The Top 10 Crashes You Forgot

Anyone remember these?! Can you think of anymore that might have made this list?For more F1® videos, visit

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Aditya Shekhar
2:57 High on octane
Anton Tsang
Hamilton’s crash was pretty cool you could hear is reaction as the tyre blew.
Artur Rodrigues
F1 in Portugal again!!!!!
Barney Ward
Damn. Out of all of these, I think #7 is the only one I don’t recall seeing previously.
Why would anyone forget Hamilton's 2nd last lap tyre failure at Catalunya? It's one of the best memories ever :D
BeefGamer 23
I didn't forget them because I didn't know about them.
BlueangelLFT Xn
It's Burger!!
Bruno Ferreira
Bring Back the Portuguese Grand Prix!
Maybe top 10 crashes from the 21st century?
Carsten H
I miss the Katayama crash in Portugal 95 !
Christopher Michael
Mine is Luca Badoer, 2009 Belgian GP Qualifying
1:01 \
Da Coco Nut Nut
2004 and 2005 had four free-practices lol
Dipesh Patel
0:25 The moment when Hamilton lost the 2010 WDC.
Dnero 7K
I most definitely didn’t forget Spain 2010 or Australia Monza and Singapore
Duarte Cardoso
I just want the PortugueseGP again
Dylan Heywood
The 4th one was in fp4\n\n\nI didn’t know that was a thing back then
Dyndus 4
No Kubica from GP Canada???!
Jokes on you. I remember all of them
Make top 10 we will never forget, Top 3:\n1. Vettel hits Bottas\n2. Vettel hits Hamilton \n3. Vettel hits Verstappen\nBonus: Vettel hits the wall in Hockenheim
How could i forgot lewis crash?
Fardzan Rukmana
Is that Jaguar?? I miss their green livery
Fck U
That’s why F1 don’t come to Portugal? \nReally come on
I've heard the background song before...what's the name of it? I remember hearing it in the background in NHL Games
That Kimi haircut 2:23
Future Dqve
10. I remember it \n9. I remember it \n8. I forgot it \n7. Ive never seen it :o\n6. I remember it \n5. I remember it \n4. I remember it \n3. I remember it \n2. I remember it \n1. I forgot it
The Trulli & Sutil press conference is legendary 😂
Giuseppe Mauro 21
Fantastic crash
Hamza Qureshi
0:22 music to my ears
House Station Live .com
so many funny comments in there ^^
Mark Webber in Valence 2010, Montoya in Indianapolis 2006, Klien in Hungary 2005. Jenson Button and Baumgartner in Spa 2004.
i didn't forget these....\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\ni just wasn't born for most of them
Ignacio Aguirre
Patrese's flip and Berger's active suspension failure are quite famous
Ilya Mamin
#1 is the only one I didn't knew about.
Im a Cat
1993 Berger One's Was a weird Crash\nFun fact he's Using active suspension and it broke so.... That happend so he skidded of the track and crash
Imotorium VLOG
Without Halo they're still alive
Jack Ryeng
The crash Berger had coming out of the pit lane was actually a result of the Active Suspension being programmed for the wrong part of the track, causing his Ferrari to bottom out and remove traction from the tyres, not his fault.
Jamie Lewis
Anyone here after the Sophia floersch crash
Jochen Rindt
Top 10 Crashes That You Forgot\n\n*sees video*\n\nWhat Crashes?
João Ferreira
Portugal used to have really good races!!!
I remembered quite a few of these, but not all! Interesting video ☺
Top 10 videos from F1? Yes please👀
Engineer: \
Kirill Menshikov
I would like to see in some future not only Quali or Race session from GPs, but practices & warm-ups too\nBecause 40% of these crashes are from practices, and usual fan of F1 simply could not watch them in 1994, 2001 or even in 2004 or 2005
I think I remember #4. Thumbs up if you do remember it.
Why Pastor Maldonado was not in the video???🤔
I knew 8, 4 and first.
Where is the crash from Mark Webber in 2010?
Leo Goria
Two things that I learned from this video:\n\n- There needs a Portuguese GP\n- There needs a Pt. 2 of this video
Maciej Macura
Make part 2 Please.
Mat Ek
A gdzie dzwon Kubicy? 😯
Its a compilation of Gerhard Berger :')
Max Poh
There was a free practice 4?
Do you remember these?\n2006 Räikkönen and Liuzzi Hungarian GP\n2008 Hamilton Bahrain FP2\n2012 Rosberg and Karthikeyan Abu Dhabi GP
1:29 The front looks like from 1960's cars
Who put WatchMojo into my F1? 😏
OL Motors
nice flight williams😎4
Omar Faruk
It's a technological marvel how drivers can walk out of these 100-150mph high speed accidents... \n\n...and still have enough energy to argue with one another. True testament to F1 tech.
Owen Allsop
Did you know Michael Schumacher and gerhard berger crashed more like
There used to be 4 practice sessions?
Liking this comment will give you absolutely nothing.
Pedro Alves
RTalk [Ravi_Shankar_Prasad]
I love this sport.
Bring Portugal back!
Rafael Carlos
Takuma Sato and Nick Heidfeld, crash in Austria 2002 wow :)
Rafael Lima
Please Liberty Media, save the Donington Motor Museum.
2:13\nIt was at this moment, Alonso knew he f**ked up
I guess I am the only one without alzheimers then....
SimbaYoyo12 Vlogs, Gaming and formula 1
Heeeere comes burger geeeerhard burger
Sounhour Nim
Maldernado the legend
Stephen Taylor
The Schumacher crash at Melbourne didn't affect him too much considering he still pulverised everyone in qualy and the race. I remember the Brazil 2009 one actually.
The crash we will never forget:\n\nEricsson going into Grosjean!
TableTop Mr
Végre Zsolti is bekerült egy Top10-be. Kár, hogy egy belemenéssel :(
Where is Christian Fittipaldi's 360 in Monza '93???
But I remembered all these crashes.
Thomas McNamara
No music please!
Tibor Szilvási
Ott van Zsolti 😍😀
Tommy Kee
Bahrain 2008 Lewis crash in barrier, Lewis 2013 Q3 Abu Dhabi spins quali lap
I never even seen many of these crashes so there was pretty much nothing to forget.
1:43 WAAAA! Oh dear...oh dear...
#BringBackPortugalGP GREETINGS FROM PORTUGAL ! \u003c3
William gamer channel
I only forgot 3
Formula 1 putting out a crash comp on a Thursday.\nTrying to steal some racing fail views 😋
crazy guy
1:02 typical f1 2018 online lobby\n\nThe car is terminally damaged -------retire from session.................................faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
baumgartner zsolt a top10-ben bexarás!
eco Skywalker
My analysis: F1 should go back to Portugal, that's where the action happened.
flu 2001
allan mcnish in suzuka 2002 horror crash in qualifing when he lose the car at the end of the corner and slamed in the barrier, the crash was that heavely, that the car slams true the barears.
Bring F1 back to Portugal!
3 crashes just in Estoril-Portugal.
max verstappen
You forgot to include Jos Verstappen and Juan Pablo Montoya. JP was going to win his first race but Jos verstappen who was one of the last ones crashed him
Since we dont have Berger on the grid anymore, i think it's safe to bring F1 back to Portugal. Every major brand since the testing of the P1 GTR has been using Circuito do Estoril and obviously Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, which are both loved by almost every driver that has a chance of going for a few laps in either
random t-rex
free practice 4 did that exist
Bring back portugal for more crashes
Їжак Сопливий
佐藤 - Satō