How Mexican Drug Cartels Get Meth Into The U.S. (HBO)

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The new president of Mexico was installed on Saturday, amid rising violence in Juarez. More than 10 years after the war on drugs was launched in Mexico, VICE News looks at current state of Mexican drug cartels as a new president prepares to take office on December 1, and a new phase in the drug war begins.Subscribe to VICE News here:

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Lil toe?!
VIOLENCE in Mexico is TERRORISM made in U S A.
Alex Brown
Archie Richard
British media: We would like to learn about METH production in The United sates of America.
Arline Herrera
Goes to show that even if Trump builds his wall, it won't work due to the corruption on both sides. As long as there is a demand for the drugs, they will find a way.
Ashish Gupta
so us can't even keep drug making jobs
Decriminalisation is the only answer, treat it as a health problem. What was the Plan the new President has?
Beautiful Boy
Carson Hopper
people complaining about the images,....there's a video out there of the cartels skinning a 12 year old boy alive next to his policeman father who then is dismembered and skinned alive, you people don't know shit about the reality of how brutal the mexican cartels are
Centurion Tolteca
This video is just to give a message: \
David M Jacquez
China is providing the raw materials.
Dominik Viktorovič Chlebnikov
The Colombians throwed the military too just look it up
Down South Disc Golf
This got my hype to watch the new Narcos
Eduardo Orozco
GOD bless the Mexican army ,Marinos I a Los federalez
I believe the only way to end this drug war is to create an alternative for drugs which is safe to use and can be sold legally. Given that billions are spent on fighting the cartels , a few million should be spent on research for alternative drugs.
Eric p
Vice=cia=narcos, they know something
I lived in Mexico for 6 months. Lots of sex there with women and good food. Those are the only positives. \n\nI couldn't get used to that culture, the traditions and superstitions. Everywhere I looked, my jaw dropped in disbelief. This went on for the entire year I was there. Not a day went by without seeing something jaw-dropping.\n\nUsed to asked myself: why no one ever gets a traffic ticket here; why are grown men trying to pick up 13 year old girls and no one says anything; why are there 2 adults, a toddler and a baby all on a little motorcycle riding it at the same time; why is it 110 degrees all the time; why women don't drive; why are pigs and donkeys loose on the streets; why is there animal shit everywhere; why do houses look all weird; why is there a cow lying dead on the road; why does that lady have 5 pigs and 10 chickens at her house living with her; why is the date on every ad backwards; why does everyone have 7 dogs that bark all the time; why do I hear super loud fireworks that wake me up at 3am every night; why are there 15 people riding standing on the back of that truck without seatbelts; why are those kids walking with no shoes on the hot scorching pavement; why so many speed bumps; why is that woman inside this dance club breast feeding her baby; why is that truck full of policemen carrying military weapons in full display ready to shoot?\
Gun them down. Kill them all. XRay every inch of every vehicle that enters the USA. Build the wall. Root out the corrupt border control. That is the only solution.
So, Trumptards: What do you think? is the new leftist-commie and evangelical Mexican president AMLO, corrupt or not?
For Wakanda
This short glimpse of the Underworld should be called \
Franskie Salif
U really didn't 've to show those gruesome scenes.
Geoffrey A
Legalize drugs and allow darwinism to take care of the rest. Simple. Cheap. Easy.
George Lewis
4:56-5:00 OMG
Ghastly Grinner
If the plan is anything besides Executing everyone involved in the production transport and sale of drugs and their families then yeah it wont work
Goofy Gabs
The US has a drug problem, Latin America has a drug cartel problem. If the US solved their drug problem through decriminalization, rehab, and offering passages to better lives, cartels will have fewer customers.\nI’m not entirely sure how mexico should handle it though.
Grundle Munch
I love drugs! Keep it up hombres!
Hector Del Moral
Why doesn’t Mexico ask for help from the USA to crank down on drugs. It’s a win win for both I think
Hybrid Trap
Special guest fly at 3:15
Inventor Down The Rabbit Hole Network
He might be the one to rid mexico of corruption . a time traveler said by 2030 mexico looks great and got rid of the cartel? and they fused with USA MEXICO & CANADA are the strongest district in the world by 2030
Issac Robles
Jah GaZ
Great job Mexicans..keep shippin that Meth..LOL..
Jane Doe
you know these fools gonna have a short life cause of all that inhalation they do with those chemicals😨 pretty sad what poverty does!
Jason Irelan
sub swap with anyone
Jay L
Need more graphic photos and videos to scare the people that its a serious business.
Jazzi jef
Totally fabricated 100 percent!
Joey E
Mexico runs the us border.. Not surprised at all.
Johnny Savage
Where can I watch the full documentary????
Juan Luna
Damn, seems like vice is doing better at finding all the labs than the Mexican army. SMH.
Julio Hernandez
Even the border patrol helps? Wow
Justin Lee
Why is that meth powdered? Where the shards at? Lol
Karl Whalls
1/5. They get 20%.
LaughNow CryLater
these military guys will never catch anyone.The cartel has people working in the inside and on top of that they have eyes on every corner.
Lauren-Kate Kush
The US border patrol is in on it and the vice reporter really trying to laughing at the federales for trying? Laugh at your own government agencies lady
Lucky Coast
Mexicans give us meth and we give them Aeropostale
Luis Aguila
Una corruptela..completa..entre narcos..y municipios...entre la abajo..y Los narcos de siempre...incluyendo..autoridades..estadounidenses...siempre a sido asi!, hecho..en question de drogas ....mas facil..investigar..policias. dentro .de la union americana..que andar buscando la punta de este..hilo negro..en otros paises!!
Mark Ellie
Fighting a never ending war. Leave the drug lords alone. They keep me happy. 😆
Maxx Mexx
The British media works hand to hand with the Organized crime and the crypto-Cartels.
Megan McGinty
I use to look up these videos all the time when I was high and hating life. I didn't know how to stop or\neven really how to care about life anymore. If you are struggling, there is a way out. People care about you, \nyou are worth fighting for! Just call for help! Addiction Advisors: (877)628-1450 or The Recovery Helpline (877)449-4817
Mentes Livres
Did y’all really need to show us those images? LOL
The only way you can beat these guys is to legalize and regulate drugs world wide. Treat it as a medical condition of addiction not a crime. Only then can you ween poeple off of the use and purchase of these drugs and in turn snuff out the cartels.
Lol the the president is the boss of drug cartels
Mxyzptlk -25%
If Mexico is a Narci State , America is a Tweaker State ...
News Stand
Nicholas Littlejohn
Oh wow. Teenagers making meth.
PFT Burchell
Yup. I don’t see a need for stronger border security or a wall. Everything looks fine to me.
Pete Reyes
El estado de Florida ya está podrido con tantas muertes relacionadas con la distrubución, adicción y sobredósis por el consumo de opiatos, crack-cocaina y flakka
Priest Brooklyn
Can't stop what white America demands. Drugs 🤔
Ricardo Bouchard
Why does Mexico fights the Drug cartels but the USA supports the Drug cartels?
Rigo s
They only way to stop them. Is AMERICANS need to stop demanding and consuming. No one forces drugs to no one. It's what you want and what you pay for. America just doesn't want to admit the real problem and blame other for there own fault. The truth hurts until you solve the consumers you'll solve the cartels in America. Because the cartels serve worldwide. And America is just 1 market out of 100s they have.
Rit Pvong
That's a lot of baby powder and tic tacs.
Robin.m Kimanzi
Just decriminalize drugs \nTake their source of power and pass (for once) meaningful laws
Rodney Pratt
I just don't understand how he doesn't have a mask on? Is he that stupid
Mexico needs Duterte
SVT Boys
Damn, ya'll weren't playing about that graphic image warning
Samuel Ibeson
Lol y’all surprised? Y’all forgot the government brought crack in America
Santiago Bron
Amlo's internet cult will come for you vice.
T Money
“Cocaine is a hell of a drug” - Rick James
The Nation
Vice know it won’t work by the title of the video... interesting
The SherminatoRR
I’ve always wondered after watching these videos if there is some sort of loophole that stops police from going to these journalists and asking for information on the drug dealers in these videos
The problem isn't that the Mexicans are manufacturing and disturbing drugs, its the fact that Americans buy and use illegal drugs more than any other nation on the planet. If there wasn't such a high demand, the cartels wouldn't be working so hard to smuggle it in.
Tom S
Legalise all drugs and treat addiction as a medical issue.
Tony Jhang
If Vice can find these guys with ease, police there works along with them.
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Zapata Zanusi
The Police Is Well Camuflaged ... Except his Moustache & Hand ... Well Done VICE
Zizu Zai
Mexico is unsafe because white kids want to get high.
Yeah it is graphic and gruesome. I had flagged this video. Vice could have at least pixelated the images. Idiots!
cartel el gallo
We want to see more video like this
lavate las manos
connann barbarin
just follow Duterte
handsoffmygun MF
He tells the reporter that he's not worried, because he has US border police bribed and threatened, then he has his lookouts tell him the coast is clear as he crawls across the border all hunkered down to escape detection by US border agents. Homey, stop lying to us. If you had the US border police bribed, you wouldn't have to sneak across the border with lookouts.
get rid of the middle man
Trump ain't doing shit and cant do nothing about it, everybody wants a piece of that pie and are sold.
Why don't they wear resprators it seams counter productive to kill your workers who make great product they don't even cost alot
and people on the left still don't take border control seriously
crime and corruption are so bad that police officers are left with not much choice if they want to keep themselves and their families alive . It's so sad... They should remove the head not the tails.
mexican drug cartels are cute and cuddly... thinking otherwise makes you racist, remember?
As usual it seems the war on drugs is causing more problems than the drugs themselves. If even the Army cant keep it under control maybe its time for another tactic?
t.c 802
no drugs no money.we can only think of so many inventions to make money and business.if we did not have drugs we would be in poverty.its the truth weather you subscribe or not.rite down the old hick farmer growing homegrown to feed his family.its the only thing they haven't taxed us on.nomanaly speaking.its a heavy tax if cought tho.
vandam manatad
Coming soon (2019) : How chinese drug cartel get meth into the Philippines..! Lol :)
yossi Cohen
First! \nNot Mexican