1974 DEVO :: Secret Agent Man

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Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance
The video was made in 1976
Albert Diaz
Bono at 4:05...
Andy Houston
It's genius.
Annabell Mendez
I would think there would be more views. Too too cool!
Arin Kambitsis
Who's the red headed girl?
Beatle Tom
Boojie Boy sure can play that synth!
Billy Hill
That 4/4 drumbeat at 0:33 is so frigging epic. These spuds were way ahead of their time!
Brad K
The redhead/nurse is such a cutie.
Brian Winters
When spuds work hard, they are allowed to play hard.
Carroll Community Festival Carroll Ohio
Love the car. lol. Parked in front of a fire hydrant, no less. lol 👍🏻
Holy crap, that wall of synth noise at the start - did Devo accidentally invent industrial music a year before Throbbing Gristle did?
Chris Miller
Now I understand why DEVO was included in the Music/Doc \
Coffin Punk
My favorite OSHA safety video.
THis is the real Devo, the real Devo sound. Dirty, angular, unique.
Crash Weezerman
This version is much better than the album versions. The album versions almost sound too clean. This recording sounds like it got run over by a car, and it fits perfectly.
Dave Bartosh
I have devolved. watching this. ! :-p
Dave Fredrock
Oh man. This catapults me back to '79 or '80 or so in Chicago seeing Devo Live. Blew my mind.
David Lanham
you guys are never going to get the flange opened if you keep shutting off the sump valve. And that's the wrong wrench, you need the triangle, not the square one!
Doctor BeBop
I love this shit. It's delightfully weird, refreshing, and a treat for the eyes, ears and brain.
Donkey Punch Knock-Out
So Devo was the original Primus?
Doug Arnold
Not really my bag...but it's a lot better than Kiss.
3:13 wait... that's filthy frank!!
Eliot Rosewater
This song should be played worldwide in tribute to Rump Trumpet before they impeach it, and that fabulous source of incredible facepalm comedy is lost to the world. \n\nThis version of the song really does have a great de-evolutionary feel to it.
Devo was New Wave before anybody even knew what New Wave was.
Floydian Hayes
who played as booji boy in this video? My guess would be mark since mark normally played the synthesizers/ keyboards for this song.
Fábio R. Araujo
Reaching 4 decades hearing DEVO and never getting tired
Giorgio Curcetti
This version is much better than the one on the first album, in my opinion....Gerald Casale is a great bass player
Greg Cox
Handy Capo
This is giving me a fucking heart attack. I love it! I never heard this version before. DEVO fan since 1981.
This band was so avant garde, it hurt.
Jet Ace
Only guys from Ohio would come up with this. The real home of rock and roll. Live on Akron Ohio.
Jimmy Hamilton
This is from \
John Gannon
223 people have hearing damage
Jose Jones
Casale? RIP?!? Gerald Casale, DEVO's one and only bassist did not pass away, he's very much alive. very unfortunately it was Gerry's younger brother Bob Casale, DEVO guitarist/ keyboard player \n, also known as Bob #2. the other guitarist is vocalist Mark Mothersbaugh's brother Bob Motherbaugh, aka Bob #1. Bob Casale died FEb 17, 2014 died due to sudden heart failure\
Joshua Colon
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Whos the hot chick at @3:30
Joy of Lego
Devo was Right !!! De-Evolution is here now.....
Kelly Zeller
Kristen R
Make America DEVO Again.
2:54 Velma?
Kwadwo Holloway
this was taken from the 1976 film \
Larry Williams
Liam Smith
The original Slipknot
Lucy Fuir
That redhead waitress is sooo sexy
Lufillo Lupillo Bu
Absolutely grottesque and creepy!DEVO WAS in their first first music and imagine very great!
That redhead at the end though.
Melissa Cameron
The one and only DEVO
Michael Ashley
Brilliant. Either you get the joke or you are your own private idaho.
Mob Mentality
I would recommend buying all the available stock in this RIGHT NOW. in a not too distant future when everyone realises that we are just fuclking idiots, this handbook will be very important
Mollpeeps Rollie
ha ha ha the twin neck guitar God pisstake is brilliant!\n1974 that beats the pistols by about a year
Moses Berkowitz
Bizarro! Still, its better than Nicki Minaj.
Mrx Drno
did you know combodians have play like punk nuwave..... its kool.
If I had seen this as a kid I will still be having nightmares...especially with that fucking redheaded baby mask. DEVO, always with something enjoyable and original.
“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'” --Isaac Asimov
Rich Hillyer
primus time travel
Richard Rodrigues
i love, devoooooooo
SUsyCar FISCHER stellmach
Sandro Kovalev
This is kind of scary
Sascha Kluge
too much drugs, ...but its ...ähhh...cool
19 people that were born in 1975
Scarlet Crusader
You know I live a life of danger\nFor the fbi\nKeeping tabs on our nation\nOn the land, on the sea, in the sky\nBut every single night\nBefore I go to bed\nI get down on my knees\nAnd thank god\nI'm a secret agent man\n* secret agent man\nSecret agent man\nThey've given me a number\nBut they've taken 'way my name\nI got one hell of a job to perform\nFor the u. s. of a.\nGot the responsibility\nOf our nation's top security\nBut every night and day\nI salute the flag and say\nThank you jesus\nCause i'm, I'm a secret agent man\n( * repeat)\n\n\nYou know they got me doin' this\nDoin' that\nAnd a little bit of something else\nFighting cavities of evil\nSafe-guarding america's health\nBut not an afternoon pass\nI don't get up off my ass\nThank you god\nCause i'm, I'm a secret agent man\n( * repeat 2 times)\n\nCause I'm a secret agent man
Scott Cayouette
Devo was the very first \
Scott Young
Can see and hear where Mr Bungle get their influence from.
Seabrook the Magnificent
And, I never knew that Donald Trump could actually play the keyboards. Learn somethin every day.
Sirius Gaming
Mark Mothersbaugh is Buckethead
4:40 Reagan?
TI G***
The dwahing Squidd 50's
Booji Boi for president 2020
To (almighty, all-knowing) me, this is the best DEVO product. Their best song. Their best video. Their best 'spastification of a cliche'. This IS DEVO!
Uncon TROLLable
Secret Asian Man
More than 40 years ago the message began. But it has not been heeded.
Wal Ford
Way ahead of its time.
Wayne Gagnon
WOW.!!!! no one does this like DEVO. very LSD...
William Halstead
I've loved Devo since i was 11 years old..1980..I admit Whip It got me into them, but I bought Are We not Men and Duty Now right after that...This song/video is the weirdest thing ever.....one of my favorite bands of all time
William Hudgens
this looks and sounds like something that would be found playing on an old tube television in a serial killers house
William L.
Formed in Akron Oh 72-73....way,. way, wayyyyyyyyy ahead of the curve. Even their name , DEVO, means \
Thank you Spud Boys.
OMG this is the coolest song ever! I love this version the best.
Casale RIP
carcar jinks
i have a crush on that redhead in the waitress outfit
So creepy perfect. Quentin Tarantino should use this in a sequel to Pulp Fiction.
elderly poodle
Disturbed me !!! Ha!
flor wast
So, this is TWO songs they do better than the original...
So much win in this video--Parking their shitty big car right in front \nof the fire hydrant, Booji Boy's hand gestures starting at 1:36, the way they warped the lyrics to the song, the fat lady in the yellow turtleneck doing calisthenics, the man in the monkey mask singing into his banana. \n\nDoes mid-70s music get any better than this?
Wow to have seen this in 1974..What did people make of it then?
joe bierbower
anyone else think the double neck guitarist looks like Kurt Russell??
If u have any friends who drop acid.. Show them this.
lynn pehrson
This makes nine inch nails look like the backstreet boys
mischa dickerhof
we used to call this music \
freakin' wayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of its time..
pygar the HUN
So bizarre, it's EPIC! And in 1974. Pure Dada.
RIP Bob Casale.
scott left
creepy as ever.
slug stucker
I was very curious about the ping pong paddles used starting at 2:30, and after freezing the frame, I see they are the limited edition Nixon - Mao ones used to commemorate Nixon's historic visit to China in 1972. They have the very pronounced caricatures of each on them. Cool.
Anyone else smitten with the redhead?
Kraftwerk on acid!
Link Wray's Rumble riff at the beginning ...
Wonderful, wonderful!! Thanks for posting this! \n\nFYI, this was filmed in 1976.\nAustin Lucas - it's plugged into a space heater! Ha! And notice it's not a \