2018 Italian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Sebastian \
For those that think Vettel is on a level with Hamilton and Alonso, you're deluded. This race again just exemplifies the difference between being good and being the very best.
Abdullah Rasheed
Hamilton haters with the dislikes there... hes the man 👍
Aleksandar Đorđević
Hamilton will be a champion, probably in Mexico. Vettel is very bad under pressure , Ferrari should try again with Alonso, he was very close to title with far worse car.
Alex Ball
Rakkonen's weekend:\n\nSaturday: Bwoah-le position\nSunday: Bwoah-ld rear tyres
Alex Llg
Wow what a race this one and azerbaijan best one so far
Alex ander
Huge Vettel and Ferrari fan here, but It is clear that Lewis is a little better than Vettel. Within their 10/11 years spent in F1, Lewis had a couple of more years of experience driving for a top team: He already was at McLaren ( they were competitive back then), while Vettel was not in F1 yet and then while he drove for Toro Rosso the first year. Those two years makes a lot of difference on the learning curve. Then Lewis had few so, so years at Mclaren and the early Mercedes when they were not so competitive and he had to learn to make up for the difference. Those \
Congratulations to Lewis win the champions 🍾🏆🎆\nFantastic drive 👏
Kindly show driver standings after showing the race standings in the highlights...
André Niemand
I know this is sad for Ferrari fans. But Kimi did a grand job this race. He did what he could.
Andrés Hernández
every race hamilton wins, ferrari and vettel fanboys claim it was the most boring race ever, let's hear it now, hahaha
AnimalPlays RSA
Vettel finds new ways to lose the championship every year😑
Kimi driver of the day?\nKimi for president*
Ashlei Naidoo
vettel is a good driver,without a doubt..four championships...but he trying to much to get to the front with a clearly faster car..hmhe knows Wat he's up against.. (lewis)Hamilton is the best!!no doubt..records will tumble even more by him..he destroyed two ferrari's in Italy..he is also the best ever in the rain..I saw Schumacher go off in the rain and he is regarded as the rainmaster..Lewis never went off..Wat that makes him..Lewis doesn't get enough credit or praise from anyone in the paddock..that's just wrong guys..we seeing him make light up f1!we hear about max and vettel only!!we all know Wat they doing
Attila Bori
Bottas: Wingman\nKimi: Iceman\nLewis: Youaretheman\nAlonso: Karma-n\nGrosjean: Roma(i)n\nSeb: German...
Bottas has beaten Lewis in other tracks and qualifying sessions. But he just didn't have the pace today. So 3rd or 4th is all he could have gotten. He knew that, Mercedes knew that, and he drove brilliantly to achieve that and give Lewis an opportunity to attack. Top notch team work, great driving, and great strategy. Not to mention, the current and 4-time World Champion showing why exactly he is the best on the grid at the moment.\n\nFerrari have shown, once again, that after a decade of winning nothing they have lost the touch of a champion. They, like Vettel, crack under pressure and make amateurish decisions. Whether one likes Ferrari or doesn't, their lack of experience (with this team over the recent years) compared Mercedes is painfully obvious. Bottas has been used 2 or 3 times this season, and at all times they maximized team points and real results for both drivers. Ferrari have literally sacrificed Kimi over the season and still can't put their lead driver with the best car on top of the standings.\n\nFerrari can still win. Despite all, they still have great people, 2 good drivers, and the best car. But not with weekends like this. Exciting stuff awaits us in SG.
As a neutral German watcher I have to say Hamilton just seems to be the better driver. Vettel makes too much mistakes.
Carlos Roberto Sorrentine
Castro BR!
Hamilton the best wold
As a Ferrari fan, I blame Seb for not being patient on the first lap. You have the better car. Lewis passed you on the outside. Knowing that you have the better car, why doing risky moves like this instead of waiting and getting back the position a few corners after. It led Kimi in a Mercedes sandwich costing him the win and yourself some points.
Da Coco Nut Nut
Poor Raikkonen...
Diego A
no es normal que grite de esa manera el comentarista
Kimi vs Hamilton is so much more entertaining to watch, just like 10 years ago... and surprise surprise they never crash into each other unlike Seb... too bad Ferrari backs the wrong driver.
Felipe Fernandes
Formula Rosberg
Interesting tactics by Ferrari to let Lewis win
Futt Bucker
Vettel has a Ferrari, but Mercedes have Hamilton!
GT Nismo
Lewis Hamilton has the focus and reflexes of a machine. Incredible.
Glauber Belo
We’re so proud of Lewis. This race was a master class of driving for all world. 🏁
That was probably the best race of this season.
Lewis Hamilton, the best pilot EVER!\nDo you need any further proofs?
Ibrahim Mchumo
Hamilton is a beast of a driver. the best driver on the grid
Outrageous result. Ferrari had every advantage, they should have won this race. Mercedes came here and took it from them.
Jamaa L
James Eaton
That was a team effort. Ferrari is clearly the better car but Silver Arrows is a better team.
James Joseph
Those who said Lewis Hamilton need better car and pole position to win can eat #$$t. There are no drivers who make passes like LH and match his aggression and steely mentality. He is the true heir to Senna.
James Waye
Definetly one of, if not the most entertaining races of the season so far.
1:35 best Moment ❤💙❤💙❤
Jedercan 30
Cant stand Hamilton at all but how he won was pure skill. Vettel in other hand comlete disappointment, cant believe how many mistakes he made so far this season.
John Beethoven
What an exhilarating and dramatic race. Hamilton is special, what a talent. Kimi is a class act, I'm a Hamilton/Mercedes supporter but I wouldn't have minded seeing Kimi win, would have been a special moment but Mercedes and Hamilton showed why they're the best right now. Bottas is a great teammate, not everyone can be Michael Jordan, nothing wrong with being Scottie Pippen.
It would have been so funny if Hamilton said Grazie ragazzi on the podium
Judith Majoro
Well Done Lewis #TeamLH
Keisuke Takahasi
frustrating race for vettel (inculding me) and ferrari fans but it was a good race. lewis had a good run and i respect him as a driver. please dont start this fanboy war again
Krazy Gamer
Hamilton is such a crazy guy sometimes
Lucas Koukouvaos
I love how Alonso retiring isnt even a highlight anymore. Thats just depressing
Luciano Sampaio
Best race of the year, hands down!\nThought it is not so hard...
Got to give it up for Hamilton. He is hungrier than anybody else on the track and he'll break Schumacher's record I'm sure of it now.
Lukas Mihara
Vettel, slightly blocked by Kimi, avoids a harder crash with Hamilton resulting in only him losing anything. Maybe next time he should hit Hamilton harder then?\nAnyways, I think Vettel shouldnt have been in that position anyway. Must have focused more on Kimi and not so much on Hamilton.\nHe also could have just let him pass and then reovertake later. But these are all very difficult decisions to make in such a short time.\n\nSeeing both Ferrari with such tire problems makes me wonder if they really have the \
Vettel sometimes really has the racecraft of a rock. If he'd think sometimes he would be ahead in the championship. In the end I think Lewis is going to win this title because he drives so much smarter.
Noob hamilton
Nico Rosberg Fan 6
For me Räikkönen is the true winner.
Nx Doyle
That was Ferrari's to lose, and they lost it.
Paulo Gimenes
Hamilton is the best racer
Brilliant drive from Hamilton but he can thank Bottas for destroying Kimi's tyres
Y'all had no problem with Rubens Barrichello when he was being a slave for Michael Schumacher, anyone remember Austria 2002 or were none of you born or old enough? Today's kids just don't think things through enough and come up with silly statements to justify Hamilton winner other than being a great driver. If it was anyone else against Vettel, he (Seb) would be walking it. Within time you'll come to realise how special Hamilton is; he is the best naturally gifted (obsessed) driver of his generation and has consistently out performed cars he's been in, noteably his first WDC in McLaren when Massa stuffed it up and during the Ham/Butt years. At least this took some skill from Bottas to hold up Kimi..
RWhitesLemonade Drinker
Last year he beat vettle fair and square and Ferrari were on equal terms, this year Ferrari are ahead, the mercs as a team given him the tools and he is showing patients, calmness to win races, Lh can overtake and be overtaken safely, unlike vettle, crashstappen, kmag and a few others, who’s better come home with points or a person who has damaged car and come home with less points or not at all, smart me thinks
Reis The Racer
What a race Hamilton did! I like Ferrari and Vettel a lot, but as a racing lover, I must admit that until now Hamilton is the driver of the season.
Richard Chileshe
I think Max is a filthy mouth sportsman who should think about all the young viewers before he goes on his foul mouth Tirades....  And that F1 should fine and penalise him heavily.....    And I think that Redbull is making Daniel pay for his choosing to leave (not a coincidence that he has so much reliability issues in recent races)... buy undermining his confidence in his move to Renault.....  Stay happy my man!!!!!
Royce Ferrari
Sebastian Failttel does not deserve the Ferrari driver position
Vettel needs to calm down ... he could have let Hamilton pass and with a significantly superior power unit ... could have overtaken Lewis really easliy (like he always does) at the straight ... it would have ended with a Ferrari 1-2 ... Vettel needs to work on his driving under pressure .. I think that was his big mistake ...\nRegarding the incident it was 50% 50% Hamilton put seb on the curb ... that made him understeer into Hamilton....
Samir Haouam
Yes yes you are the mennnnnnnnn\nHamilton
Samir Samirli
Hamilton very good.
Sangam Sangam
Hamilton is not liked because is black genius
Santos Jerez
Took the sport over 50 years to have a driver like Lewis on the Grid , he is the best thing to ever happen to F1 Period fastest greatest driver no matter the era..
Sergey Pupko
Came here for the race recap, stayed for the comments.
Shannon Greer
What’s wrong with Ferrari, seriously!? Even with the faster car, they keep losing vital points...if they can’t get strategy right at this level then they ain’t gonna bring home any championships in the near future.
Shaun Pinto
Well Mercedes will be the most hated team of 2018
Snowcone Guy
I was crossing my fingers for Kimi ...\nbut c'mon ... he had the fastest car, started from pole, had no problems with the car, and Vettel was out of the picture.\nAnd still doesn't win ...
Stay Open Minded Jay
Honestly, Lewis Hamilton, YOU ARE THE DOG BOL...KS. I watch this race daily.
Stephane D.
Can he takes the lead of Italian grand prix ? Yes he can...
Steven Heartstone
Even if Ferrari has the fastest car atm, they're not able to win the world championship cuz they always make stupid mistakes, like driving mistakes or wrong strategy, or bad pitstops or or or...
Record History for Lewis Hamilton.
Max is an idiot. ‘I gave him room’, yes Max, but it needs a to be enough room to fit a car.
Ironic. Everyone here in Finland who watch F1 wanted Kimi to win and then there is that other finn who was quite big reason why Kimi did not win.. Shit.
The Saplas
I used to like Bottas.\nI thought he could be more.\nThought he had potential.\nTurns out, he's just a pawn to Mercedes. \nAnd thats just sad. :(\n.\n.\n.\nEDIT: He didn't even race for himself.\nHe could box earlier to not lose any time. \nThis way he wouldn't even have any battles with Verstapen thus not risking his podium finish.
Tiernan Still
Hahahah that's what Ferrari gets for trying to crash Hamilton again.
Twirlypen PSN
I can't take any more of the obvious favoritism Lewis has gotten. Kimi touches him in Silverstone, gets a 10-second penalty. He plows into the side of Seb, no action. I've always wanted to go to an F1 race since I was little. But now that I'm an adult and see what actually goes on, I'm not so sure I want to hand over my money.
Even though i wish Vettel wins the championship Hamilton has been driving very well this season. Vettel needs to pick up the pace.
Vineeth Prabhu
If you give Hamilton a Force India car, still he will win with his skills and talent. He's the G.O.A.T
Vittorio Fabregas
Need more Kimi vs Lewis in my life. Two of the best battlers on the grid right now. As fast as Vettel is he cannot handle a dog fight with Lewis. \n\nSide note: Max needs to understand that the room he has to give needs to fit a car. Bottas was at the edge of the track already.
W Wood
So glad Ferrari lost again hahahaha
Willyam Ronnald
Hamilton the best.
Zalán Szeghalmi
Driver of the day: Bwoah\nWingman of the day: Bottas\nBest fans of the day: Hamilton\nVerstappen of the day: Verstappen\nHonda of the day: Renault
I have been wondering how Vettel ended up spining and not Lewis until i examined the highlights in this video. Turns out it wasnt just bad luck but Hamiltons cat like instincts that saved his car and hurt Vettels race. If you look at the 0:55 and 0:34 ; you will notice that at 0.55 Vettel hits Lewis Hamilton which makes him spin for a millisecond however uses Lewis corrects that spin by using unbelievably fast skills as shown in 0:34 however his correction causes his Mercedes to hit Vettels car which instead causes Vettel to spin. Now im sure that the FIA also noticed this and I think it was fair for them to call this a racing incident even though Lewis might have caused Vettel to spin. I think Lewis cannot be blamed for correcting Vettels mistake
Well done Vettel... well done... 4 time world champion my ass... this guy needs a rocket ship to win a championship... what a yoke.
jordan Jingkovilova
All these Hamilton haters blaming Bottas for keeping Kimi behind and those pit stop bluff. Mercedes just outclassed the Ferrari this Sunday. Accept that.
Vettel is not good enough to win a championship without a superior car\nHe makes too many mistakes
liban jama
i enjoyed the fight btwn ham and kimi giving each other space
It's probably just a matter of time before Max causes a bad crash. He clearly has a problem with other drivers overtaking him with the help of DRS. His reaction to the 5 sec penalty quite obviously shows how narcissistic he is.
Didn't know that Bottas was also the safety car driver
rest n 1 piece
i would love to see the battle will be decided in 2 races remaining for this year.but the championship was decided by yerterday's race.it is over for ferrari and vettel,unless badluck will happen to mercedes car.it was proven so many times by hamilton how to get back on top even under pressure.he is the best driver in this era that nobody can surpass
Put championship table at the end of video
saggy paw
Tactical masterclass from Merc. Driving masterclass from hammo. And ferrari fans boo. Need to boo vettel. Needs to realise a grand prix is a marathon not a sprint. Trying to win it at the second corner. Oh dear
When he is on it,there is no stopping him,the Ferrari is clearly the faster car,ill say this,if Hamilton was driving that Ferrari he would have won by half a lap.
shashank Reddy
Humiliating Ferrari in home ground is fun.
It's a war of attrition (each race and the season). Hamilton understands this, and Vettel apparently doesn't. Vettel knew he had one of the 3 fastest cars, and should have just allowed Hamilton to overtake.. living to fight another lap. Lose the battle / win the war.
vasilis patistuta
No further action? Vettel must be punished. Hamilton was in front. He went to crash hamilton. Raikonen did not do the same later!!!