Browns vs. Steelers Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Cleveland Browns take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 8 of the 2018 NFL season.Subscribe to NFL:

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AGK927 2.0
The steelers will finish 1st in the AFC North
Adam Zielinski
Three takeways from this game. Steeler fan here. One Hue Jackson should be fired, tomorrow. His offense is clearly disorganized and the offensive line is just banged up and atrocious. Second, Ryan Switzer and Nix need to understand how NFL rules work. That is on the special teams coach who at times Danny Smith is a moron. Lastly, the Browns have lost 25 road games in a row and 15 straight in Pittsburgh. So to any Browns fan that wants to bragg next season when and if you beat the Steelers next season in Pittsburgh, shut up. Jacksonville fans need to shut up too. It's called sustained success. Not one hit wonder years. The Steelers despite a medicore team or draft status picking at the bottom every year have sustained success. You can hate them and our fan base all you want, but you damn well better respect our level of sustainability over the years. Last losing record for the Steelers was 2003. Since 2004 the Steelers have not finished below 8 wins. So yeah you may win eventually Cleveland, but don't come bragging on here about how the Steelers suck because then you're just the most uneducated fan base in the NFL.
Americas Team
First Lue, now Hue?
Austin Novak
STEELERS ! 1st in afc north
Bob Bob
Steelers getting seven this year watch out pats and chiefs!!!
Browns Fan Since 2017
It’s tough being a browns fan
Chad Binger
Trade Bell, keep Conor. Think about it, Conor is a solid back and Bell is worth two first round picks.
Chilling Like a Krillin
Where's the bandwagon now Hue?
Chris Dropulich
It's days like these where I miss Troy Polamalu and other players like Ike Taylor, Hines Ward and others. It was an amazing era
Chris Gray
Franco Harris 9 Touchdowns through first 7 games & now James Conner puts his name right beside his with 9 TD's. \nJames Conner is doing some amazing things and needs to be recognized more now that Bell is a distant memory. I get it \nBell is an amazing RB but the baggage he brings is to heavy for this team to carry and Conner putting up better numbers it will be damn hard to bench a hero. Yes, James Conner is a hero, survived cancer, trained hard, made the NFL, told he will \nhave to carry the load and has been humble through the whole ordeal. In the 86-year history of the Steelers, the franchise’s first running back with three consecutive games with at least 100 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns. So glad the Steelers made him part of the team.
The way the start of the game happened, I thought we were actually going to lose to the browns
Corrie Nye
If mayfield had a good o-line they would be so much better good win for our steelers tho🤷\u200d♂️
D PizzleFlex
The first td was such a beautiful throw by Big Ben while on the move 👀
Drue White
James conner is verygood wow
Dustin Richards
Duzzit Matter
I wonder if. Cleveland’s defense can recognize a pulling guard at all? All of Connor’s running on the edge mostly came from R and L guard pulling to nullify the edge defender. Check out all of his runs in replay and watch the O-Line. This is bad scheme recognition on Greg Williams part.
Escocivo 30
James Conner is a amazing RB. The Browns O-Line is TRASH!!!
Fast Pony
Be hopeful Browns fans. You've got yourselves a QB and a RB to build around.
G Hobo
Artie Burns getting cut this year
With Tyrod they tied with Mayfield they died #StartTyrodlol
Gary Smith
That might have been Connor's best week! He is improving week by week. Watch out!
The browns time and time again cant finish a game
Go Cowboys
browns will be browns
Hamzah Fawaz
James Conner is something else 😤 Le'veon Bell who?
Hater Replicator
Dang, dude. What is up with Kickers this season?
Jack Fraser
lmao the way this dude says roethlisberger as a question is so funny
Jaime Garcia
Nice to see the steelers win after what happened earlier this week
Jake Wilson
The Pittsburgh Steelers win!!! Go Steelers!!! Steelers nation unite!!!
Jay Dog
Peep how the announcer says \
Jeremy Long
Well, despite the refs trying to give the game to the Browns they still loss, lmao.
Jeremy Wade
James Connor embodies everything that a Steeler should be.
Joe Budden TBE
This week on days of our steelers...
Joey_ Breezy
With that being said Big Ben is 23-2 against the browns. Steeler Nation stand up!!
Johnny Bernard
When are the browns getting a new kicker??
Jon Bennett
It looks like they're playing Iowa
Jorge Gaytan
Block numbers on the Jerseys are the best
Joshua Lawson
Like for win against Ravens!
Josue Tejada
Browns are given so many chances to win games, but it's like they don't want it
These are the worst announcers ever. A run for 1 yard sounds the same as a 40 yard touchdown pass. How about some emotion dude
Leveon bell is crying right now.
Kaizer X Gaming
Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says roethlisberger
Kamuela Faufata
The Steelers Jerseys looking nice
Kenneth Zinke
BELIEVELAND?: Did the Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 40-33 to save Hue Jackson's coaching job, yes?
Kip Allen
We Got A Stud In James Conner Baby Beast Mode Huh? GO STEELERS!!
Knowledge Seeker
Wanna hear a joke?\n\n\n\n\n\n\nThe steelers need leveon bell.
Luis Cervantes
the stars of this defense are undoubtedly TJ watt and joe haden
What A Game!! My Steelers Actually Played Good After Bye Week And Didn't Play Down To The Browns!!! Proud Of My Steelers This Game!
Conner With The Nasty Spin Moves! 💪🏾 🔥
Matt :D
Joe Haden has done well vs Players like Landry and Julio lately. Much needed #thanksHaden
Mike Johnson
Somebody tell me how a team starts a friggin season without a friggin kicker? Somebody tell me how that happens????? Please???
Mobile Gamer
We at the head of our division
Moshiko Biton
Here wo go! next week hard game in baltimore
Nate Phillips
Dont want to disrespect leveon or anything but him holding out this year was a big mistake
Nathan Moboto
GG browns we played tough out there shout out to the Steelers after playing an inspiring game after a horrible incident
Nicholas Rye
5:10 listen to the announcer every time the QB throws. “Rothlesburger” in the same voice 😂😂
Nick Brown
I feel we could have won this game if we simply used nick Chubb more we have two great backs with Duke Johnson and Chubb but it's like they don't want to use them like he was averaging 7yards per carry yet we not running 32 times like we were when we had Hyde I understand not using Johnson he seemed a little beat up and wasn't able to perform at his usual level but Chubb certainly needed more carries probably why they got fired
Pump Up The Jam
Can the Browns fire Hue Jackson yet? He has no idea how to utilize talent, his team is way too undisciplined (the play calls you can blame on Haley, but all the penalties are all on Jackson), and his first two seasons were just a joke, so this is no blip on the radar. He’s also far from a team player. He has no issue openly calling out coordinators, crediting himself after the game when they do something good, and saying “I’m the football coach” reminding us that he’s really the missing piece, because things just went so well the first two years he had control over playcall. I was okay with them bringing him back at the start of this season, but I’ve seen enough.
RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound
Hue jackson is the worst coach in the league i cant wait until we fire his ass
RMC 004
Very happy with James Connor, bell can stay at home, when he does come back he should split carries with Connor, because Connor has earned the starting RB role
Royal Mitchell
The Steelers should wear those throwback jerseys permanently
GG Browns! Hold yas head up! Ya are getting better! Let’s go Steelers
Sam Co
Maybe Mayfield isn't that good?
Savage Mcgee
All Le'Veon has done by holding out is proved that running backs ARE expendable LMFAO what a headass.
Shawn Sanders
Browns kicker is awful. They lose that game anyway but that kicker got to go.
ShoGuns Gas
Smoking On that Brownie Pack.😂😂😂
Skeletal Pirate
Vance Macdonald is a truck
Steel Maiden
iF tHe BrOwNs StArTeD bAkEr, ThEy WoUlD hAvE bEaT uS wEeK oNe\n\n\nDumbest fans in the NFL
Le'veon Bell?!? Who is he?
The United State Of Iowa.
Did I mention James Connor beat cancer?
TheKing Magnum
Were my steelers fans at at ?!
Le’Veon who?
Torri Howard
Go Game 🤗Team #84!!!\nRemember to step up next week Against the Ravens please 🤗😌
Tyler Lugtu
If Conner keeps this up I may never want leveon bell back
Unknown Contact
R.I.P Hue Jackson’s job...
Weiran Jiang
I see why Steelers doesn’t wanna pay Bell that much money...they are building up another one
Wes S
its a terrible tragedy what happened in Pittsburgh to the Jewish community #✡stranger than hate
William Anthony
The straw that broke the camel's back... Hue Jackson Just Got FIRED!!!
Willy's Toys
Today's my birthday, can i get a like? ❤👍
Zach C
If the Steelers can just start the game the way they play the second half we’d be winning by 30 each game. A wins a win tho \n#HereWeGo
Zach Danner
As a browns fan we have the players but the calls called wtf...
antoine cote
McDonald is THE most unstoppable force in the NFL right now and I hate the steelers
biggno jones
Conner is looking like Franco Harris
connor polsdorf
steelers are so much better
dice da goat
We don't even had le'veon bell on are team and we still beated the browns
fade Ben
So how much money did Bell lose by foolishly holding out? Conner has done a great job in his spot.
Nick Chubb should be all time starter
soid drone slayer
The Browns jus couldnt score enough points, in the AFC you got to be able to score alot of points when you play against teams like Pittsburg, NE, KC and the Chargers. The Browns coach hotseat jus turned into an inferno.
xSaintsfangirl #WHODATNATION
James Connor had a field day, he explodes much better than Le'veon, and he just makes a play after play after play. I wish James would've played a lot last season.