2018 Canadian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Catch up with all the best bits from Round 7 of the 2018 season at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.For more F1® videos, visit

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Leclerc smashed it again. I did predict P7, but P10 is a mighty result nonetheless.
ANK55 Andre Khoo
Honda: Where is Mclaren?\nFans: Mclaren has retired \nHonda: Karma!
Grazie Ragazzi returns
Adalat Mammadov
most of you probably know, but anyway black&white woman waving the flag, is Hamilton's buddy, they hangout a lot :D Maybe she tried to help him, who knows?
Anthony Phillips
F1 needs a massive overhaul. Boring racing. To find 6 mins of highlights was very impressive
Antonio Padrón
The championship looks good 😄
Заебал пиздеть на итальянском одно и то же, выучил 3 фразы и выёбывается
If Vettel wins the WDC & Ferrari dont win the WCC, byebye Kimi
B Buttons
My prediction at fantasygp about that Riciardo will have the fastest lap is wrong because that stupid woman waved the chequered flag too early.
Ben Phillips
Great drive from Verstappen! Good performance all weekend
Bharath M
Raikonen what a loser. Diff betw Seb and him is night and day. He couldn't even hold his pos.
Alonso of the day: Fernado Alonso
Why is it that this series is so popular? It is literally the same teams and drivers every single race. What's the point of the other teams on the track? They have basically 2 teams that dominate the series, and a 3rd one every once in a while getting a crum or two. Then the fall off is enormous to the rest of the teams. How is that exciting to watch? All that hoopla with all the tech, and pomp and circumstance, and what your really watching is the same two teams competing for a championship. It's really a complete waste of time for the other teams to be out there because they aren't even in the same universe competitively. And if that's not bad enough, the pole sitter or whoever wins turn 1 of the first lap is the winner 80% of the time. They travel the world with the biggest b.s. smoke screen that has ever existed in motorsports, giving you the most un competitive racing series ever. That should be an outrage to people who have been watching F1 a long time. Rubbish, as you euro snobs would say.
Charaninder Singh
F1 has died . even a 6 min video seems boring. i miss the old F1
Charles Jackson
When the race is so boring that Hamilton sliding a little is considered a highlight...
Boring race! 30 seconds of action in the start. The race was so late here in Europe that I fell asleep! Great win for Seb and Ferrari!
ChodaGaming SRB
Race was so boring the girl wanted it to end asap lol
Remember when in previous seasons Alonso and Shitlaren were bragging that they had the \
Yes yes yes yes!!!! C’mon Scuderia Ferrari!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Gasly from 19th to 11th and no single moments for him.
David R
You should not include the word 'race' in the title. I've never FF'ed through so much content. This was an awesome example of everything that is wrong with F1 at the moment. Sad.
Maldonado of the Day:\n*Lance Stroll and Super Model*
Dr. Spectre
I really hope Ferrari break their almost 8 year losing streak and win at least the drivers championship this year but I really hope they win both the driver and constructors championship too! Forza Ferrari!!!
El Indio
Yes, Raikkonen is a laggard...a waste of space at Ferrari.
Don't let cloth racks wave a flag, thank you. \n\n- the fans
Expand Dong
Lmao @ McLaren.\nWhat a dumpster fire.
F1 Bwoah
Verstappen Of The Day: Lance STROLL\nAlonso Of The Day:Fernando ALONSO
Fake Thumbnail
I got a puncture, you have another car on top of you mate
Millions of fans would love to wave the chequered flag. Why may some random model do that and not a real fan?
Flávio dos Santos Longatto
Vettel The best
Francesco Bini
P UAN sebastian, P UAN
GNR 0000
mclaren sucks then they blame honda for all of their retirements in the races but look at them now even using a different engine they can't get their shit all together
Gert De Kock
Was actualy a boring race , f1 these days is no longer about speed its about looking after my tyres we as f1 fans is getting robbed every year more and more of the action.Take for excample Monaco the rest of the field couldnt get past the redbull because they were looking after their tyres.
Harry Kettle
So Honda powered Toro Rosso was faster and more reliable than Mclaren this weekend
Well done Leclerc. P10 is strong for Sauber.
Henrique Figueiredo
The difference between Leclerc and Ericsson
like i said raikkonen doesnt deserve to drive a ferrari. i hope a change of driver next year
Imagine Hamilton overtaking Ricciardo overtaking on the last lap and then getting moved back to P5 because the last lap didn't count 😂😂😂\nHe would be mad on his girlfriend 😅
Jai Takkar
Brendon shit man that was a hell of a crash man!!
Jesús Moltó
F1 2018: THE WORST F1 SEASON EVER\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPD: Boring races, ugly halo, horrible new logo, no grid girls, no overtaking, etc.
John Radz
Masterful Vettel, excellent!
John Tyler
Another race with all the negative things from the early 2000's but with different names: the bloody german in the red car starts from pole and from the second lap you already know he will win, so you just focus on trying to find a battle taking place behind him. The crazy fast dude (this one's not as crazy as the colombian one) duels against the other not so crazy ass driver and pulls of some interesting things, and the dudes behind the pole german try and try without any success to get close without committing too many mistakes such as slising on chicanes or acting like lawnmowners eating grass.\nGlad I stopped watching the entire races a year ago and just stuck to the Youtube highlights.
Justice Warrior
The cars in this race seem much much faster!!!\nAnd Alonso should just retire till he gets a contract with another team!
Kaan Payza
Commentators instantly blamed Hartley when it was clearly Stroll's fault.
Vettel is the only driver who can win a 70 laps race in 69 laps
Lets be honest, I only came here to see if I wasn't the only one that found the race boring.. Vettel's reaction post-race should've been: Yeah, difficult race. I had a good first lap, but yeah safety car, such a bother. I had a good restart.. Long first stint and I pitted once, long second stint, oh and I was pushing buttons at one point and.. yeah.. Oh, almost forgot to mention the traffic because everything from P7 and down is just not competitive at all. Would've said P6 but Arrivabenne and the SF don't like it when I bash Kimi. Yeah.. Difficult race. GREAT victory.
Low Bonnet
Whomever directed the last 10 laps of the race and failed to show Verstappen getting at 1 sec of Bottas should get a puncture and a job evaluation. Heck they even missed showing us the finish of Bottas and Verstappen!! You have one job and you failed completely! Very bad and such a waste.
Luigi Primavera
F1 is really sinking.\nStarting grid full of glamour people.\nNo overtake.\nChequered flag waved when it's not yet the right time, by someone who doesn't even know how many wheels a car has got.\nWhere is the real taste of racing? \nWhere is real racing? \n\nWhat a joke! \nThis is NOT my Formula 1!
The Race Director should be fired, a lot of interisting battle at midfield but they choose to show the most boring part of the race.
Stroll : \
Manu Suryan
McLaren is a yoke. A yoke.
Markimon TV
At least my shirt got signed by Alonso and Riccardo. By the way. NICE RACE.
Leclerc already has 10 points in his first season. Ericsson has 11 total in his career
Max v Hooijdonk
Hamilton so overrated
Mayank Abhishek
So it's not only Monaco then. I wonder what the third DRS zone did..made it worse?? Not even a single overtake I believe. Boring AF!
Heineken \
Mr Recons
This crash is a perfect example of why the halo system is an awful safety device, watch how close Hartley's nose could of potentially ended up inside Stroll's halo and wedged it inside the cockpit.
Mr S
Boring boring boring 💤💤💤. Struggling to justify the £40/month for sky sports whem f1 was the main reason i got it. More and more races are just becoming a precession
Ferrari take Alonso to replace kimi pleeess...
the races kinda gets boring now when max doesnt crash anymore :/
Lecler Lecler
Nawnya Businaz
Love seeing Vettel (uh, someone other than Hamilton) win. However, Formula One must be the most predictable, uncompetitive racing series out there. Love that McLaren is finding a purpose in Indycar next year.
Nekrews 51
its gonna take a while Recreating that Stroll & Hartley crash (Waiting for the comments saying u comment the same thing on every video 😄😄)
Nuno Tavares
Hamilton will beat you sure
Over Opinionated Bogan
You liars saying Hartley crashed into Stroll. If you watch with your eyes. You can clearly see Stroll pushing Hartley off the track into the wall. Try to think next time before immediately blaming the person you don't like.
Great show.\nI love the ultra soft tiers. They last long and their grip is strong.
McLaren and Honda have embarrassed Alonso long enough. It's time for Alonso to leave that shit team and go for Renault, Red Bull, or Ferrari.
Robanz ZZ
This was such a dog shit boring race.\n\nI should have just taken the extra half an hour sleep and not bothered with this race.\n\nSo boring.
McLaren is a disgrace at this point. Welcome to what being part of a Politically correct country achieves. Nothing. There are only three F1 teams. Ferrari Mercedes Red Bull. The other contenders can’t keep from crashing or their car failing.
F1/Liberty: Please know that most of us have to watch these highlights with the sound muted because of the Raging Idiot you have shouting into the microphone non stop.\n\nCommentary is supposed to augment the action on display, not obliterate it.
How did you even find highlights for this race?
Sr Ninja #TvdForever
Driver day again : Leclerc
Suhail K
The formula e race in Zurich (Street circuit) was a lot more interesting. Incident filled race. When compared to this boring 💤 😴 😴
Christ! I thought Monaco was boring. I actually fell asleep during this race. They need to look at ways to make overtaking easier for next year. The only overtaking that happened here was under cutting..... how exciting.
The Truth
Please all remember It was an old Mercedes Engine. Lewis was driving that car beyond its maximum performance.
Thomas Beljaars
And we al just forget that Max drove 14 sec away from Danny Ric?
McLaren should just wait for the next set of rule changes in a few years that'll give them a chance and let Alonso get on a respectable team. What a shell of what the team used to be
UnreaLSD Sounds
My God, I hate that shouty wanker of David Croft
I’m surprised you could find 6 minutes of action!
Wayne Micallef
Verstappen of the day.......Lance Stroll
Monaco of the day: Canada
caliber ninja
cp adri
More highlights here in comments than the race
B O R I N G!!! Can you show some grass growing instead.
djoko w
hejia lu
Let's take a minute just appreciate how amazingly talented Leclerc is, finish in points almost every race in that car is just mind blowing
john carlo carpio
Leclerc will replace raikonnen...
Everyone talking about how bad of a job McLaren is doing, I'd like to see you try to run an F1 team, or any race team for that matter. Then you can talk.
locked in the eighties
McLaren need to let Alonso move to another team, this is sad watching Fernando wasting his time with a once great team...
manuel soto
Go Vettel\nGo Ferrari
marsal 79
boring.... height speed track ..but boring. . you can hear always the same this year.. spain \
Most boring Canadian Grand-Prix I’ve ever watched 👏🏻
The cars aerodynamics is the problem with the boring racing. This never happened 2 years ago.. There's just too much drag. Cars can't pass and pole will win cause of free air.
Not a single clip of Grosjean working his way up the field? Hell, it was probably the most interesting part of the race!!!!
so boring...all the drivers care about is taking care of the tyres and not the actual racing, this needs to change or else F1 will die