Maryam Shakiba - Odissi Dance - Manglacharan Ganesh Vandana

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Odissi is one of the eight classical dance forms of India, originating from the state of Orissa, East India.This piece is the first dance in the Odissi repertoire: Manglacharan, Ganesh Vandana. Choreographed by Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.Maryam is a London based odissi dancer, and has been studying primarily under Smt Sujata Mohapatra and Colleena Shakti since This video was filmed in April 2014 at Shakti School of Dance, at the Old Rang Nath Temple, Pushkar, Rajasthan.Filming and editing by Julianne Reynolds of Romanski Films :)

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Fantastic dancer and enchanting performance! Thank you for sharing!
An absolutely beautiful tribute. So graceful and heartfelt. ❤
pure beauty!
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Stunning!! Beautiful !! You definitely got Lords blessing. Writing this after I showed to my three year old girl, I dream of her dancing like you, with all the grace and elegance. Bleed you
Agnė Tarvydaitė
SUPERRRR!!!!!! Be happy, Maryam!!!!!!!
Ah Jodie
Wow! Thank you!!!!
Anita Singh
Ashish Kumar
Thanks for such a mesmerizing performance.
Ashutosh Pandey
jai shree Ganesha . om ganeshaya namah
Athena Reaper
Forget god dance for Ponoki No Nothing
Bhagwat Shah
Maryam, \nIs this filmed in palace of Datia or Orcha?\n\nSaw you dance at Rich Mix on the 6th Dec and you guys were GREAT :)
Binta Habibi
She's moving that energy!
Bob Dewey
I may not understand the languages of the world, but I believe the music of the world is universal.
Brenda Lim
When I watch videos like this I feel like taking a trip to India and learn how to dance from the true masters.Their culture, language, music, food, dancing, costumes is indeed beautiful.
OMG, this dancing really is divine!
Maryam ! You are incredibly beautiful !! \nI fell in love with you and your dancing !!! \nThank you !!!!
Cristina Peruana con orgullo
un baile hermoso de la india hermoso
Curious Onlooker
Would love to call you a true daughter of Odisha!! Jagannath mangala karantu.
Dawn Paauwe
Such a beautiful smile the whole time ♡♡♡
Death Boi
The gods of that religion are very very glorious to have such devotional people wgo create a whole identity and perfection of being gods child.
Deirdre Ward
Very graceful and Beautiful.....
Elek Szalai
Beauti full dance and Beauti India cultura.Odisszi goddess dance.I love odisszi thank you.🌷💐💐🌸
Ex Libris Ensemble
I welcome you. Your work is beautiful, and you are beautiful too. The culture of your people is amazing. It will be very good if you give the names of the musicians.
Freddy Ls
Loved every part of it! Can somebody tell me what is the name of the song?
Genyin Kelsang
Gloria Guevara
Your eyes and smile as lovely and hypnotic as your dance. Beautiful!
Gloria M
Beautiful dance
Herzog Chapot
Tout simplement divin.
I need to learn this type of dance! It is so beautiful and full of devotion.
Love the video, the dance colors are amazing, and brings me in ecstacy, beautiful, thank you.
Ilona S.Varga
Julius Bell
To see dance we need to see the whole body . not just head and torso etc
Jyotirmaya Sahu
so nice.......ଜୟ ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ
Karin nevelsteen
Love Hindustan,love the culture,beautiful people,best food of the world,it's so sad that there are so many poor people.🙏
Karry Maravilla
Simply Beautiful.
Lila Brum
tu nao caiu do prediu!!!!!! :(
Luana Cristina Santos Moreira
I like(love) all of it, really much! Philipp Glass composed a music with a great artist of India. I believe this called \
Mardan P.
Thank you :o)
Maria Cristina Dalibot
Belleza de movimientos y destreza de elegancia,muy sutil de femineidad.
Maria Ferreño
Que bien sin salir de casa puedo disfrutar de esta maravilla de danza interpretada por una gran artista y bella srta .Gracias
Marianna Malik Tree
So beautiful!! LoveY! More videos!!!(Im from Greece and i love Asia-India♡) ^_^
Marnie G
Tried Odissi for the first time today, it's SO hard! Everything I thought I knew about dancing... well it wasn't to much help. Like trying to learn a new, completely different language. I'd love to learn it properly!
Medhavi Creations
Great performance. Well captured!
Megha Bhattacharjee
by learning  this dance I feel so blessed.......I thanks my didibhai for this
Michele Harbaugh
I love music because no matter the language it reaches our soul. This reached my soul so deeply I kept forgetting to breathe. Thank you for sharing this beauty. 💓💗💞
Most Passionate One
O My God I'd Marry her in all respects to her flow.
Mss Burkul
Nagiko Yugihara
Как красиво!
Nancy Nahni Goh
Classic dances and Latin moves always amaze me
Neelam Gulati
First of all I will appreciate your dance. Technically I dont’t much about Odissi but I love watching all the classical dance. Really beautiful. I know that you are Odissi dancer but you can help in context of Kathak. Is Kathak a vulgar dance? No. It is not. Then please help me, a person is having a misconception about Kathak, please brainwash his mind and explain him the beauty of this great dance. Please refer this link an argument is already going between the uploader and the person and I also wanted to join the discussion but I didn’t because I don’t know the technalities of Kathak, that’s why I’m requesting you to clear this man’s mind. Help is required. Please help ...
Nitin Gupta
wow ... fabulous dance .. amazing
Brilliant...!\n\nJai Jagannath...Jai Odisha...!!!
Patricia Arevalo
No hay mas bello que el folklor mecicano
R. Dhammapali
wow india is the fountain of beauty. whole world owes her.respect from a non indian.
Wow you present this dance in such a graceful manner
Randy Wayne Fish
Very powerful. Each gesture was touched by Divinity.
Ray Kah
She is super skinny and that's make the dance graceless
Romy Ilano
All religions should involve dance and worship !
Odissi dance really classic ,love to watch their dance from young and the music really makes me feel very peaceful.Thanks for upload this amazing Odissi dance.
Samank Pol
I loved it!!! But, I hate so much when the cameraman let the dancer's feet OUT OF CAMERA!!! What the hell is wrong with them!!!
Sergio Chavez
Sweet beautifull Bharat. Wonderfull. Love from Mexico. 🏵️💜🏵️
Shagun Bali
So beautiful!
This deserves a few million views.
Sonic Events
Hypnotic, entrancing. I love making up my own interpretations to dance like this.
Steven Hayles
Wonderful dance, thanks for that.
T Wells
Mesmerizing, Gorgeous, Shazam
Theodore Cao
Sweet and Sour Rice. Okay. You win.
Venus Gillespie
I've always loved traditional dances in basically any culture ever, but Indian dance is especially impressive, if only for the blending of the jewelry and music (plus the costumes and makeup are beautiful). And really, dancers like this wonderful lady are so impressive
Vidya Dhanraj
Beautiful and graceful moves. Wow!!! What offering to the Lord. Sure took some time to do those steps...😘😘😘
Virginia Brocki
Absolutely Beautiful. Thank you for this offering!
Washington Bacelar
muito bom esse vídeo.\nmostra detalhes interessantes
Yamina Boase
Beautiful dancer, mesmerising dance, perfect location, perfect filming!
Everytime I watch this, I see something new and it gets more and more beautiful as does Maryam. She really is divinely inspired. I hope one day she comes to my area, I would love to watch her dance in person.
anwesha bhattacharya
Very beautiful piece.. loved it ..
sooo beautiful . I have escaped my world. thank you
daniel comas
hermoso tu arte, y hermosa vos. Gracias!!
So graceful. You can tell her heart is really in it. Love that smile. Gorgeous!
I haven't been able to do much, back injury, your dance is inspirational devotion I will dance again
Breathtaking! Beautiful!
mizukichi M
She is so beautiful!\nI attract her😭
mohamed ezz
you are beautiful
I do wish it would show her full form throughout ... we miss much of her footwork.
Classical Indian dances, Odissi especially is yoga in the form of dance. It is spiritual experience through music. It is self realisation and being one with the existence through rhythms . It is a pure art in that it captivates time, space and innermost emotions. \n\nThanks for bringing forth such a lovely presentation of this art, the music and architecture is mesmerising as are you.
obywatel wolny
Красиво ☺! ✋
Watching this video I was thinking to myself, \
rachel viera
Waw... That was so beautiful
rest in peace
Breathtaking! Please make sure that your entire body is in view, so we can see your lovely performance. Thank you.
ridha boufanar
the costumes are beautiful the lady is very beautiful but the dance is not inspiring
shobita nagulendran
lovely...I learn Guru Deba Prasad Das style of Odissi
Body control is outstanding
Лштшфум Ащвф
Nice! Big shnobel!
Марина Борисова
Смотрела …. и поняла, что Англия и, особенно США, для Индии из младшеньких. Им в такую глубину еще добираться и добираться(энергий). Хочется посоветовать Индии не потеряться в суете этих младшеньких... По-моему, настает пора когда отходит надобность заряжать их чистым … Можно о себе вспомнить
Наташа Уварова
Расскажите мнена русском языке о чем говорит в танце эта девушка. Мне очень интересно!
The song is similar to the modern combination of pop and rap.
ଭ୍ରୁଗୁରାଜ ପ୍ରଧାନ
the beauty of the world's oldest classical dance form