Top 5 Funniest Haircut Fails CAUGHT ON CAMERA! (Worst Haircuts Funny Haircut mistakes)

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Top 5 Funniest Haircut Fails - (Worst Haircuts & funny barber mistakes). This is top 5 funniest haircut fails ever. The worst haircuts compilation.Subscribe for more videos! ►Business inquires: [email protected]

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That second kid is really charming
Alexsia Morales
Why does the second one look like the human Grinch boy not tryna be mean
Amber 16
6:04 that dad lol 😂
Ana Ri
Why did the kid in the second one look like he knows what he’s doing 😂😂
Andre JugadorTV
6:34 That Kid Remind me of Trevor From GTA 5 😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Lelii-Merlo
“He always wanted waves but he couldn’t grow none so I made him some”😂😂😂
Arixna Lee Antoinette Rodriguez Clark
U gonna miss work cuz your son killed himself
Bella Wilson
The first one though. Just puts the hair back on lol 😂
Belle Star
1st and 2nd videos😂\n\nThe rest of the vids crossed the line.
Body Dropping FN
Some black parents are ignorant.
1:15 R.I.P Khalif 🙏🏽 he passed away on February
Can we get 20000 subscribers with no videos ?
The kid who got bad grades was just a joke it was summer and they really didn’t care about the hair much\n\nXD
Caramel Brulee
While the parents may have given their kids terrible haircuts to teach them a lesson, I don't think it'll be effective for improving grades. No way they'll be able to concentrate in class with their hair looking like that.
Chanel Pedler
I feel so sorry for those Poor kids...It was not right for his Dad to do that..😔😔😔
Coolfununicorn 1
“ well it doesn’t look that bad “ 💀😭😭 amosc lmaooo - divine.07
CripTik Gh05TZ
The first one tho....
Cunning Sea
beats getting the belt
Da Man Jonny
See what a golden State jersey will make you do
I like how the second kid left a bald spot but thr he kept on cutting
Dumbass Poopy pants
0:56 \
Elijah Prado
Oooooo look I'm a girly girl..
Elisa Mcgraw
Cutting their hair won't teach them they will be bullied
Emily Macdonald
The first 1 tho. \nI haven’t cut my hair but I have cut other people’s
as bad as the kids are its not right to embarrass them on this level. if my mum did this i wouldnt show my face anywhere till it grew back... 😂
Estrella Rodrigues
The second one is not that bad I like it dope 😎😎😎😎
Second one Knew what he was doing, He said \
Gelyana Oraha
I would never respect my parents if they cut my hair like that like” do u know how hard it is” and if I was a parent I’ll never do that to my child I’ll just ground them or something. Cuz some ppl from school will make fun of me and bully me so I’ll never do that to my kids. When u saw those kids face I almost cried cuz it’s actually really bad and parents like that should b arrested.
Ghost Dozky
0:44 he put that shit back on his head😂😭😭
Gold Finger
Never cut your child's hair because of bad grades. They're going to get made fun of and grades will get worse. Smh😑
Good News
7:56, \
Grier Norrie
6:26 dude this is way too far just ground them don’t Humiliate them\nOmg when he cried it’s to sad😭also thanks for da likes
Hanna the gymnast Clips
He got E’s and U’s and S’s
Hayden Brashier
why does the 2nd kid have a shirt on that says “clever”?!
Hector Zamora
The first one for messing up his haircut he could just fix it by getting a fade only and take off the top part. Im going to like my own comment because no body will😞
Internets Content
I feel bad the first kid seemed really nice. OMG thank you for all the likes
It’s MeT
Wow and these are the kids that will grow up to be our future! SMH! Kids who have been humiliated by the people who should be defending and protecting them. It’s no wonder all prisons are full. They are all kids who have been hurt or humiliated. Hurt people Hurt people! Their behavior is just a cry for attention,help,understanding,love. Parents want to be parents without the hard work! Yes I myself i’m a parents and a strict one at that But love and patience is always involved in every scolding situation I have done. Yes I get it there is no perfect parent, but humiliation is NEVER the answer NEVER!! 💔
Jadedude 44287
The one with the school cutting the kids the hair it looked so cool when it wasn’t cut by the school
Jana Hristova
2:16 *new BTS namjon.*
Jessica Egan
I like chicken nuggets
Joni The Clown
These poor kids 😂
Jon Jon went on to Graduate from Harvard.
Kate Rawlinson
The 2 one was actually quite ok for a kid to do :)
Kind Of AG
I’m on the parent side. It all starts from somewhere simple. If all parents start this process from beginning trust me. I know this fact it’s always when u start getting low grades u lose interest in school then skip classes then fighting then bullying and next thing smoking then f the world dad f u wat u gona do beat me f u I’ll call popo on u don’t u dare touch me and I’m out and in prison life lol parents have to be strict to all the people who saying the parents were wrong in this video good luck.
Lancer has Cancer
The first one is amazing XD
Lauren B.
When a kid plugs anything in an outlet stuff gets REAL
Leanne the cutie
The 2nd kid actually did a good job !!!
The last ones are stupid. They think it is to teach them a lesson, but in reality there most likely getting bullied, and from that will make them a more abusive father in the future, and also make them preform more crimes and such. these parents don't know anything. They say its so they don't get it prison, but why is the rate of black people in prison 30%, which the total amount in America is 12%?
I never got in trouble...I'm glad
Maria Hurtado
the person who decided just because I had to because they didn't do good in school doesn't mean they have to like get a haircut and that seems to me that there are terrible parents or brother or sister you're terrible
Mexico The shit
“ I’m gonna be the finest kid on the planet” 😂
Myia Grant
I don’t agree about the punishment the parents gave there kids
Nathan Boylan
The dad said b was a bad grade lol
Nina Thurnell
The ones where the parents shave their hair to look ugly because of bad grades or being rude is so sad, if one of my parents did it to me, i have curly hair that takes a long time to grown back, I would honestly shave my head when they’re sleeping or not around and then when they’re sleeping go after their head. Coz it’s not like they can shave ur head again if u already finished it off
Oeo Bankroll
The second one did okay for his age
Ogaball Yt
On the 3rd one...he looks good just bold really🤷🏽\u200d♂️🤷🏽\u200d♂️
Oof Times7
Pasit Pao
2nd one kinda looks like Micheal Jackson for some reason😂
Person In Life
1:09 his shirt says \
90% of these haircuts are because of school.\nProof that school sucks in every way
Political Princess
7:58 that cry though lmao
Potato2840 Ali
Why are some of these parents cutting their kids hair it's my hair not yours it pisses me off and then they just video tape it smh
The best part the shirt said clever
Radiate Mods
6:35 I’m dying 🤣 🤣 🤣
And they wonder y the suicide rate is so high
The first kid put the hair back on the bald spot🤣🤣
Sakib Shahriar
Why !!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!!?
Sanya F
Where are the parents🙄🙄🙄🙄(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sarah Bluberg
The second one wasn’t that bad!
Sim Mckenzie
Omg when they put the hair back on the bald spot 💀
Soul Keeper TM
Oooohhh I’m a girly girl ohh la la la la 😂😂😂😂
Soviet Union
Stop the child hair abuse.
Spukki I love spukkines
The first kid will be a comedian
R.I.P they're gonna get bullied
Suhda Majid
Hahahaha the first kid “ i made a bald spot “ 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😂
Super K #
Stephen curry can cut hairs now\n\n\n\n\n\nI don't know he's a barber\n\
6:36:Shaolin monk
Tamia Denis
0:44 lil man tried to put it back in place lmfaoooooooo
Taya Tahbo
The second kids hair lolz he seems so sweet
The noob goes Oof oof
Yo shirt says clever
Tony Jara
damnnn the third one the kid was looking fresh with the haircut hi dad did for him!!!
TorpedoPickle Jake Walther
These punishments are going way too far
Toy review Bih
Why was this recommended to me the same day I got a haircut wtf
XxGangster_Panda21xX OOF Fam
But I do feel bad for the kids who got the bad grades\n\n(Edit) THIS COMMENT WAS UP FOR 1 WEEK AND I HAVE 350 LIKE S THX SO MUCH by the way this is the most likes I have ever gotten.
Zam family
I feel bad for the kids that had bad grades becaus a lot of kids try their hardest but they get bad grades i dont know if they try their hardest or did but i feel bad😢😢😢 feel bad.
christian hi
9:47 2 word HUGE HEAD
dexter moore
the second one isnt that bad for a lil kid
The parents that mess up their kids hair are terrible parents and it shows that they aren’t willing to work with the child enough to improve their negative behaviors. It also shows that later are those children are going to naturally get bullied and because of that it could evolve into psychological problems. Which could cause them to potentially go insane which is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. All of this is hypothetical but potentially possible. So instead of resulting to drastic measures work with your child instead of them becoming victims of bullying.
the second one wasnt a fail because he did it on purpose
I don’t think that’s it’s right to cut your child’s hair over bad grades or being disrespectful just take their things it’s not okay to do something to your child’s appearance like cutting their hair in ways like that because now a days if you walked into school like that people would bully you I wouldn’t ever want my child to be in the amount of pain over a grade that can be brought up or an attitude that can be worked on 😤
kook xbow
0:58 well thats an ironic shirt to wear
mike sanchez
Thats kinda bad parenting but still funny asf.
pickle rick
rashid muhammad
The first one we all know his hair is gone and he got whipped so hard...😂😂😂
I'm all up for disciplining your children and doing it with some form of punishment, but pure humiliation is just not the right way.
wolfgamer gg
The last one tho.... 9:43