) at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal during the summer of 1983.
Such a great American band
Some of the whitest dance moves in history: brought to you by jerry harrison
Zita Martins
_ Palevision
Finales de 2018 y seguimos disfrutando esta joyita
ama deus
how is this whole album so GOOD
critical thought
This is what pure, unadulterated, music sounded like back in the days when true artists\nwrote their own music, they mastered and played at least one instrument (and often more) plus they had genuine vocal abilities that shined consistently in each performance. Most entertainers used their God-given talents, to electrify an audience with positive energies and emotions. Now it seems as if the entire music industry's intent \nis to promote no talent, soulless characters that spread negativity through their material.
in 4 weeks time i will be watching david byrne on his 'american utopia' tour...i cannot wait..if its half as good as this i'll be happy
What a stupendous and timeless band. I've had sex that wasn't this good.
karl fleming
That's how you Rock. Love it. TOPS
love those hot looking black chicks.
piet piraat
psycho killer is burning down the house
skelator skel
they sure have there shit together u just dont see that now days its all pc made music well this is the real deal here glad i could be part of it 70's 80's rocks
I didn't know people could do this.
2:33 look at that passion...absolutely fantastic how much fun they're having in this's so rare today.
terry Roe
AMAZING.....DAVID BYRNE\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003eLONG LIVE YE!
tiki torch
Man watching this brought a smile to my face, contagious energy
Great live version even better than the original