Молдавский шуточный танец "Табакеряска". ГААНТ имени Игоря Моисеева.

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Moldovan Comic Dance “TABAKERYASKA”Music by: V. ZhmykhovChoreography by: I. MoiseyevMorning in the Moldavian village. A beautiful young girl is going to do some laundry, made all preparations and started the work. Suddenly appears old admirers. Telling words of love they are disturbing the girl and she made a decision to give them a lesson. Giving each of them a blanket she teaches them laundry and at the moment when old admirers are doing all their best in laundry the girl runs away laughing. As a result, old admirers understand that the girl made a fool of them.The dance is based on elements of Moldavian folk dances.Instagram -

Ансамбль Игоря Моисеева Балет Игоря Моисеева ГААНТ... Государственный Академический ансамбль народного танца имени Игоря Моисеева Искусство Культура Танец