"Mexican Jedi" - Trevor Noah - (Lost In Translation) RE-RELEASE

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100 favors
You really made my day!!!!!!!!!!
ALizardLoves You
Foreplay to my honesty
Aisea Konrote
Love that \
Art Marquez
Mexicans and Hispanic culture in General are the unsung Heroes of the United States. You will find at least one in the back of the house of almost every restaurant in the country. We have been a major force in every single American conflict since and including this countries independence. Mexicans are the ones creating the back drops of all major movies sets we make remodeling your home affordable and do t even get me started on the roll we play in the agricultural industry. Mexicans have been in this country before it was even a country and Hollywood refuses to cast us in rolls that depict what America actually is. It's like as if we don't exist, but I guarantee that if we were to disappear tomorrow this Nation would fall flat on it's face. It is a shame that we are being swept under the rug. Racism sucks. But Anyway Trevor we live hour shows and performances. Jeep up the good work. Send a shot out to Classic Eats Deli if your ever in Denver. We would love to come see you. God Bless.
Arwa Yousuf
I'm in love with his smile 😍😍soo cute💜
Ballistic RSA RSA
Ben Ruckus
No Mexican Jedis, because even in Star Wars they'd be illegals, oh I mean \
Bill omar
Love from all Africans 😙😚
Braulio Canas
There is not Mexican Jedi in Star Wars franchise because, if we were in such universe, we will working our asses off at construction places, hospitals, or getting degrees and pimping our trucks rather than solving white man problems like, \
Candice Hickerson
I feel like I've seen this before...
Chama Mukamba
I love this, never gets old
Christopher White
Because Star Wars happened \
Cyndi sammy
Me: So what happened at the end of the body search 🤔\nGrandma: Well...maybe they found he had a metal tooth😎
D'marie Lingen
We Love you Trevor 😍 thank you for the smiles and laughs❤️❤️
Danyaal Mohamed
He clearly doesn't know anything about Star Wars. It's not in the distant future of America. Did you not see the beginning words that say \
David Michaels
Same comedy from South Africa , converted to american
I love the fact that he was cracking up at his own joke before saying it. you know that joke is improv at it's finest...
Dilsey Scoggin
Trevor you are an amazing comedian. Please keep the videos coming, new or re-release & keep us laughing. In this day & age, we really need you. God's Blessings to you & your family Trevor. 🙏💖🙏😘
Epic Dyslexic
As a short person I now will only say that I chose to grow low in reference to my vertically challenged ass 😂😂
Esther Adesina
Love from Nigeria... 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Cassian Andor the only Mexican I've seen in the franchise. Played by Diego Luna
Fellow Human
Trevor has a wand fetish
Freddy Mande
To everyone saying there is already a Mexican/Hispanic in \
Graceless Ballerina
No one else gonna say that Star Wars takes place long, long ago?
Han Bel
I love you cousin 😚\nPS I'm african too so that's make as cousins even if I'm not black because. . You know Just forget out it I love you 😙
Hannah Abrahim
You are one of the best comedians out there. Honestly the amount of times you've made me cry of laughter is just out of this world. You just have a way of breaking things down in the most hilarious ways. Truly, I am hoping nothing but the best for you. You're so talented and really deserve all the success coming your way. 🤩😘❤️
Hawaa Sarwary
What if valazquez watches this 😂
I AM Zero223
They do have a Mexican Jedi his name is juan.
I. Nardone
DIEGO LUNA is the Mexican Jedi!
Ignacio Guerrero
Thats it. I chose to grow low.
Ivan Johnson
Yo soy tu padre!
Jacques Bekker
Whoever disliked this video has no soul.
Jean Roch
I love this kid 🤣
Joana Wendy
Truly an amazing comedian
John Abuan Galapia
LOOK. It's your father Men 😂 😂
JuicemanKaapp0 Kaapp0Juiceman
we are all just \nmexicaN\n&\nbLack
Juliet Garcia
Kristian Basile
How is Star Wars a future US? Most of the series doesn't even take place on Earth ffs.
Kyïv stuff
So what was beeping on you???!!! You’ve made me invested in that story and left me hanging!!! What the eff was beeping?!!
Trevor....WHENEVER I WATCH YOU I CANT DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING OR I WILL CHOKE...thats meant to come in a good way \u003e.\u003c\nkeep em cominggg! YOu are an AMAZING comedian for this era we need people like you ENjoy life!
Les Elhbr
Mexican snow white is Trevor Noah 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👏👏is 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Makes perfect sense to me. Chicano studies teaches us that Mexicans are a Cosmic People. That and machsimo is a bunch b.s.
Macky Leiva
Trevor, I need you to do a World Tour. Or at least just come to Argentina and I'll take all my friends. The three of us will have a great time 😂
Makaveli Hands on the bar Warrior
Marcel Sirer
Did Velazquez found anything?
Maria Hammarström
Trevor, you clever, funny, cute man, you... You´re the best!
Marko d Nivel
diego luna is the mexican jedi
Mauro Villarreal
Yeah, there has to be Mexicans in star wars? Someone needs to wash, clean, and give maintenance to the death star 😂....
Michael Ramon
Trevor, if Star Wars is a vision of America in the future, it's a vision of America after it's been ruled by plant-destroying Nazi wizards for several decades. Of course there aren't any Mexicans left! The Empire is so white their uniforms are white!
Mz_ Kayla
Love you Trevor 😩😩
Naidelyn Orozco
I thought he was going to talk about Diego Luna lol
Nena ABA
There is already a Mexican rebellion soldier: Diego Luna
Nicklas Brady
When i saw mexican Jedi i had to see what this was
What I love about Trevor Noah, apart from his dimples and the cutest smile, (duh!). Is the fact that he never uses any indecent language! That's class!
Noseey Kitty308
I heard a light saber.\nI'm so done lol XD
Ovilia Bernard
looookkk!!!\nno!! loook maeenn!!!\n\nAWESOME LOL
Am I the only one who wants to know what the Mexican Jedi found?
I get what you mean with there being no Mexicans in Star wars but there are no humans in star wars, soooo. Not to be that guy but I thought I should say.
Rachel Dannheisser
When he laughs at his own jokes 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️
Raquel Velazquez
It was probably my dad 🤭
Ricky Poon
Palpatine: the Dark Hombre of the Sith
Salih rahma
Good job keep on
Sammy Williams
4:22 how did he miss the easy \
lol I knew this guy triggered people but man! The comments section is lit with haters. This joke was barely offensive. The only thing stereotypical was the accent. It's not like he said \
Smitten Marigold
BORING BORING BORING!!! I didn't know that Trevor can be BORING sometimes.
Sofiqul Islam
Brother in comedy nobody beats u.\nBut my eyes was on you, Bro you're dame handsome. Can I borrow ur this suit. Awesome.
Swapnil Lonkar
Benchmark for comedy. Hats of to you Trevor.
Tania Gonzalez
I want free things on free things because I'm MEXICAN 😁😝
The Joy
The Mr. Man
Travis Faulkner
basically he was the POPE of the TSA
Trevor Noah
Before you comment and say \
Hawena, you are the best!
this has gabriel iglesias written all over it but still funny haha
Wahab Gool
Lol trevor, I subscribed before you asked me to, in fact, the moment i saw you had a channel
Wendi Watson
Wilson Muñoz
I'm Mexican and i'm offended if anyone gets offended.
Yes I’m Blessed
😂🤣😹 I just found this channel! I’m in Heaven!
Yuri Lozano
It is a Mexican on Star Wars... But is no accent :(\nAnd sadly is no other human languages there, just North American english, aliens and robots.
andy Choi
I just luuuuv that last part of the video LOOOL \
anthony ramos
No mexican jedi but we had a robot Arturito (R2D2)
What the heck since when did you have a channel?!
chunda brantley
LOL so when we getting married Trev? You can't run forever and we have 3 imaginary kids waiting on the astro plain, let's go!!😄😄🤗🤗😍😍😍🤣
clarence sandford
Luke..... Luke...... Look man 😂😂 lost it
enrique iglesias heartbeat
You're the best Trevor...!!!\nYou're the best
mariana mendoza rojas
Trevor (boyfriend) we are trained from a very young age... you know because of piñatas. IT is not easy but we are accomplished in that area.
patricia lepage morgan
🤣I felt like I was being blessed😂
Want free things on free things... Lol lol
teresa ginny
There is not a Mexican Jedi... but we have Diego Luna as one of the main characters in Rogue One which is nice
Star wars is not in the future... it's in the past... a long time AGO, in a galaxy far away... past...
yuh yuh
Trevor took acid before his flight.