Video Game High School (VGHS) - S1: Ep. 1

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The first episode for our feature-length webseries "Video Game High School!"Here's how the release is going to work:We will be putting all new VGHS episodes on our site,, one week before we upload them to youtube. So RocketJump will stay one week ahead of our youtube. Episode 2 is now available on RocketJump!For licensing and usage inquiries please email [email protected]

Freddie Wong Laatsch RTS action casual figh... fire game gaming hardcore high kill of school skool slow vghs video game video game high school

- Potato
Time to re-watch it bc I love it so much💕
This is going to be the fifth time I've Marathoned this series... Fml
4 times i see this serie!\n\nWhy cant it come more!!!!\n\nI know it 4 years ago! plzzz \u003c3
Agent 76
2019 whos here 7 years later
0:55 that was supposed to be a double kill bruh!
Ariel Goldman-Konigsberg
this doesn't feel like it's parody bad, it just feels bad.
Arif Cso
7:50 when you kill pro player then chat in game gone....
Arnas Arnas
I watched all of vghs PLEASE ADD MORE EPISODES on Netflix
This is the realist throw back yall don't understand
Benjamin Hackett
“I put some food in your bowl...” WHAT?!
this brings back some good memories of a simpler time.
Bradley Stoneking
6 years ago... We had amazing stuff on YouTube like this, and people who worked hard on making their videos, like FreddyW and the RocketJump team. Now... YouTube is cluttered with clips from TV shows and people like Jake and Logan Paul who are just in it for the money. I'm afraid that the YouTube I used to know and love is slowly fading away, and that the people who actually made YouTube videos because they wanted to create and show people what they made, is dead. I fear that it's going to become a place where people are in it it solely for the money and their work will show it. Thank you RocketJump for continuing to make incredible content and for making things like VGHS that show what YouTube once was, and what could be if we had less money hungry \
Brayden Haines
This qualifies for a YouTube Original IMO
2019 y'all: How many else think this is still the best series on YouTube??
Christopher King
this show came out in 2012??? its crazy how long ago that is. i started watching this show in 6th grade and now im in 11th
Comic Boy's
The law is like Ninja, he’s the “best” at an action game, he has a lot of ego, and law even sounds like Ninja\n\n\n\n\nBtw I’m *NOT* a 7 year old obsessive Fortnite and Ninja fan
Its like when u killed ninja and the whole nation is crazy about it.
DZ Blue
I don’t know why I keep on replaying the whole VGHS SERIES like almost every time I stumble against a VGHS ep I usually either watch one episode or watch the whole series like I need a problem.
Daniel 720
I've seen this in Netflix and wanted to see it again on the place it was born, I just love this series
DankConspiracy Nut
Danny Plays Games
Every episode,it gets longer
Demi Dawn 2
Why does he look like young elon musk?
Derpbeef :]
Proud to say it’s now on Netflix! Crazy right?
Dominik Mlynarik
Ready Player One confirmed
2019 whos still here xD
Ep Quid
6 years?!?!? Omg...
Eric Niggarcia
Lmao, after all this time, this got into my recommendations, time to marathon the series again :')
Fan Long
Look like the law was on the wrong side of the law
Faris Amer
who is here in 2018 who watched the series frow since 2012?
Finest Gaming
2018 who’s here?
Who remembers waiting hours for another episode of this series to come out.
Genji Main
Gets scholarship from beating ninja in fortnite
GunLegion /GamingBuddies/n' Stuff/
6 years later.. Still timeless!
Hatsune Elissu
5 years later : Video Game High School Actors \
Hayden Chandler
To this day i cannot explain the flying bike part
It's Me Toby
I keep on re - watching this, since I was e - for everyone :/
James Do
good thing this wasnt around when fortnite became popular
John Dogrul
this I the 3rd time I'm rewatching the series because I cant sleep lmao
Joseph Crowley
He fought the Law, and the Law Lost!
JuJai TV
2018? Anyone. I just missed Bryan D. Because of PUBG xD
I was six watching this it was my favorite show still is VGC? Video Game College
Justin Laurelli
Wow cant believe this is already 6 years old
I remember watching when I was younger and I though it was stupid now it’s the best thing
L&D Productions
I have watched the whole series 20 times I want to see more
Last name First name
I remember watching this when I was 10 it's so weird this was 4 years ago
Lively Cuber
I physically cringe when Brian has to let the cat out
What web are you guys using for all those special effect and intro?? OMG!! you guys are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Oh my god I used to love this show, it's been so long!
Malicious Buckles
Banned for stream sniping
just realize that even if brian didn't move he still would have missed that shot
Wait... how was this in 2012...?
Matt Hong
hey is IJUSTINE 1 of the people talking to the Law in this ep.?
Easily better than any Youtube Red series ever made
Meme King
Plz somebody make this a real school,\n\nI WANT IT NOW PLEASE!
Michael Snyder
Anyone else watching \nit again in 2018
Michaelda Retard
Isn't this on netflix
Monkey Kong
You know that none of this wouldn't happen if Brian didn't have a cat.
Video game highachool melhor serie
Mr Panda
1:42 you can see the law but only his hoodie and his eyes at the top left behind the white sign
MrFlippy Music
Hey guys, it's 2018, just came back to this to say hi.
Mékyah DuPuis
Man, RocketJump should consider making a season 4 for the fans.(like me!😁)
Nathan Nguyen
anyone here in 2018?
Natsu Helt
Jeez, I feel bad for the guy. He goes from a complete nobody to a big celebrity.
Not my channel anymore lol
This looks good enough to be on Netfli- oh.
So if Brians mum never told him to put the cat out he basically wouldn't be in VGHS lmao
I was 11 when this first came out. I thought it was the coolest show I’d ever seen. This was the glory days of YouTube. Back when everything was chill on YouTube and most everyone got along. Back when Tobuscus, annoying orange, and FreddieW were in their prime. Every YouTuber just has their own ego now and only care about revenue and dissing other Youtubers and being on top. Every video now is either clickbait or fortnite. YouTube rewind 2018 just passed 10 million dislikes if that tells you anything. I miss the good days.
Pro Gaming 25
Why did they not make season 4😭 i cried for 20 min \n\n\n\n\n\nMaybe not but still its to good
ijustine hasn't aged one bit
Raging Love
2019 anyone?
Ray Ray Ducey
Killing the Law is the equivalent of killing Ninja in Fortnite\n\n\nEdit: Thanks for all the likes
If you love VGHS, we will be selling DVDs and Blu-Rays after we finish the web series.
Shade Snow
This may be the nostalgia talking, but this show is one of the best out there, just to think it's been 6 years. Tons of stuff has happened in those 6 years. While most of the cast and crew has stayed with rocketjump, Johanna Braddy, the actress who played Jenny Matrix, has moved on to bigger pursuits and is currently starring in Quantico. As for Josh Blaylock, the actor who played BrianD, well who knows what he's doing now, he's been under the radar lately, but in those six years, Josh Blaylock and Johanna Braddy have actually married and sadly divorced. It makes me wonder what could have been. Rocky Collins, he who played Drift King, has passed, and this series has immortalized him, as well as the character of Drift King. Briann Firenzi has, similarly to Josh Blaylock, stayed more or less under the radar after he starred in Dude Bro Party Massacre III in 2015. Ellary Porterfield AKA Ki Swan has stayed with rocketjump, as has Joey Scoma(Jumping Jax), Jimmy Wong(Ted Wong), and most of the others. If any of the actors and/or actresses are reading this, congratulations. You did a superb job connecting with your target age group, and on a personal note, you made at least one 13 to 17 year old go on an emotional rollercoaster. Thank you to all the actors and actresses in this show, thank you Freddie Wong, and thank you RocketJump.
Sir Wolfgang Willie Mac Jr.
why does he look like Elon MUSK?
who else is re-watching all the VGHS episodes after their 2nd time?
Synyster Baits
TP Leon
Such a throwback
The Chaotic I TC
I always comeback to this video and ask myself “why has nobody made a reaction video to this?”
The Dongerino
a world where video games are respected as an art? wow what a great fantasy setting!
The Duckerson
Like every good anime has about 25 episodes
Tom Gordon
Still better than every YouTube Red series lol
Toma Lelea
Best series on YouTube that isn't apart of YouTube Red
Ur Wrong
When will vgc be released\n(Video game college)
Vladyslav Stukalov
ma di questi sottotitoli ne vogliamo parlare
William Dobrzykowski
If you think about it if this clan battle was on invite only the whole show wouldn't have even happened.
This wouldve been on youtube red 🙄
Lol if this showed only the in game scenes brian would look like a madman.
basically hell
Damn the memories
beans nigguh
Every year for the past 6 years I have watched this show it's just so good
Is it bad I just finished the series even though I watch the first episode when It came out.
Looking back at it this shit was cringey asf but i still love it
elizabeth k.
i just started this series is it cool\n??\\
You just upload these for free? Honestly? Why and how are you so awesome?
gg games
I have watched every of these In netflix
Make Video Game College already, we're all waiting Freddie
joshua mora
Is it me or does he look a bit like Elon Musk as a Teen?
mr bacon man
The video is 10 mins long and it was BEFORE the ad-pocalypse
not jared
I actually pretend to be afk in cod and do that sometimes before I saw this lol