Tekashi 6ix9ine Fires Tr3way his crew, Lil Xan goes to rehab, Wide Neck Mug Shot | Famous News

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Fires Tr3way & his crew, Lil Xan goes to rehab, Wide Neck Mug Shot | Famous NewsSUBSCRIBE:

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2pac makveli Shakur
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Nice video
Shotti locked up dummy\nEssiantely not getting fired but having other obligations that prevent him from being able to perform the duties of sixnine...\n\n\nThis was regarding his promotional team and he's also said he has went through 5 teams this year, and Shotti has been arounf
Adrian Caddle
You’re so dope ✍🏽💯
Ali Cessay
Thanks for these news I’ve been working and going to school. Don’t have time to catch up with this but you make it easier
And Dex
0:53 😂😂😂 I love you mannn
Andykillerbee Solo
Austin Nicholas
Upchurch upchurch upchurch upchurch upchurch
Blackout Fist
Chillyglaxy power456
I love famous news! 🖤
Christian Tetuan
2pac vs biggie
CubanRican Stacks
The show is great
Damian Codopony
Dany Uchiha
So... this became a news channel too? Good idea
Danyul MMA-man
I like the new setup bro
DatWay Yati
He means he fired his friends.. Now he look stooopid
Elber Lopes
Do the mugshot before he was famous .
Eric salazar 56655gr42212q17
I've been watching this dude for a minute. I thought he was famous already.
Explosive Starfish
He never fired Tr3way cuz he Tr3way never worked for him smh spreading false info
Free Fluffy
Please stop saying treyway it’s cringy as hell
Gary Ko
That mashup at the beginning of everyone saying they're famous lines made me burst out laughing.
Gerson Cruz
I know for a fact kemstar is somewhere mad af at this 😂
Michael fell off😭😭😭
I am a mom who watches you! Great work!
I'm You, You're me
... I feel like I have to say I'm a mom. Is that a requirement here? I am a male, though.. but everyone is doing it.
He didn’t fire Tr3yway, get your fact right STOOPID, Swaty was never his manger, just a mentor
Jalal Anwari
Michael when u gonna do a video of urself since u famous
Jaleya yt
I cringe every time he say 69’s name!!☹️
Joe Dirte
Hey idiot. Treyway is not his name. His name is shottie
😧... leach, just like the rest of the blogs.
nah nitvhes 13s
Juliov73 Violante
Can u do before they were gone Stan lee
Kayla Riggs
Hi. I'm a mom, who's watching your show. 👋👋👍
I thought xanarchy was movement to stop drugs hmm 🤔🤔
Kreyol tv
I likes this
6ixnine STOOPID!!!!
Lady DTM
I'm a mom of 5, and I watch all your shows. All the information you provide is great and helps me keep up with pop culture!!! So thank you!!!
Laury Mendez
Leó Star
More news\nGreat
Lindsay P
mom in the house!!! Liked , subscribed and notified of your vids a looong time ago! Love everything.. keep us moms informed ya know??!! 🙋🏼\u200d♀️😎 37 btw 🤙🏼
Lindsay Tucker
I wonder if all the gullible fans feel dumb for actually believing that Lil Xan was drug free 🤦🏻\u200d♀️👏
Lisa Domagala
Im a mom, I watch way too much Youtube , checking up on Tekashi news, Xxx, and other young celebrities , hoping for the best for them . Thanks for reporting ! Your channel is a nice distraction !
Lisha Playz
STAN LEE DIED?????!???
Before and After they were famous News 🤔
Mystic Productions
Please do, Danny Trejo
Noah Berg
Normal psycho
Oblivious G.
I bet he won't heart and comment on this comment. Great series Michael.
wtf youre too uncultured for this lol your actual cringe you give out very vague info that makes u look like an idiot stop doing this we have akademiks domislive etc.
Olympus Blvd
Oh that neck wide wide lol
McGrudden if u love your mom heart this comment. If u hate her, don't
THATS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE Keep these types of videos
Perry Tomczyk
GG Allin before they were gone.
Pixel Player
I like your intro most of all the part when pew says im number one
Prod M
If ur reading this i hope u get rich
Propisha Johnson
Michael fine af! Wasssup Michael 😏
Do the Stan Lee before they were gone
Read more
We gotta get Michael on Hot Ones.
Rosemary Ducharme
Not a Mom, but definitely old enough to be a grandma! Don't underestimate your audience 😂😉
Rubzy is God and a legend
Sameto Matsinhe
do the lil Uzi vert heavens gates cult promotion
Sara Kinder
Yep ! Moms ❤️ your channel
Sarai Muro
The picture is my mom but I'm her son so DONT FLIRT cause I'm 9 years old
Seven Nine Three
Slash Versace
Don’t you dare do after they where famous for Tr3way micheal!!👿👿
If you want more moms to watch the channel just put Kim kardashian in the title.
Steve sims
Do stan lee before they were gone
Sunny Disposition
I'm a mom..my daughter is 25...she watches u too!! Actually more than me
Sweet Trends TV
Thank you Micky
I like those behind the scenes shot , cool perspective
Tendernuggett 360
I think first?
Tenzing Lepcha
I find him soo fake..like he is trying too hard to be cool. He ain't natural..as and his acting is obvious. Like he ain't all into hip-hop and all but he acts like he is into.
I’m a mom. 😂 What’s intriguing about that?🤷🏻\u200d♀️
This Dudes A Dik
I wish the title was....\n\n“Tekashi 6ix9ine completely broke after Tr3yway and his crew rob him blind. Lil Xantac dies of overdose in a rehab parking lot, Cardi B’s long throat cumshot”
Well excuse me y haven’t u made a before they were famous Stan lee
Water_ God
I’m so happy to be on the top ☝🏾👍🏾😪🤗😝🤣💯🅱️👌🏾
Worp Man
Youtuberguy boy
Wow just wow great vid
Zachary Botelho
When he gets outta jail I wonder what's his neck move...??
brown dantdm
Do before there were gone Stan Lee
chelsea rabet
You are tripping tripping takeoff is the best one
Thanks for the new videos I love them I watching every day so far
erick stfu
He FiReD Tr3YwAy
jenoski bryson
Do more research that’s not his manager in your thumbnail
lil GOAT
Tr3way was never employed by tekashi69 so therefore he cant fire him. Facts michael we need facts!
man selector
If you want serious information on the 69 issue go watch akademiks video on it
mrstealurkill 2
nasri staypop
This is better than most of news channels 👏🏽
ninja super
Do STAN LEE before they we're gone PLZ PLZ
I hate this mf idk why 😂