Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

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1970 Curtis LP Mayfield Move On Up classic extended original pro semi soul soundtrack

It should be a illegal to hit \
Aivan M. Vaughn
Play this at a graveyard and the heads will nod to it
Alana Thibodeaux
This is my motivation song when I'm stressed about school
Alexander Pandit
What amazing lyrics. That's what we should say to\n our kids when feel down.
Alicia Pugh
Love this song. I remembered this song playing at one of President Obama's gatherings. Everyone was up on the their feet dancing and enjoying this music. Curtis Mayfield was one of a kind, even Pres Obama knew that.
Allie M
This was the main song that my husband and I danced to at our wedding reception. Lol!...We love Curtis Mayfield!
Amaia Daglish
I had the priviledge of being in a support act in the 80s in London. He came after our set and shook my hand and said..\
Andres Morales
a good song to get pass your depression....JUST MOVE ON UP !
KANYE WEST SAMPLED THIS FROM CURTIS MAYFIELD, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!! Wow. I can't believe the ignorance of some people.
Bas Finnis
Great tune. Put this on the jukebox and people go, who’s this, it’s good?
Bertolt Hoover
If your body doesn't move with this song, then you still got a lot to learn about soul music.
I've heard this somewhere... But where???
Blackpool 2014
Im playing this song because I got my dream job as a Administration Assistant at a solicitors office I start monday
Bongeka Tsekiso
I was not ready for 4:26 \u003c3\nSuch a masterpiece.
Brian Williams
The most underrated but prolific songwriter and musician of my generation.
The sound of America in one giant delicious bowl of Curtis soul soup.
Cammy Z
I'm pregnant, being divorced, left with my 3 year old son and this baby all by myself. I listen to this everyday. My boys and I are gonna keep movin on up. Promise we're going to make it and smile through it all together.
Cherea Tsai
I always love this song. Recently watch The Wire and find out Cutty listens to this song while jogging. What a great series with great music taste.
Chorrell Piqué
At times I feel genuinely sorry for the people, who were not raised with this type of music. You must've really missed out.
Christian Kuzel
I think this song could possibly be one of the best pieces of music in human history. It grooves so hard that it almost makes me want to cry.
Cloveice Coleman
Curtis mayfield is the pimp of all pimps. Love him
DJ Power Cats
Curtis Mayfield \
David Saunders
This song was an inspiration to me for during the Vietnam era I was discharged from the Army and everything in my life was about to move on up. The drum solos were great in this song.
David Whyte
They JUST don't make music like this anymore......Rest In Beautiful Eternal Peace Curtis.... \
Der Bernhardiner
I could listen to this all day!!🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Emmett McAuliffe
Re-listened to this. And I am still slack-jawed. Triple threat: great songwriting, incredible playing, and great production/arrangement. I wonder who produced?
Erectile Reptile
Owwww that split at 3:07
Eva Kinlaw
When music was music!!!! Love his kinda carryin on🤣🤣
I'm so old I bought this in 1970. 'Move on Up' opened the second side of mayfield's first solo album and was a revelation because it was one of the first times (Isaac Hayes 'Hot Buttered Soul' also) that a black artist was able to do lengthy album cuts. Don't know Kanye's music but Curtis was an American pioneer. The same album included 'We the People who are Darker Than Blue', a fab song I pondered long over and the coolest love-making song ever 'The Making of You'. I cried when he passed on and gave thanks for his music.
Floyd Guillot
Move On Up is Theme of Life! C. Mayfield at his best. Giving Us Beautful Music!!!🎶🎶🎶🔊
Francis Caetano
this bass groove yeahh
François the parisian François
In 70 or 71 I was 14 years first time I ear this song in Paris I am french from Algeria it's was a choc ! For me a magic times a revelation a period of my life very important for my community ..Curtis ... Isaac ... James .. all my life for me and my friends I am very proud to live this period\nSorry my english
Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson
So many instruments in his music my word!!! He played many instruments himself
Hatshepsut Kemet
Whenever I'm in a low place spiritually, I put on this song it immediately raises my energy.. gives me new life.. thank you curtis.. \u003c3
More great words from a black man who cared about his community during the 70's. What a blessed time to be apart of this kind of creative greatness. Curtis Mayfield did more to help the entire black community than most politians.
It sounds like Cherry
*old but Gold*
Even a 60-year-old former sailor, me, is in tears listening to this great song right now. Move on up folks.
Jeffrey Mincey
A man who still doesn't get enough PROPS!
Jenny Custovic
School begins and this song is the best motivator I got
Joshua Johnson
Damn music used to be so good
Judy Glover
Timeless and classic...R.I.P. Curtis...your memory lives on...
Kristin Crumpler
I think this one is for me :)
Kuda Marimwe
Found this by accident, and was taken back to the good old days😭😭😭😭❤
I like the beat of the song, it makes me wanna dance!
This song is more than magical, the best anti depresssed energy !💋💕💗🌼
Laura Mink
I just told my son to play this at my funeral and see if I don't sit up...
Linda Wagner
An all time favorite! We had SOUL back in the day!
Marie Mei
This track is immortal, at 60 I still love it ! this soul funk beat is a Divine inspiration.Curtis, Truely an Artist !
Marshall Jones
5.3k people are Dyslexic with the thumbs down button!
Martín Muñoz
Part of my anti-depression playlist
Mary Allen
No comparison with music then and music now; RIP Curtis
Meetra Surrik
what a fantastic song! much love \u003c3
Mein Name
Thank you Black People for things like THIS.
Melissa Borges
Can someone listen to this and not getting happy? ❤\nLove The Jam version also
Michele Stjulien
This song goes hard love it 😍💋🌷🔥💯😘💪👊👌👍💨💨💨💨
Michelle Jones
My mom developed Alzheimer’s when I was 9. The hospital put her on a locked ward. My Dad had worked at the US Treasury for about 30 years. Our family had moved to Indianapolis and he came home in the weekends. Curtis Mayfield was about the most influential artist in my life. I listened to him finished high school in 2/12 years. Went to college twice . My father died when I was 15. So I owe Curtis Mayfield a lot.
Omgosh sooooo proud to be black... can I get an AMEN 😁
Nelly Boscaro
Funcky. Merciiiiii love....N el
Newton Brown
Moving On Up To Your Destination. Nice One Curtis Mayfield.
Nico Berhooz
Simply one of the greastest songs ever. Not more,not less.
I remembered the 1970s
Paul Smith
this is soul at its best
Perilous Jack
One of the most outstanding tracks of the 20th century.
Peter Frank
Wonderfully rich of funk and soul.
Phillip Diaz
Homeless right now. Writing this from a McDonald’s. Times are tough and bills are tough. I’m not giving up and this song keeps me moving. Love y’all. God is good.
Pina M
Such a powerful beat! Take nothing less!!!! Move on up!!!!
2018 and I’m still moving on up thank you Curtis R.I.P. 💯
PERSONA 3 😱😱😱💓
Richard Rice
Horn section masterpiece.
Ritchie Hicks
That split note at 3:06 drives me mad.
Ron van den Bovenkamp
Dancing on this swinging record in The Revolution in Lloret de Mar when i was 18! \nGreat song, great girls (especially Ilse from Germany), great holliday! \nWith our big winged Chrevrolet Impala Coupé we took a speedboat with us \nand we were waterskying everyday...
Samuel Glass Jr.
MAD props not only to Mr. Gibson on bongos, but to whoever was on bass, and who helped Curtis with the string and horn arrangements...Hell, let's give it up for ALL the musicians!
Shahzad Ali
Curtis Mayfield was just incredibly talented and sang such positive uplifting tunes.
Refreshing. Timeless
Spyros Chlentzos
Hush now child, and don't you cry\r\nYour folks might understand you, by and by\r\nMove on up, toward your destination\r\nYou may find from time to time\r\nComplication\r\nBight your lip, and take a trip\r\nThough there may be wet road ahead\r\nAnd you cannot slip\r\nSo move on up for peace will find\r\nInto the steeple of beautiful people\r\nWhere there's only one kind\r\nSo hush now child, and don't you cry\r\nYour folks might understand you, by and by\r\nMove on up, and keep on wishing\r\nRemember your dream is your only scheme\r\nSo keep on pushing\r\nTake nothing less, than the second best\r\nDo not obey, you must keep your say\r\nYou can past the test\r\nJust move on up, to a greater day\r\nWith just a little faith\r\nIf you put your mind to it you can surely do it\r\nJust move on up\r\nMove on up\r\nBut move on up\r\nOh child, but just move on up\r\nBut move on up\r\nMove on up
Wow. Yeah, I had forgotten how great Curtis Mayfield is. Definitely one of the all-time greats.
The Best base...bongos...horns...\nStrings....if this doesn't move you're DEAD.
Willie D Live
Super dope. There should be a feature on Youtube that autoblocks people without good taste in music from voting or commenting. .
Wonder Man
This Brother was bad....bad meaning we used to say back in the days....
Could this be the first disco song ever? 1971
Zo Valentine
With just a bit of faith 💖🎶💖☄💖
This was before loops so who ever played the bongos on this track had to be in incredible shape. He is beating the crap out of those things.
When i was a lone mess, this was such a good go to song. I love this song cause it always takes my mind off my worries. Just let the rythym take you away.
Curtis Mayfield was one of the most inspirational, motivational and philosophical artists ever.  His music was his thoughts and words, and that music spoke volumes.
It's impossible to not smile listening to this song
faster than you Black
Its such a tasty jam!!! A song to celebrate victory!!!!!!
How can anyone not like this song 🤔
mark gessner
Genius pure & simple
Nearly 50 years and still stands the test of time.
rachael farrin
feel good song!
move on over rover and get back, cause this session is not finished, the best is coming down the road right at you.
sisma costa
susan druce
yay they were the days, getting ready on a Saturday night, going out at 11,30, dancing till 6, walking home on a summer morning, shoes in hand, music still playing in your head...TUNES
Curtis Mayfield, Move on Up\n[Verse 1:]\nHush now child and don't you cry\nYour folks might understand you by and by\n\n[Chorus:]\nJust move on up toward your destination\nThough you may find, from time to time, complication\n\n[Verse 2:]\nBite your lip and take the trip\nThough there may be wet road ahead\nAnd you cannot slip\n\n[Chorus:]\nJust move on up for peace you will find\nInto the steeple of beautiful people where there's only one kind\n\n[Verse 3:]\nSo hush now child and don't you cry\nYour folks might understand you by and by\n\n[Chorus:]\nMove on up and keep on wishing\nRemember your dream is your only scheme so keep on pushing\n\n[Verse 4:]\nTake nothing less than the supreme best\nDo not obey for most people say that you can pass the test\n\n[Chorus:]\nJust move on up to a greater day\nWith just a little faith, if you put your mind to it, you can surely do it\n\n[Outro:]\nJust move on up\nMove on up\nMove on up\nOh, child, just move on up\nMove on up\nMove on up
turnip burst talcumpowder
Absolutely fantastic
tyke that