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Get excited for lunch with these delicious sandwich recipes. With these Twisted sandwich recipes gone are the days of having boring lunches. ____________________________________________________________________Timestamps: Any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!Also check out our other channels:Craft Factory: www.youtube.com/CraftFactoryVT: www.youtube.com/JungleVT

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Por que veo esto a esta hora y con hambre JAJA😔😂
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Wayyyy too much oil
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Tooo much fat😱😱
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It really sucks watching all these videos of food with a wired shut jaw.
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You wouldn't need dinner after those lunches.
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Nice stuff
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If you watch a lot of these videos you notice that there are a lot of repeat recipes with different tittles
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Kiss our asses, vegans!
ANY vegetarian recipes? Not everything has to have meat you know.
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good stuff lol
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Holidays & Celebrations
Perfect video for National Sandwich Month! I will share.
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any ANY recipe with no cheese? :^(
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All your recipes are Heart attack special, you supposed to enjoy and feel good the food you eat not feeling guilty, your all recipes are by far the worst unhealthy recipes on youtube 👎
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Beautifully made sandwiches, all look scrumptious! Yum! Perfect for Sunday brunch. I’ll try all of them. Thank you for this video. 😍
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Too much cheese n oil..
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Too much fat are there in all recipe
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no need to add oil to pancetta... \nTomato puree has to \
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This video just proved that everything looks better with cheese. Even if it’s a shit recipe, just add cheese. Thanks guys
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Looks really delish!!
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Great recipes, thanks for sharing.
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Please make some veg too
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I like the chicken and spinach sandwich...it's alot of talented people in the world...God don't make no Losers...
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I like how you people carve your bread perfectely every time\nNice recipes
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1:39 sounds like that one part in Rainbow Road
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Who the hell wants to eat raw olive oil?
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Why bacon in every dish
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Do ham, cheese, honey mustard \nHam cheese ranch \nTurkey cheese ranch \nTurkey onion ranch cheese
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How Americans get fat
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Please mention what you are using, its like guessing the ingredient
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who just has a loaf of bread laying in their house
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