Driving with a MEXICAN MOM [PART 1]

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Any other moms like this?!WATCH PART 2 - LUH YUH-eGO

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4 Realz
Madre: He was Asian, don't worry about it\n\n\nMe: ( -O-) nuh nuh nuh nuh nub nuh nuh
610 Brian
Bro this shit too funny!!!!
You know you’re Mexican if you’re parents take pranks to far (you know your Mexican if 7)
Amiriza Montoya
Araceli Diaz-Guzman
there is someone in the back seat😂😂
Ashley Monkey
You know u Hispanic when..... You go grocery shopping and u don't throw out the plastic bags BUT, use them as trash bags lmfaooo
3:43 is the beat part of this video. well, it's not part of the video it's bloopers. 😂
Bri. Universe
Alavare every Mexican kid knows this song😂
Bryan Vargas
what song us that in the radio ?
Cecilia Morales
ay estop! jajaja
Cristian Alejo
There's some one I the background
0:48 isn't that a church song?
Daniela Plata
The ending😂😂 estas bien
theres people in the back of the car
Darlene Lertora
so hilarious lol laghing so hard love it
Dayanara Delaherran
I need to show my mom this
Dee Lopez
please do a part four
Diego Vargas
Dope Kvng Gaming
you could see someone in the back set
Emanuel jara
whos watching 2018 ?
Emily Gonzalez
Any 2018 humans out there?😂
Enedina Nava
I see a man in the back and it was funny
Eve Yitagesu
oh my gosh he's hilarious 😂 😂 😂
FaZe echo
that how my mom 👩is lol Mexican moms
There was a guy sitting in the back
Foja Squad
At 2:50 there is a guy in a mortocycle
sooo, lets just act like we dont see the guy in the back
Giselle Love
Pinche judio! Jajajajaja
Hailey Carter
Hehe that fart tho
Hailie r
''He was Asian, don't worry about it'' xD
Jackie Daily
who is the guy in the back?
Jay Mendo
Anyone else see the person in the Back?
Jazmin Soriano
There is someone in the back seat
Jessica Parada
Why is there a guy in the back?
Joanna Rodriguez
That moment when she said ay no es mío\nAnd stared at him and said Callate!\nReminded me so much of my mom 😹😹😹
Jocelyn Flores
did y'all notice someone in the background in the backseat
Johnny Trever
sometimes I forget sleepy brown is under that wig
Jon Sorenson
I love the ones with lots of Spanish. More Spanish!
Jordan Macqueen
There is a man in the backseat😂😂
Jose Bueno
man I saw your firsts video when you started eggo you disappointed me when you said binner man thumbs down
Jose Jonez
Smells like rice! Smells like rice!
Juliana Hernandez
Jajajaja! This would also be salvadorian moms😂😂😂
Katana Dejesus
There was someone else in that car 🚗 in the back I saw the leg
Kemmykemmy Lune
quién lo vio en el 2017
Keondra Chapman
Lord this is to funny 😂😂😂💀🔫
Kimberly Zepeda
Omg 0:46 LMFAOOO😂😂😂😂
Kitties World
I can't I always do that to my \nsisters this is funny I can't help it
Kpop Love
Lilliana Cardenas
Omfg mi Tia acts so much like this...😂😂 fr
Liz Kandi
Cuando entiendes todo lo que está diciendo y te ríes más de lo que debes. Great videoo!
There was a person on the back seat.
Lucille Trejo
you guys are so funny you guys make my day better
Luis Topete
dawg ur non point with this one i dont know whos worse driving with my jefita or dad
M Sherazi
Alex is the best when he is Ego's mom 😂
Maria Jimenez
Michael olvera
Michelle G
si sabes español e ingles entiendes mejor los chistes 😂😂😂
Mini Inquisitormaster
Mini Rose
u should do ''shopping with my mexican mom''
Mirella Gomez
There is some one in the back
Miriam H
You guys are the best 😂💖
I couldn't stop laughing on 3:02😂
Norma Guerrero
I like mexicans be like because si so fun
its 100% funnier if you know spanish
Lmfao u guys r killing me
Rafael Pimentel
IS there a guy in the back? WTF!!!!
Sarai Sarinana
the person in the back though
Shay Jeanell
I died at 2:04😂😂😂💀💀
Sonia Ybarra
wbo else can see the dad in the back
Stephanie Ayala
You can see the guy in the back
TP Films
How you know if u hispanic: your mama got plastic bags stuffed in a plastic bag
Teddy Boy gamine
i can see some body in the car it is 2 people in the car
The Pikachu Girl
I see him in the back
Trey Jackson
i can a man in the car 🚗
Vanessa Cuadros
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah that funny 😂😂
Who else thought the condom was a pack of ketchup from mcdonalds
Viviana Reyes
That's not His Mom Lol
YadhiraAngel_ Mymusic
I am so happy that I know Spanish because it is way funnier
cat loves everything
This is literally my mom 😂😂😂 \nMy mom ay un estop\nMe: yase\nMy mom: si ya llasaves porque no lo haces \nMe: quien anda manejando tu zo yo\nMy mom: queres k t auite el caro *yelling*\nMe: 😒😒😤
You know your mexican if:\nYou take a bite out of a chile, and you say it was spicy.\nThen your mom would say: *pero te comes los hot cheetos que son mas picosos\n \n\n\n*yet you eat the hot cheetos that are more spicy
dift king#1
how long does it take to get a gallon of milk
gamer11_RBLX From ROBLOX
What in the world... they look like a gay couple
jess tv
2018 anyone? 😀
leslie lima
lps girl #love
Ik that song we sing it at church \
lucas pirir
At 2:33 iron man is in the background
natalia ramirez natalia
the one that is drive ing is soooo hooooot
if you knew the second song , you're mexican 😂
I'm cryingg 😂😂😂😂
sky wolf angel
OMG estop estop haha funny!!
slick dreams
Bruhhh this shit is the real Mexican moms says and lol he knows the song of Jesus hell yeah that's right 😂😂🔥
tango gada
beautiful .
verenice aca
there was a man in the back seat
yovana z