The Shortest Race In History | 1991 Australian Grand Prix

Torrential rain, spins aplenty, and total carnage on-track led to the 1991 season-ending Grand Prix at Adelaide being abandoned after just 24 minutesFor more F1® videos, visit

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I prefer watching old F1 compared to today’s version of F1. Would be good to bring men back into the sport, political correctness and corporate money killed F1 proper.
Adil Pervez
Senna for life!!
Alejandro López Presa
I still remember that race =) 91 was a fun season, I've relived it many times from the highligts my dad made recording bits of the broadcasts into VHS tapes.\n\nSome feedback on this video:\n-Should've included more footage of the race, specially of Senna driving with one hand!\n-The music it's too loud, let us hear those beasts! Music is also awful, but meh I'll forgive that...
Senna The Rain God
Alex Lamas
What a mess but it shows why Senna was the King of Rain!
Just an average Mclaren Honda race
Andrija Veljkovic
Rain man!
André Baratheon
Magic Senna
Please upload full old races! PLEASE!
Antoine Menard
Senna didn't even spun :)
Archiworks 992
Because aussie gp back then was in october november....just in time for monsoon.
Ariel Almeida
For Senna asking to stop a rainy race, it must has been a real flood at the track!
when senna says there is too much rain, then there is reeally too much rain!
Nur noch 6 Tage, dann gehts endlich los! :-)\nLG\nF1-Boxenstopp, der Kanal rund um die Formel 1.
This kinda reminded me of the time my countries national football team (Scotland) were due to face Estonia in Tallinn but something prevented the opposition from turning up and instead of just abandoning the match they had Scotland line up against an empty pitch only to blow the whistle immediately on kick off. I had forgotten all about that debacle which surely was one of the shortest football games in history. We didn't even get awarded the 3 points which I still don't understand to this day, if anyone knows why please reply and fill me in.
Buckles King
Senna, even 20 years after his death, he still have story to show...Miss you bro. RIP, the best!
Today, when a pigeon pees on the circuit, the race is red flagged immediately. #monsoon #undriveable
The Honda engines were over powered back then. XD
Danilo Pires
Senna the best pilot ever in the rain !
Darth Vaydor
I love all of Senna's onboard cam videos! So amazing #SKILLS
Denis Melvin
This was F1 racing at it's very best!
Deny Oliver
The best of F1 of all time Senna
Onething I wish would change about F1 is that they cared enough for the fans that they would not count that as a race and come back the next day, and how they did indy in tire gate. You sell the fans a race give them a real race even if you have to come back another day.
Dudu Kampf
Rain master Senna 2fast4U 2easy
Edson Zazueta
ferrari handled as a truck\nBUT\nIT'S A FERRARI\n*niki lauda intensifies
F1 2018
Oh yes Senna in the video
Fabio 1995
Today they wouldn't even start it...
Features Gaming
Normally, if an F1 driver figures out he has won, he just takes the car on a Sunday drive, Senna however saw how dangerous it was, respected the others F1 drivers and called for the race to be stopped - fair play to Senna for doing that!
Finkel - Funk
Finally, I missed those pre race hype videos so much
Floppy Bird
those were real men with big ballz\nnot the loser #Karma and $$irotkin playas
Flower Pot
F1 seems to have been much more intense than the present day...🤔
Ford galaxie Fan club!
Rain in Australia??????
Formula 1 indy e nascar news
#vettel2018 champion go Vettel best
Gian Felipe
Senna in the rain is god, the rest just spins hahaha
Apparently it is impossible to upload a video clip without some awful synthetic \
Haiqal Zaki
1991 Spinning Grand Prix
Hello Jello
If even Senna says its time to stop racing... you stop racing.
F1 Mclaren: 1200hp\n\nF1 Mclaren + Ayrton senna: 999999hp
If senna is calling for the race to be stopped due to rain, THAT RACE BETTER BE STOPPED.
J. Hettrich
Congrats to the 1000 video 👏👏👏
Jack Ryeng
You know we're close when these videos are back
Senna would not like to race in todays eco-F1
Karl S.
You got to Love Classic F1 xD\nThe Track is full with Crashed Cars ...\nVisibillity = 0\nAnd the Race goes on, with 2 Guys standig on the side and waving yellow Flags xD
Keisuke Takahasi
0:29 woah dat ass\n0:33 oh wait...
*fired for saying his car handled like a truck*, well, if i find my self a truck driver ill never say \
Krash #42
Always great to have a history video, maybe a full replay in the future?\n;)
Lana Banana
Senna 🏁
Laranja TV
Leo Goria
Please upload more of these historical races
Lestervai Cayetano
i see senna i like.
Liverpool f c
Ayrton senna melhor piloto da história da f1!!!!
Lucas Henrique
Senna era imbatível na chuva!!!
Luka Vukovic
Im impressed Senna didnt crash in this conditions... That man, omg...
Marcell L
24 years later and Senna still making F1 fantastic. Legends never die
Mark C
Senna ☺️, \nThe guy was gifted the win but No being a hardcore racer he wanted the fight for it . Gone but not forgotten 😪
Prost didnt exactly say his car \
Medeiros Júnior
Nada se compara à Senna👑☝️👍👏
Musharraf Nazeer
Senna \u003c3
N.O.X. 98
Senna never forget 🏁🏆🙏
Nojus Marc
Only Senna could drive on that weather, he just stopped for others
Odir Von Hauser
everybody crashed but Senna
And in that race won Senna: The God of the Rain 👌
0:32 ah, I see. that's a niki lauda move.
Still no Spa 1998! But Senna \u003c3
Professional Racer
3 days to first practice
Railane Silva
Senna mágico
hamilton and verstappen's wet dream!
Reeshav Hati
Senna the God of drivers. His great skills as a racing driver could be seen specially when the track used to be wet. He is the best racer in the world and will be immortal in our hearts.🙂
Rodrigo Martins
Weird, that f1 driver has the same name as the new mclaren
Roghjo Gallagher
25% Race lmao
SaVior R
Senna simply the best :). There will never be someone quite like him yes we have Max Verstappen (Im Dutch) but lets not try to compare the two i rather compare max with Schumacher.
Siddharth Dixit
Senna the god
Snowcone Guy
Ayrton Senna, Brazilian hero.
''For saying the car handled like a truck.'' - LOL.
Best ever
Toebee ass2
The Race still lasted longer than a McLaren Honda
Tom Woy
You know it's too wet to race when even Ayrton's waving to stop
Tommy Kee
RIP Senna like if u think he would’ve been 1994 WC and level Prost in titles.
2:51 let's see how the new Formula 1 Anthem gonna sound like...😏😉☺
Better track than Albert Park.....
Will Campos
Senna, the best, ever!!
William Keenaghan
Senna the master of rain
ahmed neamah
When senna waves for the race to be stopped because of the rain, u know its some serious rain no joke! #ripsenna
bZ Lxcz
Senna was a genius, best f1 driver ever
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Prost always blame the car. It’s never his fault.
Great onboard footage of Senna's qualifying lap here.... upload and show us his pole lap please!! The video quality looks amazing
vettel would be last even in rocket car
xX0Aero0X x
Because Senna was there
Something about the grid back then. There was a aura to it. Was it the cars? Was it the drivers?
Ícaro Lobato
Forever Senna!