My Wheel Chooses My Makeup Tools Per Step! | Mystery Makeup Monday

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Lol another Monday, another Mystery Challenge! I hope you guys enjoy this one!Colourpop Picks!: Business Inquiries: [email protected]

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Aaliyah Lacole
skin goals😍😍😩
Abigail McBean
Your reaction to getting the large brush for concealer was hilarious 😂😂😂
the “okay” after the contour was sooo sad 😭
Al Horn
All I’m thinking so far is watch her get that big ass brush for concealer 😂 I’ll wait...\n\n\n\nEdit: lmao I feel so accomplished!!!! 😂😂😂 she freakin did!!!! Lololol
Alexandra Sanchez
I was ready to see you do your brows with a beauty blender but your wheel came through 😂 I loved the eye look btw
Alice Lockhart
I keep waiting for her to say \
Alissa Ashley
Ps I use the shade Dark 40 in the Colourpop concealer!
Lmaooo I was hoping you landed on the big fluffy brush on the green for brows 😂😂
Amy Louwho
You have such a beautiful eye shape! I'd be so much happier with my hooded eyes if they looked like yours. Plus your talent is undeniable.
Ann Ann
I. Fell. Out. When I saw that big ass brush for the lips 😂😂😂😂. Wheel low key shady for that. It was really trying to play you.
Anne A.
I LOOOVE these series. Omg i laughed so hard when you picked the contour brush 😂😂😂
Ashley McClendon
Pauses at 1:35 just to have another laugh at that look she made when that brush was selected for primer application! Lol 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😆😆 I am so glad this series has returned! Also a bit off topic, but I cannot wait to see your knowledge of makeup pay off next month when NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop (... Rockafella records (but they kinda did) 🤣🤣) foundation drops! You are one of my FAVES and I've improved my game so much because of you! 😍
Ashley Menendez
Just bought the concealer! Although the concealer was only $6, i was surprised to see the code only took off $1.20
Bae Fabrizio
You know this week is going damn good when Alissa uploads *Mystery Makeup Monday*
Bella Channell
You ALWAYS do a great job but I watch you because I absolutely love your fun chill personality! 😎😘
Casey Joe
OMFGGGGGG the wow part and when the wheel landed on the brush you had to use for contour TOOK ME ALL THE WAY TF OUT!!! i'm real life crying right now
Chantal Lynch
Alissa, COME THROUGH WITH THE CREATIVE CONTENT! 💕 you make youtube fun. Who agrees?
Chazré Hill
4 colors, 2 brushes and a bomb eye look how did you do it??? Omg so beautiful
Cheyenne James
Ur so beautiful
Danielle McBrayer
She gave a whole half time college football coach pep talk after she got that brow brush 😂😂😂
Demetra Hornbuckle
I like how you really think about different content to put out for your subscribers...good for you Alissa😘😘
DoobieForBilly &Lili
Pt. 2 ?
Dulce maria Barroso
Alissa you should do the wheel based on make up brands’ for example nars for eyebrows , kat von d for primer ect ...❤️❤️❤️❤️
Omg I love these series and today was my favorite! So fun and hillarious, wheel tried to play you but you're the boss!
This is the creative content I have subscribed for💗💗💗
Elin Forslund
What??? I can’t even do my makeup with the ”right” brushes, you are a total gamechanger damn❤️❤️
Emilee Marie Olson
Killing it at the Mystery Makeup Monday shenanigans! You should do a mystery Makeup Monday using a full face of products from brands you have never used before!
Emma Cervin
Omg, when I landed on the lip brush for blush and contour 😂😭😭 I felt so bad for you, but you absolutely killed the challenge as always!
It’sMe Mariama
You should do your makeup base on the colors on the wheel like if you land on pink do pink brows and if you land on blue do like blue eyeshadow
Jakai Hodges
For one video, you can have someone else (like Arnell or Jazmyne) do your makeup and you can’t see your face until they are finished with everything or tell them how you do something or what to use on you.
What if you got the beauty blender for your eyebrows 😭😭😂😂💕
Jhope's Baseline
I love these videos ♥️ ☺️
Jocelyne Amaya
Where is your KISS shirt from? I love it!!! I wanna buy it for myself and my dad. He’s the biggest KISS fan!
John Smith
Put different countries on the wheel, and buy the makeup from each before u do a tutorial 😛
Julia Nell
OMG Alissa I have been wanting to restock on my colourpop concealer for LITERALLY months but Ive been cheap 😭😭😭 now I can use your coupon!!!!🙏🏻😂
I can’t stop laughing - the setting powder brush has me WEAK 😂😂😂
Kaitlin Kal Lee
This is GENUIS 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Kameron R.
Lmfaoooo the biggest brush for concealer 😂😂😂\n\nWhen that wheel stopped on the tiny brush for contour and blush I actually cackled out loud that was funny as hell. Your face was so over it 💀💀
Kareema Rhodes
love the mystery makeup Mondays. I would love to see you do one a mix of favorites and hated products.
Kathy Nguyen
You’re KILLING these mystery Monday’s!!
KayyCharles TV
You should have a guest to do mystery makeup with you 😂😂😂😂😂 @nikkietutorials would be perfect
It was not that bad. I love the eyes
I actually busted out laughing a few times which usually doesn't happen for me with makeup vids \u003c3 as always love your creativity!!
Lovely De'Anna
Alissa is a magician! She can do anything ! “Alissa is feeling all suppper humannn” 😍😍😂🎶
The hand is taking me out! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Madele Flores
Madeline Drummond
You should do a use hands only makeup challenge
Makaela Premont
How are you so freakin talented?! Love this series and this eyelook is fireeeeee
**tiny brush for primer** Off to a ruproarious start. Lol
Mar Τ
You should do a wheel of colors... For example you can choose the color of your eyeshadows the blush the lipstick maybe the eyeliner the mascara (how about a cyan one? 😂) the highlighter... It can turn out either very nice or you're gonna look like a clown... Love you❤️🤡
Mariana Pinho
Marina Costa
I gess it would be funny if you do a mistery makeup color, like putting different colors on the wheel and having to use that on every step. Example: blue foundation, orange contour... Just for the lols
Mascara Masquerade
KISS shirt for the win!!
Mellie D
I look forward to these videos every week 😊
Nawal H
Imagine if she got her hand for powder 😂
Nia B.
I always look forward to mystery Mondays!
Nicole M
BY THE WAY THIS VIDEO MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD LITERALLY. LOL.\n\n_that tiny contour brush though_
Paradyse Miller
How are you still killing it with the unlucky picks!? I would have for sure gave up when I got the tiny brush for contour but you rocked it!!!
I swear you can do no wrong!
R for RAE TV
Favorite series ever!!!
Rena’s Roblox Adventures
I love the wheel type videos!😍
Roman Aegis
The way you snatched that brow brush 😂😂😂
Samantha Wozniak
Your shirt gives me life.
Savana Smith
It's kind of cute and funny when she goes, \
Savannah Trimble
Girl. You're amazing. I can't even believe your blending skills I'm shook
Shyan Bacquain
Why u so bomb Alissa? 👏
i was waiting for this video i love mystery makeup mondaysssss
Sincerely Paris
This look was amazing...another makeup Monday should be the full face of lipstick challenge using whatever shadesyou spin for in that order (if that made sense lol)🤗
Steven Lopez
I died with your reaction to the primer brush! 😂😂👏🏼
T Hynson
I think these videos really highlight your talent. Girl, you are bomb!! That eye look is killer. How about wheel of color for the different steps? So you might end up with green blush, pink eyes and blue lips😁
Tabithas Thrifts
My son walked in the room while I was watching this video and said! \
Taiyeler C
That eye look is actually a banger
Tina Wang
Before I watched the video I was like \
Typical Black Women
That eye look tho!!
Vic. beauty
Omg that brush she had to use for Contouring was just everything😂
Xtine MD
10:33 was so funny 🤣🤣
Zarissa LeBlanc
Ooh put different makeup products on the board and you have to go in order of how you do your makeup but with whatever it was landed on.
ally dill
how has no one come up with this before 😫😫 we love a creative queen
amber may
You should do the same sort of thing but with products rather than brushes
THAT LAUGH I'm dying 😂 I'm obsessed with these mystery makeup Mondays lol
berry love
I think it would be fun to put colours on the wheel and you use the colour it lands on for every step.. Eg if you're doing your brows and it lands on red,you use the colourful kvd brow pomades. And if you're doing your blush and it lands on green, well, you rock green cheeks! 😂😂😂😂😂\nFingers crossed you actually do it😊
chillin goon
my dumb self thought yu were gonna use the actual picture hand to use on yur face, lol
I love this type of videos so much !\nKisses from Italy ✨
emma scotlan
i wish she got the big brush for brows that would’ve been hilarious hahah
esmeralda carlos
You should have YouTubers faces on the wheel and you call them and ask them what to for that part of the routine. I think it would be funny if not all the YouTubers were gurus
it's ivona
you did THAT giiiirl!!! 👏🏻😍
itsdianaaa v
ooooo my gawdds! your so creative but still look S N A T C H E D at the end !! Lots of love 💘💘
itzme_ dea
did she have on makeup on already\nbecause if she didn't then.....\nWow her skin is beautyful/gouregeus
Next time you should spin the wheel to see which product to use \nEx. For foundation she could spin blush and she would need to use blush for her foundation
what would happen if u mixed the lightest and darkest shade of foundation brands🤔
You should repeat this challenge. U were So funny
nya sha
alissa mystery makeup monday videos in a nutshell: \n\n“OMG THIS IS GONNA BE TERRIBLE”\n\n2 seconds later\n\n“ok it’s not that bad...”
7:17 tho lol 😂 🤣
tyler gearhart
is it just me or does she look a lot like zendaya
yasmin martinez
hahha the contour and blush brush had me dead
yasmine yeb
who else got mad for the wheel to spin on the right tools xD
zakiah tukes
Girl you can apply your makeup with a trash bag and itll still look flawless!
zulekha miah
I had really overwhelming anxiety bout how once Alissa would spin the wheel and every tool would go flying and stab someone 😂😂😂😳 but yeah apart from that I loved this whole video very original and creative!