Key Peele - Cat Poster

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A detective struggles to wring a truthful answer out of a strangely calm suspect who focuses on the office's cat poster.

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People, go see the movie Usual Suspects to not only understand this, but see a great movie.
Mr. Miao is actually real in China, since it is actually a family name in China.
Alec Aquino
What a twist at the end!!!
Alex DeRoche
The thing I love about these guys is that you always think you know exactly where the sketch is going, but there's ALWAYS a twist that you never see coming. Such clever writing
Alexander Leonsaco
This video is the greatest reference to \
Amraya Baptiste
This sketch is awesome! lol! Key just happened to have all those posters with random quotes in his office. Lol! Well played.
Angelo James Mordini
Hang man Justin cats
Atharva Pawar
I am actually watching this on March 15th!
Big Fritz
The cop was trying so hard not to laugh
Boss Dalton
Bryon Miller
This is awesome, Keyser Söze would be proud
Cheonan Kougba
Goddamn, that hairline.
Crispy Concords
Cat Poster!
Crocodile Cat
1:38 Oh my god. Key & Peele predicted Logan Paul.
Cyberian Deprochan
Thts double Keyser soze
DO NOT SAY POSTER.. OR CAT!........ cat poster
DaddyEsf 559
His hair line tho
oh man. i gotta watch more movies to understand all the references in key & peele haha
Devin Shamel
His hairline in this skit tho LOL he got the Vegeta going on right there.
DreamDemon Entertainment
Anyone know the song at the end when they showing other episodes?
Eggly Bagelface
Baldy Tallman Coffee Koop.
Fake Noodle Imapsta
Do they have different haircuts on every show
Lol, The Usual Suspects.
Floor Slap
This man hairline splits into a Y 😂
Forrest Evans
That hairline
At least Finley aint no rat.
Golden Blue89
Halateka Williams
How tf can they do any accent, SEriOusLy!
I have the word 'vevo' in my name - VEVO
his hairline looks like the mcdonalds logo
The Warehouse is located in...the diploma for being a detective.
Ian Brown
more people under 20 need to see the usual suspects
Ivy Girl
what if what he was saying was true
Jack Frost
The look on Carters face at the end........ priceless
Jays Addelson
Chinese man Mr. Meow…theres actually a last name sounds exactly like meow in China 苗(miáo)
Jener Sharma
Is that mug Kobayashi?
That's a very good Spacey
John Kastanos
Peele’s voice is funny XD
Lol i actually just found this skit on march 15th like they say in the episode
Kos Juludo
3:46 anyone know the name of the song?
Kunta King
Justin......Hang tree lmfao
L Lawliet
Well played Detective, Well played indeed.
Me, I work for Cat Poster.
Lady's Son Mom is always watching
Boy look at that hair line😂😂😂 got it from MCDONALD'S 😂😂😂
Lilam Jazeefa
Tonight at 9: Owner of the Clutching Kitten bar on Hang and Fur St. arrested today by the name of Mr. Miao Hang-in Thar Cat Poster Branchman Angry Man Bald Coffee Coop.\n\nNext up, sports with Mark McKay.
LookedNote 9244
Hong in thar
Luke Jackson
M Hendo
“I’m losing my Patients”
Mauro Daniel D'Ambrosio
Key and Peele are not just hilarious, they are damn fine actors too.
Mia Martinez
how to get away with getting in trouble with your parents
Michael Caristi
Who is Keyser Söze?
Misstah J
I absolutely LOVE the usual suspects...this is great!
Nooooooo a 30 second ad that i cant skip and its buffering
This just goes to show how great of an actor Jordan Peele is... he copied the mannerisms and tone of voice really well
Nathan Core
lmao that hair cut and the voice is perfect
i was expecting there to be a twist and he was actually telling the truth.
If they were in Raleigh, NC. The name Carter Finley would go along really well with the theme of this sketch
I have never seen the Usual Suspects, but I knew immediately Peele was mimicing Kevin Spacey. Really shows his acting skills.
Phillip Isayev
I feel like the ending would have been more hilarious without the flashback of the detective, I think we already understood the joke after seeing the posters, no need to over explain. Either way I fucking lost it.
Pope Sama
I'm watching unusual suspects for the first time...I thought it looked familiar
RaZa Khan
1:38 is he talking about Logan Paul?
RealPR Smoke
the warehouse is located in they Diploma for being a Detective 😂
Relle M.
parody of the movie The Usual Suspects but in this case, the guy isn't that good at making up names and stories hahahahah xD
Ross Banter
Kevin Spacey in Usual Suspects was brilliant... Kobayashi
Ruben Vela
Later, those two went to find a cat.
Ryan Corinth
Who else is stoked for the movie!
SK 1907
These 2 need to make a funny movie. Maybe what they can do is each of em play multiple characters in the movie in completely different personalities. Kind of like in Norbit where Eddie Murphy plays like 3-4 different characters. It'll be funny as hell.
Sam K
Gotta love the Usual Suspects
Serenity Rodriguez
Hangman Justincat Poster
Sheriff K
This is the best Key & Peele Skit ever.
SoaR Fameful
`` Do not say poster, or cat. ``\n\n....\n\n`` Catposter. ``
Sunny Wu
The guy's name was probably Cat Branchmen
Suraj Tomar
I want that \
Suyash Awasthi
OMFG, I just saw usual suspects 2 days ago.
Swagtachi Uchiha
Do we ever find out what happened on March 15th
Shit was beeped out on the poster too .... 😮 wow
The twist saved it from being corny lmaooo
The Hamler
So I watched this video a long ass time ago and I thought it was cool but didn’t really see why they made this since it didn’t really make sense. However, a few days ago, I watched The Usual Suspects and I remembered this and realized this was a reference to the movie. Well done. Any of you who haven’t watched the usual suspects, watch it. Amazing movie.
The Shadow
Man, The Usual Suspects is such a great movie.
They are such amazing actors.
plot twist he actually work with a lot of people and those names that he said was true
Ukulele Filipino Girl
Z Picasso
They are the most hilarious comedians I've ever seen in the United States; Kelvin Hart is nothing compared to them.
Chinese guy totally lost it at Mr.Meow (苗/喵/Miao), a real surname that reads meow.
the widows peak is killing me . l ol l
The Usual Suspects would've been so much different XD
isaac hudson
he looks like the rock if he never worked out LOL
that hairline tho
luca opia
the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist
This is one of those where it's hilarious if you get the reference but if you don't it just seems stupid.
mohanad khateeb
today is march 15 lol i didnt even mean to do that
samuel gugliotti
Who do you work for \
sir eggrol
Plot twist: He was telling the truth
with a matching grip
0:39 yo this guy has a McDonald's hairline