Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Mexico is on the verge of a major election. John Oliver discusses some things we should know about the races and one thing we should not know about Santa Claus.Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would:

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You did a very good research!\nWell done Oliver....👍💕\nThat kid showing the middle \nfinger is right...:\
*Ah kbron soy yo :v*
Aaron H
Tuck you John! The Shape of Water was fantastic
Aashiv Kumar
Alanna deSilva
“Visually fucktacular”
Albert Miracles
“We were all gonna die and it was our fault”,\nI can't forget that part.
Alexei Romanov
I am half Mexican and I breaks my heart to see how corrupt the men in power, and the police, are. So many people have been killed and there is no justice for the victims and victims families.
Amanda Armstrong
Ana Maria Gamba
The level of corruption in Latinamerican Countries is devastating. We are in a similar situatiin in Colombia but we chose the wrong president.
Andrei Chernin
Who do you think would win in a fight, Orthodox Hitler or Jacked Gandhi? Keep in mind, J.G. is strictly non-violent, but O.H. is almost paralyzed by self-loathing.
Andrew Flowers
You need to stop bagging on Santa Claus, or I will never watch your show again!
Andy Garcia
LMFAO he said we would know how pitbull would look like after grad school
AMLO won the election, welcome to te beginning of the end.
That Santa skit wasn't funny
Bernie speaking Spanish 😂😂😂
could be great show, if not for the shitty jokes that ruin every point he makes.
Chica Lala womnka
Andrés Manuel López Obrador 🇲🇽❤️
Chris Bretado
Soy mexicano y este reportaje ha Sido el mejor que vi, casi nadie se atreve a hablar así adentro de este país.
Chuper MemeZ
Los candidatos que aceptaron su derrota ante AMLO\n
Club Nientiendo
Es que Yon Oliber ya recibe chayote de parte de la mafia del poder... TE BENDISTES! #AMLO2018
Wow, that Santa bit flopped hard. Did they have another bit planned but it fell through so they had to think up a new one that day or something? \n\nAlso #Amlo2018 and #Bernie2020 :D
Curious Airlines
What the heck was that santa bit. So off topic and weird...
If you're over the age of 10 and still play the recorder, you need to grow up. I don't care if you can play Flight of the Bumblebee, move on to a real instrument.
David Soll
Aaaaaaaand, Mexico just elected their version of a Bernie Sanders style anti-corruption progressive! A very good thing indeed!
Diesel Beast Films
Oh it's Santa Cringe!!!
Domingo Alvaro
Coming from a big John Oliver fan, and I know comedy is crucial to his show, he literally did a two minute skit about Santa Jerkin off. Like really? You're trying to educate your viewers about a subject as important as this but feel the need to inject a skit this long and ridiculous more than probe the subject more deeply. And I know I know he does this in every other episode but somehow talking about Santa masturbating for two minutes was really over the top and pretty ridiculous but I digress.
Drew Boivie
Most of this episode was pretty good like usual.\n\nThe Santa parts were...not.
Earl my name is
Peña Nieto is the Donald Trump of Mexico
Enrique Peña Nieto
You forget say this:\nI copied my tesis\nI'm a killer (43 people from Ayotzinapa)\nI don't speak English \nI'm corrupt \nI give petroleum to United States\nI steal money \nI though 5 was minus than 1 \nI use Google translate\nAll people voted for me bc I'm sexy\nEven I don't know how to speak my own language...
Erik Baran
I thought Santa only came once a year.
Flash803 SQBZ
Francisco Nunes
I can confirm it. Portuguese mice do have huge penises.
Froot Spyder
Had to skip the Santa bit
Gabi Patita Suave
Peña Nieto is the most stupid president lol
Gabriel Badwolf
Something tells me that if they chopped the hand of every person that steals there would be a lot of one handed politicians because that’s pretty much a universal thing about politicians no matter where you are in the world.
Henry Stax
That Santa bit was not that funny... Everything else was great
I have news for you: AMLO won.
Humberto Celli
The last american hero in Mexico, was Luis Donaldo Colosio. After him, just a bunch of corrupts hypocrites.
Inaki Gonzalez
I am Mexican and AMLO is not what the media paint, he is a murderer since he was a child and the proofs that were used to prove it were modified or destroyed, he is a stubborn old man who can not stand being questioned by anyone and disqualifies and insults those who they do not think like him, he is so clinging to the power that he has changed to more than 4 political parties until he realized that none was going to be selected to represent us, so he founded his party where he is the only one who you can choose to be a representative of this, your whole family stays and lives on the money that is given to the party for public works (BECAUSE their children do not want to work), in Mexico City when he was president of it was put together the biggest protest in the history of Mexico for his dismissal and he responded by calling them CHACHALACAS (animals), in his political party 53% of his congress are former thieves of other political parties, and among them some Cuestradores como (Nestora Salgado) accused of kidnapping 4 people.\n#NOAMLO
JJ Sevins
The santa bit has to the be the unfunniest gag on LWT in the past few years...
@13:15 I would have gone to Hillary Clinton's alternative inauguration...
Jeff Foehringer
My first criticism of Last Week Tonight in 4 years. The Santa bit was tasteless and unfunny. And it went on way too long. John, get some new writers.
AMLO !!!!
Joaco Garcia
Actually entertaining John. Unfortunately AMLO´s party is linked to Venezuela and most of mexicans fear that he can make similar decisions.\nHe is a Mexican Trump in a way, but with no one to control him we can only expect the worst.\n Even a total break in relationships with allied countries like the USA. \nGod help us all.
José Luis Batres
that nerdy dude is so unapologetically white it was hilarious
Kyle Li
So santa watches us when were awake or sleeping... and watches us when were good or bad...\n\nand he masturbates all the time?\n\n\noook
Leonardo Ballin
I think AMLO has more similarities to Bernie Sanders, also most of the residents in Mexico City (including me) agree he was a great mayor! \nThere are more problems with Anaya than just being \
Lord Voldemort
Santa is such a Christmas wanker
It was a good discussion, but he did not mention that the reason AMLO took over Mexico City after the 2006 election was because that election was sketchy and he was simply dismissed when he demanded a recount.
Malachi Luna
15:22 *Why just why?*
Manuel Torres
We call Ricardo Anaya chicken little xD
Marc Shanahan
Please don't elect a fascist, please don't elect a fascist, please don't elect a fascist...
Maria Del olmo
¿Se trata de reírse no? 🙂Si estuvo bieeen chistoso. Y para los ”norteamericanos \
Mark From Texas
9:30 find out what santa does the rest of the year
memes summary:\nRicky Riquin Canallin\nMocharle la mano a quien robe\nFBI: Facebook Bronco Investigation\nya le ofrecí a trump el avión\nNombre, unos genios\nAnalla chicken little
Max Peña
¿Qué clase de Chumel es este?
Mehrzaad Mir
No matter what happens or who wins. Mexico's people will lose. The corruption is going to get worst in the end.
Miss Heathen
John Oliver needs to discuss ICE and why it needs to be abolished.
Mitzi E. M. Guerrero
I need a separate Like button just for John Oliver's \
Muhip Tezcan
Fantastic coverage of the elections ruined by the Santa joke. It would've actually been okay if it wasn't this long. A 10 second-long silly skit would have made it but you just had to make it longer and longer and even make a comeback.
John you didn't even mention that in the process of looking for the mass grave of those 43 students, they uncovered 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT mass graves.
Nicolas Reinaldet
A advise from Brazil to meximo. We have alredy elected the populist fighting for the poor, that wased against corruption and lost several times.\n Now he is in jail from corruption and the country is only now seeing the ligh in the end of the biggest crisis in our history.\n Saludos desde Brazil.
Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!
I've watched SNL long enough to notice Bobby Moynihan in any costume....
Oscar Jones
John Oliver messing with another countries election....interesting...seems ok when we are the ones trying to influence
Patrick Gichini
Woah, guys in Mexico must be really pissed off to tell him that. I think we should try it back here in Africa too
Pedro Paiva
Dont make funny of Portuguese History! We were the 1st SuperPower! We bring new Worlds to the World!
Rodolfo Alexander Santos Bonilla
Who's here after the elections?
Rushil Patel
I will give you a like for showing a photo of body builder Gandhi.
Samia Klimos
Just a few things... you forgot to mention that Anaya (the nerd) is under investigation of Loundry money... is true that AMLO hasn't give any concrete answers about his policies, but neither has any other candidate.... \nAnd yes.. I wil vote for AMLO as I did the last 2 other times... in which, there was fraud...\nApplause for the rest of the video,... it made me laugh
Sara Nurse19
AMLO próximo Presidente de México 😘 un gran luchador Social
Please don't do anything like that Santa segment again. That was cringe.
Shaad Khalil
Great episode, you rat faced bastard! Love you
7:30 - 7:33 the sign language for cutting hands it hilarious.
Slow Ham
AMLO won, btw. So you don't have to google it if you're watching late, like me.
A nerd that analyzes socioeconomic data for fun? Id say Anaya is a kind of candidate we need more off.
The Piper Report
What the hell was with the Santa skit?
I was really hoping for Oliver's take on our next election. I'm glad to see people in the US that can see the world outside, specially when Mexico is their neighbor. I'm really impressed by how informed he is, he nailed every single point he talked about here, everything he said about the atmosphere in Mexico and about the candidates is true. I just wanna say, Te amo Oliver cara de rata!
TorchicRules 18
11:55 Thank me later
Victor Madrigal
No te entendí ni madres no hablo inglés :v
Victoria Profitt
The Santa bit was hard to watch. Idk what writer said that was a good idea but oh boy was that a big OOF.
Vinyx Gaming
*Don't ever bring santa claus out in june ever again*
Will Ragsdale
That Santa Claus stuff was stupid and unnecessary. In fact, apart from the great stories, which I appreciate and am very much thankful for, the supposed \
Winthrop Gruber
The Santa part was so cringe
World of Wisdom
Mexico is corrupt and sick to the core like most Latin American or African nations. Even the angel Gabriel would struggle to transform these societies. Too little, too late for Mexico.
Wulf Wulf
No matter what u said whiteys we will out breed you ! Just look at California. It's our time to take our land back ¡Viva México!
Yair Celis
Peña Nieto is the Donald Trump of Mexico only with real hair. #Chingasatumadre
alberto carrera
Es gracioso por que es cierto, pero que les valga verga a los gringos! 😂
alberto portillo
Chinga tu puta madre enrique peña nieto corrupto
antonio volpe
the USA is totally corrupt, in a different way
calixto jaillet
Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, it’s been a man who has fight for the most need it. His been fighting for not than a decade. \nHe wants to remake the country policy, to finally put a end to the Neoliberalism politics, the it’s been bad for our courtly
Mexican here. Yeah, peña nieto's approval rating is even lower than Trump's. He's the worst president of recent history.
I thought the Santa bit was hilarious 😂😂
jo rod
Voted for Bernie but his Spanish hurts my ears! 😵 I appreciate the effort though.
k a y l e e
well. that's santa claus completely ruined, then.
Sanders' spanish is actually not bad
matej gregor
i am from slovakia and if in slovakia thievs will have thier hands cut of, we will have in parlament pedals instead of buttons
I hope he never does the Santa stuff again. That was awful. Totally unfunny. He and his writers can do way better than that. Whoever came up with that skit, can him!
senta ukrai
Cutting the hand(s) off any public servant who steals from the people though...sounds pretty appealing considering the current USA president and cabinet.