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COOKING HACKS FOR KITCHEN STARSWanna feel like a pro in the kitchen? Cook your favorite meal in no time? Then I highly recommend to watch this video! Find out how to peel and cut fruits and vegetables in the quickest way possible and how to prepare food for the cooking correctly! : )I'll show you how to deal with flat champagne, egg cracks, make banana chocolate.You're gonna love these decoration ideas! With these tricks you can turn any meal to a culinary masterpiece! And make any occasion in your house ten times brighter and cooler! Here we go! I'll demonstrate you how to make best desserts ever: Chess cake, Nutella banana, pears with honey, croissants, blueberry pancakes and more!I'll also share with you top secret chef's tips on how to check meat doneness with your fingers and a palm of your hand! And find out whether a steak is raw, rare, medium rare, medium or well-done! Enjoy the fruits of your culinary labor!This is insanely delicious edition! Try not to bite your fingers off!Creative food carving ideas, Italian cheeze bombs, mini pizzas, rainbow pizza, omelet muffins, pizza braid and it's only the beginning!I'll show you how to make insanely delicious pancakes, cakes, pies, potato pizza, omelet muffins and other kind of pastry products using banana, blueberries and chocolate.TIMESTAMPS:

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5-Minute Crafts
Are you annoyed when the shell from the egg falls into the contents of a bowl !? Oh yeah, it happens all the time... \nHowever, we know how to get it easily and simply and show it to you at 8:12 ;)\nDid you know about this?
AOla Al-Janabi
Good 😍😍😍اشتركووو مردودة
You use a whisk to stir eggs
Alpha Beastッ
5:24 \nhow many likes can i get on this useless comment?😁
Andy DelliColli
Angel Valenzuela
Podrían dejar de poner vídeos repetidos 😑
Arianna 123wWwW
хочу лайфхак: no many☹️ no poblem😁👏🏻
Armoured Brotherhood
1.14 wowwwwwww so little oil😑
Average Kitten
I wonder how many eggs they had to use?
Bhakti Sangeet
Who loves to cook but never tried to cook ...hit like
Bobby Gogoi
Love your hacks and I love cooking
Bunggie TheGamer
Am I the only one who noticed that some eggs are yellow and some are orange 😂
By Oumaima
So many overcooked eggs in this.
Chloe *
0:57 that is so creative!!
Chris L
Not even sure why I'm watching this? My personal chef makes all my meals.
ChrisWilderness /
Too bad women don't cook anymore, basically this is a useless video.
Confused Path
I got dumber watching this!
Who else just watches these and never get around to doing them? LIKE FOR GOOD LUCK👍
Dina Oppo
amaizing waw
Dr. Brownie
10:58 Ok, if you honestly thought I wasn't gonna notice that that's the same exact thing as 8:39
Dudie Dude
You’re the best YouTuber
Elijah Davis
Emilee Durst
SO THE IODINE PART so in science I'm pretty SURE that if it changes colors is good bc for something to be a food it has to have shugars,starch,fat(s) and something else been. Awhile BUT so if it changes colors it's good if mayo has 1 or more of those things then it's a food so .. WOWWW if it only has what iodine dose I think starch and it turns black or purple or whatever that color is then it's a good if it doesn't then it's not considered a food ... Just saying a 6th grader just said all that wow😂so it should be reversed :)😂😂😂
Emily threadgold
4:39 why don't you put the milk in first?
Estación El Cisne
Minuto 1:39 con eso te moris de un ataque al brazo
Ethan Goslin
4:40 or just dont pour your milk from a flippin meter off the table............
Farhat Jahan
So according to this at 7:10 one can't afford a rolling pin but can somehow afford a champagne glass and a champagne bottle.
Frisk Dreemurr
This is the mute version of troom troom
Girly Galaxy gamer
Most of these are the the same ones from your other videos, pls try to make new stuff, I know it’s hard but sometimes the thumbnail of the video looks interesting but it’s the same thing, what I am saying is that some of your vids are click bait, no offence
Hamza Habib
Hyun Lauren
Third one felt like a whole bottle of oil lol
I don’t Understand anything
this is EGGcellent!
Im_ Area
Who likes there eggs scrambled Like if you do \n\nWho likes there egg as a circle reply if u do.
Its Olivia
So much CLICKBAIT on all of your vidios. This is why I hate 5 min crafts. Don't watch them anymore\n\nEdit:omg thank you so much for all the likes!!❤
Itsme_ahnais AAM
Roses are red\nViolets are blue ( not really )\nI came here for the thumbnail \nSo did u \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n😂
James Chapman
Gotta love these hacks. Some of my favorites...\n\nHack 1: Make Ladle omelettes if you don't have a pan. \nHack 3: Make scrambled eggs by pouring them through a colander.\nHack 4: Use a Pastry Piping bag to create a mesh.\nHack 8: Make ice clear by boiling ice cubes.\nHack 11: Instantly brown avocados by putting them in Tupperware with a blue lid. IF you don't want them to be brown, include a wedge of an old onion.\nHack 12: Using the back of a spoon prevents milk from spilling.\nHack 13. Cold pizza and water can be warmed up together in the microwave.
Jeba roseline
Who find it they only be a kitchen star
John Tabilog
*Reading Gordon Ramsay's cooking book*
Junaid Ullah B
I has just tried the pancake draft by myself lol 😆 it later became a disaster I couldn't main tainted its shape still it taste was a bit sweetish but later as I ate on more butterflies starts running inside my stomach my my early cook experience this is awful while before that I can make oats tea hot the milk and fry chips
Just Jabz
Can I buy some of that chocolate please?
Why aren’t you a kitchen star then
KSA Sliman
حيلييييب ح
2:50 did anyone else think that the eggs look like a face
Khushwinder Singh
All hacks and tricks are \
LittleGachaGreen Heart
No rolling pin? A wine bottle. No wine bottle?\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJust give up.
4:39 No one pours milk from such height...
MaskedGaming 05
4:37 the avocados are the same look at the dents and the markings
Matthew H
4:39 I didn't know people regularly held their cartons a yard above their bowl when pouring milk
7:01 Whats next? No oven?
Yeah, kitchen star for making the worst food
Zapraszam moi mili na mój nowy kanał zostawcie suba i łapkę.
My name's Omae wa Mou Shindeiru
30 september ?, its my bỉth day :))
Y u alwys disply egg hacks
Nereida Sims
3:55 - 4:15 \n\nI don't get the MAYO & IODINE one 🤔
All these hacks made me mad for some reason...
How does coffee mix with coco cola. Ewwwww
Wheres the ice cube in the hamburger hack??? CLICKBAIT!
Prerna Singh Bagdi
Plz show the ingredients name when you using in the video
Princess Paris
🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\nLike if u saw purple
Rainbowslime lover
This first one is look like Vietnamese pancake but then it is bigger and 5 minutes craft your are the best!!
Raiz Soul
1 day I came and I saw u had 41 now 44
Rebecca Tackett
Am the only one that noticed they had so many chance to grab the yolk but they just kept moving the spoon around??
Richard Claudia
The ali a (clickbaiter) of life Hacks is..........\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n5 Minute crafts
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Oneday somebody will see this comment.
Samuel Soriano
Tengo el certificado de manipulador de alimentos y la normativa dice que no puedes introducir ningún trozo de cáscara del huevo por muy minúsculo que sea ya que el parásito de la salmonela habita en la cáscara y puedes contaminar el alimento y a su misma vez contagiarte tú.
Savina De Barros
Oh no they didn’t just take that from tasty!!!! 7:25
Sherpooh66Reborn Linsley
Hi, 🤗🐽✌❤ Sheryl
Silent Flower
Who loves to cook??
So Mh
ياآاي عنده 39 m … و التنزيل متواصل واحنا لما اليوتيوبرز نوصلهم للمليـــون يسحبون ؏ـڵيـنا (o_O) ماعاد يعطـونا وجه!!!! يقـال صاروا مشهــورين …\n\n\n ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ.\n\n\n\n\n#قــــــــــهــــــــــر (ᴗ˳ᴗ)
Suparna Bhowal
1:16 so much oil
T' Melvin
HowToBasic Joined The Server
Tell Williams
Tension 89
TheLitChiz FTW
Thats from tasty 2:50
Toby dog
To my friends.\n\nBtw I’m going to lifetime a bit late today since my sleep cycle got messed up yesterday since I mistimed my adderall dosage.\n\n10mg and some caffeine is what I usually take. I take a low dose because \n1. It works\n2. Slower tolerance, not that I even notice tolerances tbh.\n3. Supply lasts longer.\n\n(oh and I take adderall for Narcolepsy (and it’s MILD narcolepsy it’s not even bad at all) \nI DO NOT have ADHD or ADD or whatever you wanna call it.
Totally Random23
Me: Comments something funny and relatable and gets 0 likes\n\nAnyone else: Comments Hi and gets 10k likes\n\nAlso ILY
Trần Thành
Làm ơn hiểu tôi nói\nI love \n5-Minute Crafts
Xavier bohn #2
Easy, buy Gordon Ramsey.
\\*_Gummy Hotel_*/
2:23 is fake did see the way the cuts went to the middle
black dragon
Omg nice ideas
chu Harry
This comment
gali ·
4:42 I thought it was wrong because cereal was added first and milk
janette joy
I got cholesterol watching this.
melody apple
Great job on the vids!! Love your channel!!! ❤️❤️❤️
talha ilyas
Five minutes craft have a good idea and I love five minutes craft . I have a question that fron where you get this much good ideas?
ummm i_need_a_name
5- Minute crafts is stolen or the same content in every video
unicornie cute
2:33 its alive chick.
visa kutti
How many of you like this video......
yall are_ ded0_o
1st thumbnail fake as always 2nd iv seen these hacks like a million times dont waste ur time on this channel
youtube trual
I'm not lying but my house got on fire
zamiera kawa
zombies fan Malcia
I tried the first one...\n\n\n\n\n\n\nMY WHOLE HOUSE BURNED DOWN!!!\n\nIm kidding it was good
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