The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

The Stone Roses' official music video for 'I Wanna Be Adored'. Click to listen to The Stone Roses on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:I don't have to sell my soulHe's already in meI don't need to sell my soulHe's already in meI wanna be adoredI wanna be adoredI don't have to sell my soulHe's already in meI don't need to sell my soulHe's already in meI wanna be adoredI wanna be adoredAdoredI wanna be adoredYou adore meYou adore meYou adore meI wannaI wannaI wanna be adored

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Adolfo Hernández
October 2018
Afiq Aimman
stone roses the smiths the verve shed seven blur lightning seeds ocean colour scene supergrass elastica rialto new order pulp oasis blur cast superfurry animals
Alien Grey
people slag us brits off. but we do and have produced the best bands
Andrea Niet
I don't have to sell my soul. He's already in me. I don't need to sell my soul 🎵🎶🎼🎸he's already in me 🎼
Andrew Williams
The roses where a bit too early for me oasis got me but I'm fascinated by them now
Anthony V
What happened to good music today? This stands the test of time tenfold.
Antron LaVey
beautiful song!
Aqua Man
Wow he had a hairstyle that was 20 years ahead of its time.
Ave Satanas
Insert le funny comment about it sounding like a door
Bailey Clark
Green Street
Barry Celtic
I wanna be Edouard 🍋🍋🍋
Bassel KH
Cain Cooke
I wanna be Edouard🍀
Christian M. F.
0:00 to 4:33 best part
Christopher Watson
I wanna be Edouard
Creative Cinema Collective
2,754 viewers don't want to be a door ...
Crimson Claw
0:38 to 1:46 \nThis is why it’s better to be blind than to lose your hearing
Dale Carlin
🇫🇷French eddy🇮🇪
Dan J
I wanna be a dog
Darc Gibson
This song makes me nostalgic for a time and a scene I was never in.
Dave Teves
Well I want to be a window but I didn't make a song about it.
David Ellis
The Drums. For one year...HUGE !!
Doigy Boy
I wanna be Edouard🍀
Dutchess lust Moon
There is something wrong with this song and I can’t put my finger on it it also makes me feel depressed for some reason and extremely lonely.Don’t get me wrong please I love this song actually but it does make me have Emotions that are very strange very empty
Dylan VoDKa
November 2018🍋🍋🍋
Farren Amarah
Yo sup brits... just an American passing through
Gary Smith
Wow, memories...i drove from grand junction Colorado to Kenai Alaska summer of 92. I had converted a dodge van,into a lifted 4x4 monster van, custom stereo, interior etc. Driving in the midnight sun cruising into the huge vastness of Alaska cranking the the stone roses..had a great time..☺
Geralt of Trivia
I have literally never noticed the only lyrics are\n\
Giant Robot
I think I'd like to be adored too.
I wanna be Edouard
Hayden H
My parents think I am gay.   (I am not)\n\nBut blasting this probably doesn't help.   *\
Ian Gavin
Ian McCartney
I wanna be a door.
Is it me or does this song just give you an escape from everything
Such a good intro
James Gon
Get real high and listen to will see the answers of the reality we live
Jeremy Feit
jim morrison wanted to be a door first
Jonathan Jimenez
Who would buy his soul?. Why would he sell it?, If he's adored then why he wants to be adored?, If you adored him why he has to be adored?
Leslie Dickeyy
Dude snuck up with one of the best, most deceptively clever solos/guitar intros\n of the 90s
Deserves more views, I hate the new generation kids
They killed two birds with one stone. They filmed 2 videos in the same day, This one and Fools Gold.
Lynsey Bell
I wanna be Edouard 🍀
I like how he holds mike.
Maria Sepulveda
HOTTEST music video of all time
Melanie Brandt
I always thought the lyrics were clever: I don't have to sell my soul....he's already in me. I don't need to sell my soul......he's already in me. I wanna be ADORED. He doesn't have to sell his soul to the Devil because he's already in him, he wants to be adored. That's ego. That's human desire. That's human want. He's already got the root of all suffering in him.
Mira Malhotra
Love this song, but he really doesn't know how a mic works
Mustafa Ateş
Green street hooligans ❤️
NPT Music
If you've come here from American Horror Story it's probably best that you keep that to yourselves, because you haven't unearthed some hidden gem, but are lucky enough to stumble upon one of the most revered bands of ALL TIME .\nNew music from the Roses in 4 hours time !!!!!
There's your famous GSE
I don't have to lube my hole \nHe's already in me
Ourania Eirini
Parish Pandey
the pivotal moment the 80's swung into the 90's in Britain
Patrick Farrell
When you realize this is 30 years old.
Paul Manning
The most historical band of all time, they ARE British music distilled into themselves, I adore The Stone Roses, there is no other band that makes me feel like this, its like a drug. By the way I am 63 years of age. hahha, what fantastic music!
Phil O'Sophic
In my 20s I too wanted to be adored. In my 30s I settled for being tolerated. Now in my 40s I just wish I was hated less.
Psycho Rehab
I wanna i wanna i wanna be a door
Rastanaut X
He wore that shirt back to back for this song as well as fools gold haha 🤣
Razu Ahmed
You adore me!!!
Robert De Bellême
Tuve el inapreciable privilegio de ser joven en aquel año 1990.\nLástima de los más chicos o los más viejos. No vivieron aquel momento único.\n.
Robert Fox
One of the best drummers ever. Almost became The Who’s drummer from the Roses.
I wanna be Edouard
This tune reminds me of my 14 year old self back in the late 80's, Curtain haircut,spots and major fucking issues. Fast forward to the present day, I don't have any hair or spots but alas the issues remain.
Sebas Ac
Wao conocí ha este grupo este año 2018, en la tele estaban pasando su documental y lo deje por que me gustan ver documentales de grupos de Rock y cantaron esta canción y me Gusto así de simple
I wanna be a door.
Shane Devins
A fool sells his imortal spirit to the Devil for short lasting earthly fame and riches.
Simon Barnett
Nearly 30 year's ago, where's my disco biscuits.
Siobhan Parker
Love the long intro!! It's not on the cd version😥😥😥
He's right. You don't have to sell your sole to be a door. Afterall you gotta be able to walk through that door.
Stacey Freeman
I loved this song when it came out. Was totally into them and bands like Blue Monday’s.........however, I never remembered the lyrics being so devil-y. 😂. Sell that soul then.....they were heavy raving days, so....memory is foggy.
Stacey Mitchell
the \
Super Trooper
I wonder what kind of door he wanted to be....
I wanna be a dork
Traldazda switch218
I want to be adored too dude
Most euphoric thing to have dropped next to the ecstacy pill.
Vault 122
Volume max, check, good headphones, check, time for the ride of my life
Vogie Ranger
can't believe he wants to be a door!!!
Wesley Kloulubak
I so happen to stumble across this song\nI like it
William Christie
Put it on 1.5x speed and the singer becomes a kid on a sugar rush
Wishful Thinking
I like Ian. But I don't think he understands the function of a microphone.
On a balcony, wasted at 5am, watching the bright sun rise over Gran Canaria.
bernardo bringas
I Wanna Be Your Dog...The Stooge Roses...Ian Pop
buster rymes
I don't have to sell my soul\nHe's already in me\nI don't need to sell my soul\nHe's already in me\nI want to be adored\nI want to be adored\nI don't have to sell my soul\nHe's already in me\nI don't need to sell my soul\nHe's already in me\nI want to be adored\nI want to be adored\nAdored\nI want to be adored\nYou adore me\nYou adore me\nYou adore me\nI want to\nI want to\nI want to be adored\nI want to\nI want to\nI want to be adored\nI want to\nI want to\nI want to be adored\nI want to\nI want to\nI gotta be adored\nI want to be adored\nSongwriters: IAN GEORGE BROWN, JOHN SQUIRE
el stinko
How do 2,000 people dislike this?\n\nOh wait, they are sad and have no taste
h.r_ 1234
Never heard it before. What a find. Thanks YouTube for recommending
In my opinion, together with 'The Smiths' the most important band to come of England in the last 40 years.
jessie SX
Dude doesn't even pretend to care about the microphone.
.............I wanted to be a Door too, so i joined a tribute band, i play the part of John Densmore ;)
Love the look and sound of this video !  Plus the painted guitars !  Very 90's !
lv gg
1:10 to 1:40 coolest part ever
michael swinnerton
I don't have to sell my soul. he's already in me,\nprobably the best opening line of a song ever..
philip perry
manis intro. sends the shivers down the spine\nwhat a track to start the most important album of the last 40 years 👍
Is it possible to go on an acid trip from just a video?
thanks to Great Britain for producing artists of this class. the world is certainty indebted.
saint r
everyones anthem
tv box android
I wanna be on the shore
I wanna be a dog